Friday, July 18, 2008


The Worm

Mum took this video clip before she had put the bedding plants in her garden border. She was digging the soil and I was helping her. Suddenly I found I had dug up a wiggly worm..................
For everyone who asked, no I didn't eat it and yes I did take it indoors but mum made me take it out again. It fell into three bits so I think it got deaded cuz it stopped moving after a while.

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hehehe, you look like you're havin so much funsies playin with that worm! Worms make great toys!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh boy that looks like fun. Worms are squirmy little things aren't they?
Looks like you have great fun,
a great helper as well~!
I like seeing you waving your tail,
very adorable!
You are certainly having a grand old time aren't you?!
Did you caught the worm, Flynn, and brought it into your house? That is what I do with worms. ;-)
What fun, Flynn!! See, you were helping your Mum and found a wonderful little adventure! That is why we like to help our Grampy in the yard. He finds all the creepy, crawly, wiggly creature's Hidey Holes!
didja kill it? didja didja didja?
i wish i cooda seen a close-up uv dat worm!
dey ar so entertainin ... doncha think?

NOW dat looks like fun!

Dat worm looks likes it was super fun to play with! Dids you eat it after wards?
yur so cute pouncing that annoying worm! I haven't had any kinda bugs to play with recently cuz those darned kittens get 'em all.
purrs & hugs
What fun!! One of the woman who has a horse at our barn is deathly terrified of worms. Not mice...spiders....nope- worms. And she likes to garden.

Jan doesn't want us to ask, but we just have to anyway - did you eat it?
Playing in the dirt is fun, especially when you can find a WERM!
Hehehe, wiggly worms seem to make funny toys :-)
Oh, that looked like such fun. Mitzi said - Did you bring it indoors to play with, and then accidentally kill it?

Purrs, Sukie x
Did you eat it?
hehe You sure looked cute going after that worm!!
Okay....Mommy is SCREAMING!!! She is so scared of WORMS!!! Silly woman can kill a snake....but WORMS.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

::shaking heads:: what to do???

Hey guys...thanks for the comment on our blog! I appreciate it!

Sam I Am
Wow, Flynn...that looks like fun! What does worm taste like??

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
O Flynn, you are a mighty hunter! I wanted to jump into the video and join you!
Mom says yech! She told me not to get any ideas. However, I don't go outside, so I don't know if I will ever catch a worm.

Thanks for visiting our blog and helping us to update the lost blog list.
Dis is why Zippy loves when spring comes around and mom starts digging...she plays wif da worms!
Lol...So cute :)
Wow! I did not know you hunted worms, too! Flynn, I think you're one of the greatest hunters ever :-D
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