Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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you look comfy Flynn
Oh, Flynn, what a great place to relax! Does Eric give you a push now and then? (In the swing, I mean!)
Wow! You guys even have a garden swing! You are so lucky...
What a pretty picture. That looks like a comfy place to relax.
Doods, itz a gud fing yur Maw dint git her teefs an nails done at the Bean V-E-T. This is gud noos.

Cute foto Flynn.

Luf, Us
You are like a King, Flynn!
Nice pose!
You look very comfortable there Flynn. :)
You chose a wonderful spot to nap, Flynn! The print coordinates so well with your beautiful ginger furs, too!
Are you and your bro entering the contest this year?
Are you and your bro entering the contest this year?
Mmm, that looks good and comfy. And you get some shade when it gets to hot!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

We wants to come and join you...
What a cheery spot for a nap!

You look very 'Majestic' there!

Purrs, Sukie x
That looks confie!
Oh man, you've got it made, Flynn! Just sleeping the summer day away on a swing. (sigh)
I can't believe you two get to run all over your yard! Mommy used to let her past kitties out in the other house's back yard but it was closed in with a 6' fence! But this house has 4 acres and mom said we can't just walk out there 'cause of the wild animals leaving tics or who knows what behind! She is also afraid we might run off after something we see.........OK..she is a bit over protective and there are 6 of us that could run in different directions!=^Y^=Tinker
Do you ever swing on the swing?
That looks like a great place to hang out Flynn!
You look so comfy there, Flynn :-) And it looks like you even have a little shade, too.
Awww, you look soooo cozy onna swing! You look like you've been makin biscuits!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
No words needed! Super picture!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
What a beautiful floral arrangement! This is a very handsome shot of you!
Mrs. OZ
Don't forget to check my post tomorrow....
Summertime and the livin' is easy.....
Purrs Mickey
Mmm, dat looks really we know mom wants one of those.
Wow, yoo got lotz of room to stretch owt on that swing! Good print fur yore ginger furs too.
Aren't you looking mighty comfy!!!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Ahh, the serenity...
We is jealous - we has a porch swing . . . but we is not allowed on da porch! PFFFFT!
you look so handsome and comfy! I'll be over to join you, if you'd like some company.
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