Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

We had our outdoor run while the Beans were away but it's not the same as having your freedom back. There should haf been a video of me rolling around showing my tummy, but blogger won't finish processing it. If it ever finishes, we'll publish it later.It's good to get back outdoors and have a good stretch on the warm concrete. We had rain all the time the Beans were away but the sun is shining again now.
Fev-vers furr Grr
This pikchur is speshully furr my girlfurrend cat Grr. Mum sez he's a racing pigeon cuz he's got rings on his legs. She said he's probably tired out and will stop for a couple of days to get his strength back. He may not last that long if he keeps walking up to us. We think he likes dad cuz he keeps flying after him and following him everywhere. Dad must be a fev-ver magnet cuz Frankie Fezzunt used to follow him everywhere. We don't know what happened to Frankie cuz when the Beans came back furrom their Holly Days in May, he had disappeared.

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Welcome back, boys! We missed you! We're very glad that you are out of purrizen again!
We are so glad that your beans are back and liberated you from prison. You look very relaxed all stretched out. We hope the rain has stopped for a while.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
You have very very cute tummy~~~~
So glad to see you boys are back! We missed you! So your folks are headed this way? Wow! Sounds like a nice trip. We live in the middle of those cities your mom and Dad will visit and the PM has been to them all and the Music Man has lived in two of them!

The PM will email your folks!

purrs Goldie
mmmmmm delicious fev-vers
Oh I hope that your folks brought the sun back with them!! You both look so cozy all stretched out!!!!!
Awhile ago,your Mom wondered about Halifax because they are visiting there. Here is a link to show her. The nice thing is that when the ship comes to Halifax, it docks very close to downtown!! There are lots of shops,museums and neat things to see.


Purrs Mickey
You two certainly look comfortable all stretched out! It is nice that you finally can be out of your run! And it is kinda cool how your Dad is a fev-ver magnet!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Glad you are back! I hope we get to see the video later.

Purrs, Sukie X
Those are sum grate pixchurs of yoo ... Momma lubs tummy pixhurs and she always makes funnie sounds when she sees dem...we hopes yoo can post yur videoo..

Oh look at that lovely tummy! I think Grr will really enjoy that Feather photo!
Great to have you back!!
Maybe that pigeon thinks your Dad is his dad! I hope he finds his way back home..

~ Maggie Mae
Dat pose reminds me it's almost time for another nap! Then I'll play with my fevvers when I git up.
That is very interesting to see a racing pigeon. He might not be very fast.
Freedom is something really good! And that pigeon looks awesome!
That bird better be careful or he might not finish his race!
OOOOHHH, gorgeous tummy pix AND a fev-ver pic just for me? you sure know how to cheer a girl up! thank you! my (formerly) Blonde Girl won't be back for 10 more days ::sigh:: but your pictures are making my day much brighter! hey - she's in France right now, but her itemer... itiner... um, where I'm gonna be when thingy says she's gonna go to Portsmouth next Tuesday morning, then it says something about Caen and Omaha Beach and Normandy and Hampton Court Palace and London and Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London and stuff like that. maybe you guys could go see her and give her a purr for me?
wow ... dat'zza good lookin bird.
mi mom haz been takin pikshurz uv birdz herself, lately.
dat bird lookz like hee'z made uv wood! harharhar!
Welcome back! You look so comfortable.

Mom says to tell you that when she tried to upload my video through blogger, that it never finished. She finally set up an account on You Tube and uploaded it and everything worked. Good luck!
Floofy tummy rubs to you both from mum.

Are you sure your dad isn't a chick magnet?
Fabulous tummy shots! :)
That's good you're finally getting nice weather :-) I wonder is Frankie Fezzunt ended up being someone's dinner?
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