Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

What are you doing Flynn?
I'm trying to hide.
Can you see me?
If I were you I'd hide too. I saw the outside run put against the garage door and the cases are out and mum's got clothes everywhere. You know what that means don't you.
You don't mean they are deserting us again do you Flynn?
'Fraid so Eric. I haf to post my tummy furr Tummy Tuesday before we get locked up again. How about you?
Oh okay, here's my tummy, but I'm really hacked off now.
We'll be back on the 13th. If anycat wants to come and keep us company we'll be happy to see you.

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i sure wish you two could come stay with me while they are gone. we would have great adventures and stuff!

smiles, auntie bee
You two are also locked up? Oh my, it looks like the whole CB is left alone... and we have another place to have a house trashing party!! :-)

Who set a date?

Awwww, guys, I'm sorry - I'll try to come over and I will bring some 'nip! We can have a good time!
we'll be ofur wif some nip. garage trashing anyone? hee hee
What? Are they crazy? Until the 13th??? they are going to owe you some big time loving when they get home. In the meantime, we'll be right over to keep you company and make sure you poop.
That is like two weeks, squillions of naps! I will do my best to teleport over.

Plus if you don't mind, you can come to Mericky and cellybrate our independence from your country!
Aww, it will not be much fun without your beans, huh? I get pretty lonely without mine, not to mention it makes me feel unemployed with no one to Watch.
Purrs and safe travels,
Abby Normal
Oh what a cute tummy! And look at you hiding. We will come help you party and make a mess to show them!
Dearest Eric & Flynn,
We really like your tummy shots! So sorry you will be away until the 13th! That's a very real long time. We'll come visit, 'kay?

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Both of you are so adorable~!!!
I am glad your beans are having great holidays~! That is very good~!
I will be miss you both very very much!
Oh, you two can come and stay with us anytime! Mommy says that your tummy needs a good snorgle!!!

Come over here!
Abandoned again! What is it with all these Beins? You can totally come over here and play guys!
Oh, no! You'll be locked up for 2 weeks. And Eric has just gotten well enough to be enjoying himself again. Naughty humans! We hope they have a good time but not too good because we want them to come home and unlock you guys from prison.

purrs and tail wags, guys.
Oh noes! Not again! I'll miss you two!
What sad news... at leas for you and us, for your humans it'll probably be big fun! We'll miss you and see you soon!
Wow, furry impressif tummies. Sorry you are being abandoned but I'll teleport ofer and we can cweate some mischef.
Wowie, that's a really long time! That's 13 days! Wow. We will miss you bunches, boys!
Awesome tummies!

We're sorry that you're getting left alone again. We'll be over to hang out this week. hee hee

Aww poo! That's no fun! We'll come over and play! ~Queen Snickers
Not again! I'll have to send Sunny over to play with you guys :-)
We'll come over and visit with you! We'll miss you until then. I can't wait to see the pictures of you welcoming your folks home again. You'll have to sit on both of them so they don't try to leave again.
Awwwww, I'm sorry yur beans are gonna be gone! I bet they'll miss you bunchies.

And those are adorabble pickshures of your tummies! You fellers are purreshus!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh my! that's a long time. I will miss your adventures.

Purrs, Sukie X
I'm on my way over right now!
That was a very cool hiding place. I love your tummy shot!

On my way ...
I really like the place you picked to hide, Flynn. I'm really sorry that your folks are going to leave you alone for so long. I'll miss you. Have as much fun as you can. I do hope your folks have a great time.
We'll be thinking of you while your mum and dad are gone. We hope you don't miss them too much.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Great hiding spot and wondeful tummy shots! We will teleport over to partay with you guys when the beans are gone!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Dudes! We'll be ofer! Niptinis and catnip galore!

Luf, Us
geesh your humans sure do leave you alot. you should sneak on a plane and come for a visit here. i could steal the van again and pick you up from the airport.

gerald the car stealing goat
Awww I's dont likes being lefts alone either.
Awww, man! They're off again?! They're sure gadabouts! I'm teleportin' over..may take me an extra second or two, seein' as how you're way over There!
I will be sure to teleport over and visit you while your Mum and Dad are away. Maybe you can show me what a real live mousie looks like, but we won't eat it!
Auntie Deb (The Taylor CatSSSSS) tagged us for a fun meme. What's on your fridge!??

Check us out, and then put one together of your own!

Join the fun!

Marilynn, Grace & Company
How awful of them to leave you. But we'll alllllllll come over and help trash the house. And yard. And field. And... well you get it. heheheh
your bud Pepi
We are missing you both!
Thanks for the great tummy pictures.
~ The Bunch
is it the 13th yet? no. ::sigh::
Hey there buddies--hope you're doing okay even though you've been abandoned. Looking forward to hearing from you next week!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
hi guys, I tagged you for the fridge meme.

You do look really REALLY annoyed there! I would be too if I were you - your humans are always abandoning you! x
Oh, I remembered wrong...I thought that you were coming back today but it's tomorrow. I enjoyed looking at your tummy pictures again anyway! See you soon!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Woo hoo, your beans will be back today! I was going to tag you for the fridge meme but I see you've already been tagged:) xxx
oh this is vary sad. How culd thay leeve yoo when yoo are showing off yer handsum tummies!?!
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