Saturday, August 23, 2008


Do Not Disturb

Sometimes when mum can't find me, she'll look in the bedroom and see a lump in the bed. I like to get under the blankies, or if the bedding is pulled back to air, I'll get under the bottom sheet. That can be difficult because it is fitted and has a valance. I keep burrowing until I get under it. Mum says I am like a mole. When dad asks where I am, she says,'Flynn's moled.'
Now if you don't mind mum, put the blankie back down and take the flashy box away, and let me get back to sleep.

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They are not supposed to un-stealth you when you are stealth!
Poor Flynn. Moling, huh?

Luf, Us
Oh look at you! How gorgeous! :)
I like the bed too but I like to be ontop the sheet. It's too hot in Hah-why-eee to do the mole fing.
Yes, humans disturb with the flashy boxes and click click cleck! iHate to see the gray thingy!
Bed lump! I don't like being under the covers and I only get there if mum is trying to make the bed around and over me.
We sometimes like to burrow but only if there is someone to burrow to. We do like to "help" mom make the bed.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Othello loves to do that too. :)
((((hugs))))) to you all!
Don't you hate it when they take away your dark? Grayson likes to be a lump and so does Gandalf's littermate Boo Boo.
Thanks for giving me a new idea of where to nap!
LOL. That looks very comfy. Madness also likes to mole. But she doesn't nap like that, she just moles all over the place.
Mom's just don't get it that we hide to get AWAY from her and the flashy box!!!!!!!!
Have a good snooze ;)
Purrs Mickey
You need to post a "do not disturb" sign when you crawl under the covers!

Zoey and Ernie like to mole too!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Tang," oh I love moling, it's so much fun...move over Flynn!" Toy, "Want me to help you make a DO NOT DISTURB sign?" You look like you were comfy, TILL.......=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
I am glad you moled, but do not mold! That would be yucky.
Interesting ... hmmmm

I do not mole but Shadow will try to get all snuggly on the top of the blanket but has a bit over him. He must has his head out though.

I think you look like a very gorgeous mancat all moled up!

~ Molly ~
Hey Flynn 'moling' is one of my favourite things too, now I know what it's called. FAZ
Oh I so love to do the same. MB doesn't know how I manage it sometimes.

Purrs, Sukie x
How rude for your mum to disturb your mole-ing.
What a lovely cozy place..I hope you wewe left alone to enjoy it
happy napping
smoochie kisses
Cute! Cute! Cute!! Very moled!
Your (still wet) FL furiends,
Oh yeah, Coco moles all the time in the fall and winter. Me, I'm more of a curl-up-on-top-of-the-quilt kinda guy. You look cozy, though!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh molin is sooo cozy. Ize havnts done dats in a whiles...

Mawmee doo finds our quilties in one of da movin boxes... I woulds like a blankie fur molin in!

Katie Too.
I think it is rude for your Mum to disturb you like that.
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