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Flynn: I'm doing the talking today because Eric is a bit embarrassed about his toesies.
For Tuesday toesies, we asked whose toes they were.Well of course they were nice and clean and white, so they had to be mine.
This is what Eric's toesies look like when he comes in furrom the garden. He's not like me, he's very lazy about cleaning them.
For our Wordless Wednesday post we had a photo of us in a snuggly nap pile with our Kitty Yumbum. Several of you didn't realise there were three kitties there. Kitty YB is at the back, Eric is at the front, and all you can see of me is a bit of my head on the left. We were four months old. Kitty Yumbum was only 6lbs, but quite a bit bigger than us back then.
This is us when we were two. We had grown a lot bigger than Kitty Yumbum by then. Not long after this, she left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We all still miss her very much. You can read her story here.

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Yer feets are durty because yoo are hard at werk my coffie-crunch ice creem mud pie Eric. I think yer purfeckt just the way yoo are!!
wow, Eric that's ok 'acuse you is a hard werking mancat when you go outside.
A big cute pile of ginger and white kitties.
Lucky guess~~~

I think you have very white toes, Flynn!
We read all the stories about kitty cute! We started this March so we missed some past stories, you 3 sure brightened the room up! She was so small next to you 2 when you grew up but we can see you made her happy=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz
That's a whole mess of ginger and white! I'm such a lonecat, and have been since I was a very young youngster, so I can't remember what it's like to snuggle with othercats.

Hey Eric, your toesies are great! No need to be ashamed that you love the great outdoors so much that you want to bring some of it back inside!
Oh Eric, don't worry about your toes. You will get them clean when YOU want to. You have nice toes too Flynn. Yall were all very cute back then. Sorry YB had to go to the bridge.
Alla Us Hotties
OH my look at the three of you! We just saw you two handsome buys and didn't even notice the kitty number three! Purrs.
Eric, don't worry about your toes. I'm sure you will clean them when you feel like it. My Squillion Eric was named after both you and Fat Eric. You have very clean toes, Flynn. That sure is a cute pile of ginger kitties.
Flynn, you take very good care of your toesies! Eric, it's okay that you have more important things to do than clean your toes. Kitty Yumbum was a lovely lady ginger. We are sorry that you lost her so young.
There's nothing wrong with grubby paws, it shows you have been out attending to your mancat duties. I read the story of Kitty Yumbum and think it's very sweet how you two gave her a new lease of life.
When you do mancat things outside your paws will get a little dirty! Kitty Yumbum looked like a very sweet little girl, I am glad that you two came along and made her love you!
I guess Eric did not clean his toes because he thought he might have to go out again ;)
Gee,I glanced at the pic and saw cuteness!! I should have looked harder,oops!!
Purrs Mickey
Kitty YumBum sounded such a nice ladycat,she sure looked after you guys.
Eric, you are very mancatly with those dirty pawsies, its okay with me. Though sometimes clean pawsies are better ...

~ Molly ~
Dirty paws, oh my! I don't get to go outside, so I don't know what it feels like to feel the dirt squeeze between my toesies.
We didn't know about the third kitty!
All three of you were such a nice pile of orange!!!!
We didn't know about Kitty Yumbum. Reading about her was nice. We like the picture of her in front of the stove. She was beautiful.

~ The Bunch
My miewmie tells me that I sumtimes haf gwubby toes. Well, you can't chase mouses and haf cleen toesies.
That's too funny that you take toe care very differently! We're all clean toe obsessed.

A busy mancat cannot be bothered to take time to clean his toes - there's hutning and playing and running and lots of other stuff to do that gets priority!!
you could try washing your paws in the water bowl, like I do. if you care, that is. it's okay if you don't wanna bother.
Kitty Yumbum was very petite :-) I can't believe I mistook Flynn's toesies as Eric's :-0
Titus usually has dirty toes. Me and EG like ours clean and sparkly!
Dood. Luk at da state of doze muddy toes.

Kyoot earlier fotos.

Luf, Us
Your toesies are cute, clean or muddy! I read Kitty Yumbum's story, I'm so glad she had you two to brighten up her final years:) xxx
Hahahaha, Eric haf dirty feets! Mom sez dats cute. We all haf a thing about our feets, speshully Sadie...dey must be clean or else.
Gee, Eric, we likes your dirty feets! Shows you are a real mancat!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
I´m sorry for your sister...
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