Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I'm Bored

You just don't know how fed up I am. It has rained every day for two weeks apart from Saturday. You can see all the dirt on the bath where I keep coming in with muddy feet. Will someone please give me a Zoom grooming. There's nothing else to do.
Yep, I'm really bored, it's still raining.

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Dude, you must be bored if you want to be groomed! Hope the weather picks up.
Ucky rain. We don't like if eifur but it is good for da bejatibbles.
That is a lot of rain! Maybe you can figure out some fun Indoor games!
Doood send the rain here. We really need it!
I hate it when it rains so much I get bored...
Dear Eric,

I hope I could play with you.
Because I am so bored here!!
you do look unhappy~!! I hope the sunshine coming fast!

Yes, do send some rain to Max in California to help put out the fires. You can send some to New Mexico, too, so we don't get fires.
Sounds just like our place pretty much. Maybe a few minutes of sun a day and that's it. I am afraid I will start to mildew soon.

Purrs Shade
You can send some to O Hi O!
Hi Eric and Flynn
My name is Angel,I live near Bournemouth.
I know what you mean about the rain,I sit an look out of my catflap wistfully,I want to go out but I don't wanna go out..what's a girl to do but sleep!!!!
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You are bored but... I´m very ungry!!!

My bean loves rainy days. I like it too. Rain is funny muahahaha!
We haven't had but about 30 seconds of rain here. We'll trade you!

Eric, we heard you were really sleepy over the weekend. Are you feeling ok? Or did you just need to take a sleepy day?

Happy Tuesday to our ginger friends!
it's really rainy here too!
If I had known about all that rain for you, I would have invited you over! We had lots of sun. But now we are getting rain, so it wouldn't do you much good to visit now. :(
Eric, you're right...it's no fun when it rains all the time! Hope the sun shines for you soon, buddy!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
I agree with Daisy. Maybe you all should play a game of bathtub hockey. That's always fun!!

Also could you please send some that rain here to South Carolina. Mom's flowers really NEED it!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You sure do look bored Eric. Don't you have any fun toys that you could play with? What about THoE with Flynn? You are always welcome to teleport over to our place and hang out. Its been really hot lately but its nice today, about 80 degrees Farenheit and a nice cool breeze with NO RAIN. We've got a nice patch of woods to explore and plenty of Temptations and stinky goodness and kitty krunchies. We're here anytime your ready.
-Stryder, Scotchy & Sugar
Eric time to chase Flynn around the house a few times...

Oh, dear! What's a Mighty Hunter to do when he cannot hunt?!
We've been ultra bored here too. We hope the sun comes out for you soon!
Doodz. Send that rain ofer heer. Pleeze.

Luf, Us
i feel yer pain brudderz.
i hope da rain letz up fer u.
a zoom groom mite jus do da trick!
You do look very bored, Eric. I hope the rain will stop soon, so you can go out of doors and have some fun!
I get weely bored too when it wains. And in Portsmouth we haf been getting the rain that didn't fall on you guys. I don't efen want to play wif my toys when I'm bored. I just miow and fuss and dwive miewmie cwazy !
Sounds like the perfect time to get into a little mischief!
We like to nap on rainy days. And on Sunny days, and on cloudy days......

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
We have mid 80's and sunshine and a screened-in porch so you are very welcome to come visit us!

Purrrrrrs, Willow
We cood use sum rane... cood yoo send us sum?
The first rain drops have been kind of exciting to Chica and Pumuckl, but now they are also totally bored from it as they cannot find a place to soak up the sun anymore.
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