Sunday, August 10, 2008


Easy on Sunday

I need to take it really easy this Sunday because I have been working very hard lately doing all the blogging while Eric sleeps. Do you know what? Yesterday it poured with rain all day, so Eric had his breakfast and went back to bed. He didn't get up again until 4pm when he had a poop and some crunchies. Then he went out in the greenhouse in his plant pot and went back to sleep. He didn't wake up again until mum told him it was tea time. He ate his Stinky Goodness then went back to bed. He was only awake for about 20 minutes all day. I'm exhausted from doing his blog visiting as well as my own.
I suppose I better have a wash first before I take a rest.
It's very important to keep your white furrs white and your ginger furrs have to be spotless too.

I have to make sure my feets are nice and clean too. If you turn the sound right up you can hear my big purr. Mum sez she thinks I never stop purring.

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i love days like that!!!

smiles, auntie bee
sownds lyk Eric knows tha best way ta spend tha day. too bad though yoo had ta do all tha werk though, Flynn. yoo deserfe a day pf rest too.
That is a great spot for bathing. I like to bathe in that spot, on my mom's desk, too. She said she needs to get a bigger desk since I am bigger. I plan on getting even bigger too, so I suppose she is right!

I really enjoyed your meme, although I have to say liking water is very quirky! I am so annoyed by water unless I drink it.

Abby Normal
You do keepz your furrs very clean!! and MOmma says you have kissy lips! (they look like they iz pouting) momma says all kittys with kissy lips are cuddly :)
Oah My Flynn~~
Your purr is so so loudly~!!!
And I can feel your happiness~!
That is purr purr purr resource!!!!
Flynn, you deserve a day of napping today! Eric must have more energy today!

Today is my day of rest too.

Purrs Shade

PS~ Sweet purr Flynn. :)
That is a very nice purr!
Your furrs look super nice.
~ The Bunch
Your purrer has a really good motor, Flynn!! We think you did a pretty good job on your footies!
Flynn, we hope you are getting overtime pay for all the work you've been doing!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Now that's a great motor purr! I wish I could purr like that!
Flynn, I like how you keep your machine very clean!
I like ta purr a lot too! Purrin' feels so goo ta do. It's kinda sad that beans don;t get ta purr, they are missing out on one of the best pleasures ever!

When mine mombena sees me washing mine toesies she always asks: "Do you have tasty toes?" How strange.
Good thing you're getting all the work done! And well done on the washing bits as well.

Luf, Us
I could hear your purring! I liked your close-up at the end. But you do look a little bit tired. I think Eric should do some of the work now.
You purrrrrr pawfectly....

Wags, Eric Square Dog
I need to spend a day like that... I really need to just sleep.
Flynn, you are a very thorough washer! Eric's so lucky that you to do all the hard work keeping up with the blog and visiting, while he sleeps all day!
You had a sleepy face in the close up on the video. Eric is making you work way too hard.
Maybe Eric slept all day because of the rain. That's a really good time to sleep. We sure could use some of that rain here. Some of the fires are still not out. We had some really beautiful days but today the smoke came back, so guess the wind yesterday wasn't good for the fires.

It's always wise to clean up before napping. Hope you had a good one.

I hope you had a very restful Sunday!
hehe, you've gotta great purr! And you are furry great at keepin alla yur furs clean.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
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