Monday, August 18, 2008


Mancat Monday - When we were young.

These are old photos that mum took with her non digital camera. We have always liked climbing ladders. This one didn't seem to go anywhere though. When we got up there we just had to come back down again.
We like step ladders too. They are good for lying on when your dad wants to stand on them to cut the hedge.
And good for practising your acrobatics too.
And why bother with the steps when there is a straight side you can climb up?
When we had finished climbing, we would always have a rassle.
Or sometimes we would climb into the hedge and go up through the middle to sit on the top. This is a very good place for snoopervising as we are about nine feet up.
We are nearly two years old in these photos except the last one in which we were about 10 - 12 months old.

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You two iz irr-rascalz-abull! You haz me beet wit doze climbin' antix. I won'ts go higher ups den da rail on da porcheez.
We missez vizitin' wit you & sendz you hugz,
Love, Dr Tweety
what wonderful climbers you two are!!!

smiles, auntie bee
You were wonderful in that times.....but you still being wondeful, but in BETTER wayz :)
You guys are excellent climbers! I think it was wonderful to see you both so young!
Those are great pictures. It's so cute that you both climb at the same time.
Looks lots of fun!!
It is great to see you two being so playful on the ladder.
Those are terrific photos of the two of you when you were younger. You are both very talented - we are impressed with your ladder-climbing!
You guys really have fun together!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
What wonderful memories, youz get into lotz of fun and mischeif.
Momma went all gooey over your 4th pikture, she said it looks like you iz trying to help one that is falin,.
Are not piktures wonderful things to look back on :)
what lovverly photos ! they have brightened up my rainy Monday morning !
The little rascals out and about. How cute :-) Great your mom found those pictures.
Mommy laughed out loud at your rasslin' photo! You two were such cute young mancats! Now you are big handsome mancats!
You boys are funny!! We don't have a ladder, but I don't think I would like climbing like you fellows.

Really cute and amusing pictures of you two! PS... the Zoolatry Human was quite pleased (and surprised) that you recognized her "socks" and knew what they meant...
that 'rasslin pikshur was great!!!!
You two are excellent ladder climbers! And I really love the rasslin' action shot. Very mancatly!
I wish I had a hedge to sit up on. That looks like the best perch ever. That first ladder looks like you are in a fix, though.
Cool photos you two are very brave ...Hugs Ariel
That certainly looks like a lot of fun! We 'specially liked the acrobatics! Wally likes ladders too. There's something about climbing....

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
That looks like a lot of fun you were having!

Purrs, Sukie x
You two were super cute (not that you aren't now too :-)! That ladder thing sure looks like fun, our sister that went before loved ladders. I guess we should check on out!
Yoo too were sum yung rasslin yoo still like climbin up da ladders?

Oh yes! We sure love climbing ladders also! How much FUN can that be????? Oh goodness yes. Great youngin pictors ov u doodz.

Luf, Us
Aawwwww momma loves pics of baby kitties (or young mancats that is)
she says you two are ever so handsum!
I don't think a ladder needs to lead to anywhere, but "up" :-) Nice old photos of you two!
You have great gymnastic skills and you are also furry handsome. Swoon......
Those are some great photos! The rasslin' photo is too funny!
Those are really good pictures.
We like ladders, too. There is a step ladder on our front porch just for us!
~ Bandit and KittyBoy
That's just plain cool! I've never had a ladder to climb on, I'm not sure I'd know how to get up the stairs of it. It'd be fun to try, though!
You two sure are a cute little pair right from the beginning!
Ladders are tons of fun. I like that part where you guys rassled after climbing on the ladder. Definitely manly.

Happy belated birthday to your mom!
HAHAHA, yer akrobatiks are a wondurful display of yer athletoesysm. Yoo wure cute then and are so handsum now my french vanella ice-kreem sunday with warm butturskotch syrup and a cherry on top hubby.

You guys are pretty talented on those ladders! Hey, doesn't sitting on top of the hedge kind of stick you in the bum? It just seems like it would be prickly.
hmmmmm i might have to get a ladder. that looks fun and i bet my kids would love it as they get older. yes it's penelope. i've finally got some rest so i thought i'd stop in and say hi. looks like my human is keeping the internet after much protest from gerald and some good news. i'm posting a pic of me and my kittens. good to find you guys well and cute as always.

It looks like the two of you were having a really great time playing on the ladders and then wrestling and then climbing the hedge.

We love the old pictures of you.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
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