Thursday, July 31, 2008


Safe journey Chica and Pumuckl.

We wish a very safe journey to our furrends Chica and Pumuckl, and to Ana too. We hope you can soon settle into your new life and that everything turns out as you would like it to.
We wish you luck and every happiness.
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Thank you, boys! It mean so much to us!
I hope youw fwiends have a wondewful new life..I'm sowwy you'll have to miss them thoughsmoochie kisses
I bin thinking of them all week and I hope thay have a safe jurnee.
Your kind words this week have been appreciated greatly. Thank you.

Mommy Bean Laure
We hope they have a safe journey and will like it in Germany!
Hi Eric anf Flynn,
Did you get unblocked by Blogger? That sounds scary! I have so much on Caturday I would hate to have that happen.
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