Sunday, August 03, 2008


Easy on Sunday and an Award.

ML and KC have given us the Skittles Pay it Forward award. We feel honoured to get it. Thank you.
Skittles created this award and said: To all the cats who were helping Kon with purrs and prayers. If you were one them, be sure to copy the award and post it on your blog. Don't be shy! You deserve the award! But I don't know all your names to list here.So, how do you pay forward the "Skittles Pay It Forward Award?"If you know of a kitty in need, and you organize help for the kitty, be it purrs and prayers, or $$$$, then you forward on the award to those who helped out. Simple! ~ Skittles
We would like to pass it on to Karen, the Lady who works for Grr, Midnight and Cocoa, Rascal, Riley and Max, for all she does looking after her ever expanding kitty family.

Easy like Sunday.
Yesterday our mum was looking at a lot of our old photos that she took with her old non digital camera and decided to take photos of her photos.She used to scan them but they haven't been coming out very good lately. In this one she doesn't know if it was a Sunday or not, but she said I (Flynn) was certainly taking it easy. I was 10 months old here.
We are going to post some more of the old photos now and again.
We hope everyone has a good Sunday.

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I love that picture taken of Flynn in the chair - you can't get more relaxed than that!

Congrats on the special award!
It's clear that you've been working on taking it easy from an early age... nice! Congrats on the award, glad you two have been released from spam prison.
Um, we had Pyewacket do Siamese yelling at Blogger until they gave up that silly spammer stuff.

We love your old pic. It's really cute!
Congratulations on your award. I love that picture of you relaxing, Flynn. I am so glad that Blogger came to its senses and unblocked your blog.
hi handsome! and congratulations on your award! thanks fur giving it to our Lady. she really appreciates it.
I'm gettin your contest pics up now!
wutta grate pikshur! i luv it!
takin pikshurz uv pikshurz ... dat sowndz like sumthin mi mom wood do! in fact ... i think she will probublee try doin dat verree soon!
hoo needz a scanner anyway!
What a lovely manly tummy you have in that picture. Purrs FAZ
LOL, Flynn, that is a great picture. You look very relaxed.
Congrats on that award!!!
That picture.... hahahahahahahahaha!!
Oh my,you do look so comfy though heeheehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Congrats on your award, and it doesn't matter if that was a Sunday or not ... that's a great picture!
That is one chilled out Flynn!
Oh Flynn, that is a great picture! You are stretched out a relaxed! Yes, it was okay to leave it on the post. We'll take it off of there. No need to submit your post to the carnival form, too!
Your FL furiends,
Ah, that's a cute photo! We have found that sometimes just taking a photo of an old photo comes out better than scanning it.
Now that's the way to spend a Sunday, Flynn!

And congrats on your award...well deserved!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Wow Flynn,
That is a very sexxxy bood-whar photo. I bet all the spicy vixens are gonna be callin' you!
That is some serious relaxing, Flynn!

Our Auntie took all our Grampy & Nana's 8mm home movies and had them put onto DVDs. Then Mom played the DVDs and paused them and took a photo of the moniter. She's doing some here and there because there are years of movies! They are photos she'd never have had otherwise. It's amazing how well they turned out!

Don't you just love technology?

Great Tummy Pose!

And looks at that smiley on your face...



oh tanks fur writin... we hopes to get into those boxes soon!
Dat is way too kyool pictor of Flynn.

Come on ofer fur a Purrfday Par-Tay fur Dorf & G.T.!!!

Luf, Us
Such a sweet kitty pose! Takin' it easy is an art, and you have it down perfect!
That is relaxation to the max!!!Flynn with the grin.....mommy said that a pic to frame! Congratulations on you award!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
the pic of Flynn is soooo sweet momma gotted all Awwwwww when she saw it!
You two are soooo cool.
I am so happy you two are back to blogging.
blogger is kind of funny, always has issues!

Congrats on your award! We love the old photo!! Cute.
I think you look very comfy there! he he!!!
geesh our human has been keeping us busy. penelope had six babies too so she hasn't been on because she is busy taking care of them. i must say that they are the cutest litter of all. she had one that looks like her and a white one that will look siamese like one of the other ones that were born here. the others are striped but super cute. with as many as she had my human was suprised at how fat they all were. i'll sneak in there with the camera and get some pics as i know you are gonna want to see them. penelope says hi and hopes you guys are well.

gerald the kitty loving goat
That's a great old picture of Flynn. That is one relaxed kitty! Congratulations on your award.
Congratulations on the award! I just love the picture of Flynn. You can't get more comfortable than that.
Flynn, that is an excellent picture! You sure knew how to relax, even when you were young!
You've been a master of "Taking it easy" since you were a young mancat..and you've only gotten better, Flynn!

Congratulations on the's good to help each other, isn't it?
That is a great old picture of you, Flynn! You look very comfy :-)

Congratulations on your award!
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