Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The Fly

I had been very busy working on the computer with mum and needed a nap. Suddenly I was woken up by a buzzing noise.There was a pesky fly sitting on the computer annoying me. I was too tired really, but I had a go at catching it. When mum turned the flashy box off, the fly landed on her, so I pounced on her shoulder but I didn't catch it.

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Busy playing cards on the 'puter!
Hehehe that's true! And you look hilarious there Flynn!
I think you made a fine try at the bug--
Ohh you has the most beautiful kissy lips! What a big pout!
It is better you did not catch the fly, they carry germs and stuff :)
Very cute! You looked so sleepy, but of course a fly cannot be ignored.
You woke up purring! I heard you! How wonderful is that?!?
You has a loud purr! It made the mom go all "awwwwwwwwwww".

Flynn flies are the worst 'specially if they bug ya and buzzzzzz in your ear while you sleep.

~ Shadow ~
When you yawned we thought you we going to catch him in your mouth, Flynn!
I can tell that you'd really rather be napping, Flynn!

Thanks for the purrs, guys. <3
Flynn you sound like me napping...ohhhh it's too bad you didn't get that tasty fly...

Those flies are really annoying when a cat wants to sleep!
You may not have caught him, but you chased him off. I think that's good enough ;-)
Hey! We kin heer u purring!

Luf, Us
Hey, Flynn...you got to try a little harder to catch those pesky flies!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
i caught a fly on humans leg once. then i lost it cause she jumped up and said ouch. guess she didn't like my razors of death in her leg. humans never appreciate our fine tuned killing skills!

oops i forgot to add that myhuman has not taken pics of my kids yet but she will soon or i'm gonna get really mad at her. i might just have to have gerald steal the camera again.

Hahaha! You look like you would much rather nap than catch flies!
Oh get that fly. They're fun to hunt, but when you're tired it's even harder. Not fair that they are fast, and can fly high.
Yous just a big purr machine !
Flynn, mommy love your purrrrsss!!!

we love your mommy's voice - it sounds so sweet!!
Aww Flynn, why wasn't Eric garding yoo from dat pesky fly while yoo slept? Yoo haf a furry manly purr.
That is such an issue dude. To nap or to catch a fly. I agree with you- the fly must be caught at all costs.

You look like you're still sleepy! Maybe that's why you didn't catch it?
hi handsome! nice purrrrr! good try with the fly. we had a spider yesterday, but I let Rascal swat it down for me. I couldn't really be bothered.
I also like haunt flies/... Muahahahaha!
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