Monday, July 28, 2008


Mancat Monday

After the busy day we had yesterday looking after our dad and making sure he had a great purrfday, today we are just going to relax. No hunting, just napping and eating. We haf to nap now cuz there are boomie storms due tonight.

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sorry to be late with the birthday wishes for your pa! enjoy your day you cuties!!

smiles, auntie bee
Handsome as usual, guys! Happy resting!
Enjoy your rest! We had boomie storms here today.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
That sounds like a plan to me!
Eric and Flynn
I'm so glad you gave youw Dad such a gweat desewve a nice snooze..I hope the dummew dowms don't scawe you
smoochie kisses
Perfect place for an afternoon nap, hope you had a long one.
Got to run, we are in a little bit of hot water.
Sassy, Momo, Opus & Roscoe
Oh no! We do not care for thunder boomies. In fact, Gandalf hides when he hears the very first boomie and doen't come out until they are all gone. He's a scairty cat!

We hope your dad had a very Happy Birthday! The two of you look great relaxing in the grass. :)
Happy Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful day and a day of napping is well earned!!

Purrs Goldie and Shade
i fergot to wish yer dad a happee birfday. it lookz like he hadda grate day lyin arownd wid u.
find a good hidin place wen doze stormz hit later today.
That grass sure does look nice for nappin!
Hope your Dad had a great Birthday!

~ KittyBoy and Timothy
Scuse me. I'M Eric. How can YOOOO be Eric? Do you woof n wag? Are you square? Are your curly? Exceedingly handsome? Hmm....don't think you aren't me.

Let me know.

Wags, Eric Square Dog.

(The only true Eric)
That looks like a great way to spend your Monday. We weren't on the blogs much yesterday so we missed your dad's birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday Dad!
We hasta send beelated purrday wishes to yur Dad...we wuz not on da innernets yessterday. We is so glad he had a furry gud purrday. Boff of yoo don't gits wet frum dos storms wif water in dem...

Have a nice nap!!
I hope your daddy had a wonderful birthday! I hope you get all rested up, and that the boomies pass you by. They are no fun.

These are such cute pictures of you both!
I would love to nap in some cool, green grass like that!
Happy happy happy belated birthday to your dad!!! I can't think of a better present than cuddling up for a nap with you guys!
Uh oh. Thunder boomies :-0 Enjoy your naps now, and then go find a good hiding place where the boomies can't get you.
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