Thursday, August 14, 2008


Felix, the Magical Cat

We are very sad our friend Felix has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He put up a brave fight, but in the end the illness was too much for him. Now he is running and playing pain free at the Bridge. He will meet many old friends there and make many new ones, and will enchant them with his magical ways. This is not goodbye Felix, we will meet you again one day. We will miss you until then.


Sank yoo so much fur halpin light candles last nights!
A lovely tribute. We are very sad for Felix's Mommy and family.
We will, for sure and when we does he is getting the biggest cuddle want it or not!
That is a very nice post guys!!
I am happy Felix is not in pain,but I miss him.
Purrs Mickey
Dear Eric and Flynn,
Thank you so much for the kind memorial for our sweet Felix. We miss him so...there really is a hole in our heart.

Bless you, sweet boys.
Mommy Jenny
That was lovely Eric & Flynn. We will also be meeting up with him when the time is right. We are happy that he's pain free now too. Rest in Peace Felix. We'll always think of you.
How wonderful, Eric and Flynn.

It is so sad that we've lost such a sweet and brave little mancat. I'll see you again one day, Felix. Until then, have fun and take care.
This is a beautiful memorial for sweet Felix. We will miss him so.
~ The Bunch
It has been a tough, sad week, for sure.
We know Felix will enjoy being at the bridge.
I am very, very sad about Felix, too. He was so brave.
Purrs for Felix

That is a very lovely tribute that you made for Felix. Willow and I are glad he is out of pain now and I love the way you said he will be enchanting everyone with his magical ways. That made me smile.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
What a nice tribute to Felix! We hope Scooter and Bogart (the ones that came before us) are playing with Felix at the Bridge.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
We met a cat named Felix this morning...he lives across the road from the cottage. How weerd is that.
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