Monday, August 04, 2008


Mancat Monday

Then and Now. This was me being a lion in the garden.It's one of the old photos that mum took a photo of over the weekend. We're not sure how old I am here, but it is under the section of six weeks to four months old.Mum thinks that four months is probably about right.
This is me eight years later.I still like to stalk through the undergrowth like a mighty lion.

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once a lion, always a lion? ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
What a great stalking picture of you Eric! You are such a sweetie.
Feerce! Your natural tallints are eezy to see. Go getcha a birdy!
You are born to be a lion dashing cat, Eric!
I have no doubt!
You were a good little mancat back then.
Oh, Eric, you were such a cute little lion and I love the way you're stalking through the undergrowth - you are now like a mighty lion, indeed!

I went outside and pretended that I was like you and Flynn. My yard isn't as big as yours though but it's green!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
You stalked very well, even as a four month old cat, Eric. You were just meant to be a mighty lion-cat.
Eric, you were an adorable kitten and you are a handsome Mancat. You look great stalking through the undergrowth!
Tavi has some pictures looking just like that. Mom calls him her little lion all the time. You looked very cute then and look very mancatly now.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
hansum eric ... den an now!
Eric, you are a masterpiece in fur!
Wow Eric, that is a very impressive stalk. You look fierce.
I am so impressed to see how talented you have always been at stalking!

By the way, I've tagged you for a meme! Check out my blog--I hope you have not done this one before.

Abby Normal
Yoo is da lyon king...

You were a mighty hunter before you even knew what to hunt! Eric, You're the Best!
You were big, Eric. And you're right, you do look like a lion. Sunny has old pictures up today, also.
You look so different when you were little! But you were always a mighty hunter weren't you?!
you ain't lion . . . errrrr, lyin'--you're a lyin' . . . errrrr--lion!!

you is a big, beautyful MANCAT! there; that settles it.
you were a very manly mini-mancat lion back then!!! and you are a very manly mancat lion now!
Wow! You've got that stalking down very good at an early age!

~ Shadow ~
ohmygosh! You started out very lion-y - no wonder you're such a great piece of feline fleshiness!
Wait, that's not a lion? I totally thought you were a lion.

Roar, dude!
Ah, look at the baby Eric! I can tell by your big feets that you would end up growing big and strong!
Hahahaha! What a cute little guy you were...but look at you now!
You never lose that lion-feeling! No matter how old you are! Happy hunting!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Eric, you make a magnificent Lion! Happy Mancat Monday!

Thank you for celebrating my Gotcha Day with me! Thanks to wonderful friends like you, it was my best Gotcha Day yet.

Love and rumbly purrs from Brainball.
Look at the tiny baby Eric-y goodness! Mama says SQUEE! Happy Monday to you guys!
Our mom just LOVES your cute kitten face, Eric! And we love your lion stalk!

Yup. We would say 4 months. How kyoot!

Luf, Us
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