Thursday, July 17, 2008


Trying to sleep.

What do you want? I was sleeping.What do you mean, you woke me up just to take my pikchur?
Okay, I'm looking at the flashy box, but I'm not happy about it.
Hmphhh not another pikchur too.
Well have you finished? Can I go back to sleep now?

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Poor Flynn!! My mommy does that too! How rude!
You are the best model of today, Flynn~!
Sleepy still handsome, how do you do it?
What? Naturally born?
Oah Yeah, I think so, too!!!!!!

Have a good nap, Flynn~~~~~
I think your bean is having enough picture so far!
I hate it when they wake me just for a photo op. What do they think?! I have nothing better to do?!
Oh, Flynn ... I can so empathize ...
Dat is sooo rude! And mom's are sooo weerd.
oh my shugur muffin-I'm glad yer lady let yoo sleep and didn't try to take yer piktur too!
And yer tummie piktur the othur day gave me butturflies in MY tummy (but just so yoo know I didnt eat them butturflies cause I didnt know if thay were sik like that mowsie yoo ate).
Stay happie and keep pooping my fudge brownie with powdurd shugar!
oh that is annoying isn't it! i was stretching out in the sun this morning and i got disturbed too!
Flynn, that yawn looks like you are yodeling! Do you yodel, Flynn?
Flynn, you do look sleepy in those photos. Silly humans, always trying to take photos of us.
Silly Mommys....they always want to take pictures of us sleeping too!!!

Flynn...those are cute pictures!
Awwwwwwwwww Flynn, you have another nap dude.
Your look says it all, Flynn!
Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday Tuesday, it was SO much fun!
Purrs and headbutts,
At least my Mom is not the only one that does that!!!!!!!! It is nice to see ya though ;)
Purrs Mickey
poor Flynn!!!
poor Flynn!!!
Flynn, you are too handsome! All of those pictures made my mommy squee.
Humans are so rude! We hope you got the rest of your nap without interruption!

You are so adorable with those sleepy eyes...

I'm sure you guys could find a great hiding place for that flashy box, just don't tell them where you got the idea!=^Y^=Setzer
Oh sweet boy, go back to sleep.
You are very patient and handsome. I hope you got a nice rest.

I know how you feel Flynn. My Meowmy has been driving me nuts with that darn flashy box. Can't a cat get some rest!?!
P.S. My Meowmy wants me to tell you that she thinks you are a furry handsome cat and especially likes the last picture.
Flynn, that is the cutest little sleepy-face!
Why do they do that? Always disturb our slumbers to take pictures of us. I think that gives us the right to whap their faces when they are asleep he he.

Purrs, Sukie X
Haha that last picture made momma YAWN!!
I'm sure she woke you up because she cannot resist your handsomeness :-)
Oh yes, flashy boxes and napping are not a good combination. Poor Flynn!
You look sleepy, bored and annoyed.
What on earth is wrong with our Humans. We get no respect at all!
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