Monday, July 21, 2008


Mancat Monday

Today we are showing you how we spend our Mancat Mondays.
If you biggify the first pikchur you can see the worm I wuz playing with in the video.
When I have finished playing with the worm, I like to go in the fields hunting furr mousies.
You have to be sure to check the hedges as well. They often hide in there.
Eric likes to spend his time relaxing under the little table............
and relaxing.........................
And when he found the cases were out when our Beans were going on their Holly Days, he relaxed on them too.
And while I was hunting mousies in the field, he relaxed in the barn.
After all Eric's relaxing and my hunting, now I need to relax too.

Don't worry, the sootcase wuz furr the Beans last holly days.

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You alway need to relax. You hunt worms?
Uh oh. Suitcasez? Holly-daze???? I guessee you beteer be relaxin' up, cuz it looks like either da beanz iz goin' or dey iz cleanin' housee.
We miss you guyz,
Dr Tweety
I think after all that hunting you need some down time!
that is some darned good relaxing if you ask me! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Hunting, Relaxing
Relaxing, Hunting~!
This is life~!!!!!!
You deserve some relaxing time after all that hunting, Flynn. It looks like you are going to be abandoned again shortly. I hope it's not for long.
Hunting and relaxing sound like a great way to spend the day! :)

Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me! I really appreciate it. - Dragonheart
Cats = Relaxing! So you are doing everything right, Eric! :-)
You guys sure are very very VERY busy. With all that hard work, you deserve lotsa nip!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers and Purrs Gang
Eric, you have purrfected relaxing! We think you're like Grayson, relaxing while Gandalf hunts! Grayson is more of a lookout than an actual hunter! hehehe. Great hunting demonstration, Flynn!!
You boys have a great life!!!
u gotta relax befor u hunt ... i alwayz say ...
las nite i wuz chasin a dragonfly ... a mancat mus alwayz be ready fer a attak!
Okay...first...we are relieved that the suitcase wasn't for a new trip!

Second..We would rather relax with Eric and let Flynn do all the work!!!

Looks like a fun day to me!
You guys are SO lucky that you get to go outside and hunt worms and mousies. Mom hardly ever lets us out.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
Eric, you are my relaxin' hero! NObody relaxes as well as you do! So, Flynn, did you catch any meeses?
PeeEss: I'm sure glad your folks aren't goin' away again! I was goin' into "Eric and Flynn" withdrawal!
Cats are meant to relax.
Cats are not meant to work.
Enuf sed.
You guys sure have a great life, I love hunting in my garden for mousies but your fields and hedges are super cool. FAZ
p.s. my flea problem has been resolved thanks to some horrible stuff they put behind my ears - yuck!
Flynn, it sure would be fun to go hunting for mousies with you! I'm all for relaxing too! Eric, you found some great relaxing places! What a wonderful place you live in with all that wonderful outside. I'm not afraid of outside like Willow is!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
Hunting and relaxing...and relaxing and hunting that sounds like the purrfect life...


Also throw in a few treats and good meals and everything is truly purrfect....
You both lead such exciting lives . . . hunting and relaxing . . . how wonderful. Sigh.
Hmm, I've never tried hunting wormies - are they good? I just caught a birdie yesterday and that got Mommy all bent out of shape - so maybe I should try the wormies.

Oh wow, I can see the worm in your paw!
Looks like more fun that at my house!
Flynn, you are a great hunter, and Eric has the relaxing part down pat :-)
We are glad the sootcase had already been used. We miss you when they are in use!!

~ The Bunch
Worms smell like fish when thay are wet. I git why yoo hunt them.
Worm hunting, well that is a great idea!!
Ya'll look like you have a grand time!
I like mouses hunting too. Mine lif under the garden shed and hardly efer come out !
Happy Blogoversary, guys! We're TWO, too! Yay!

Enjoy your time chillaxin' ... Summer is nice when it's not too hot.

Beautiful photos, guys! We love to see what you've been up to lately. Worms, huh? Real live worms. Audace and Ruse are jealous! All they get are critters on the outside of the windows and doors!

Grace & Company
Relaxing is the best!
Your Monday looks like a lot more fun than mine!
Resting and hunting both sound like good hobbies to pursue. We mostly go for the resting part ourselves. Happy belated blogoversary.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
I'm more of a relaxer like Eric, I think. Although mouse hunting does sound fun.
Whew! We thought you were being abandoned again.
You boys have such a great hunting area where you live!
Thank you for the PEE-ESS - we WERE worried!!! You had the most glorious Mancat monday - we can't think of a better way to spend a day!
Karl and Mrs. OZ
Wow, such an active and relaxing Monday!

Luf, Us
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