Sunday, August 31, 2008


Easy on Sunday

We aren't going to do much today. Have a mooch in the hay barn to see if there are any mousies about.

Then if the sun shines we'll just lie around in the grass. It's good to have a lazy Sunday.

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Ah what a perfect way to spend a Sunday. I envy you!
ohh look at that grass, you could so play hide and seek, that would be fun! :)
Well well well......
That grass looks as long as the weeds in our garden. Have great adventures my ginger buddies.

What a great day you have planned, boys! If we don't get too much rain we hope to be playing in our yard! Alas, we have no real mousies to hunt!
Sundays are great, aren't they?
You two have the most fun Sundays!!!!
Fun every other day too I expect :)
Purre Mickey
What a great way to spend Sunday. Plenty of room to investigate and to snooze.
Dearest Eric & Flynn,
Lazy Sunday's are the bestest! Enjoy!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
What a purrfect way to spend a Sunday! Have fun, guys!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
How sweet is that?

Luf, Us
Have a happy and relaxing Sunday!
What an idyllic Sunday you are having. I wish I had my own barn and field.
I hope you find some mouses.
Eric and Flynn, you two are living the good life on this lazy Sunday! Enjoy your day!
Purrs and headbutts to you!
yoo sooo desurve to take it easy my tee-shurt surching oranje popsikul mancat eric. Take it easy tooday. Vary easy!!
what a great day! kin we come over an help you hunt mousies? alls we gots is spiders here.
If that were me, I think I'd eat half that grass. That just looks like such a great hangout.
Wow, you've got grass and a hay barn to play in. Good thing we had a fridge to whap decorations off of or we'd be bored stiff today.
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