Saturday, July 19, 2008


Fridge Meme.

While the Beans were on their Holly Days, we were tagged furr the fridge meme by Grace, Audace and Ruse, and also HRH Yao-lin. When the Beans came home we told mum we had to do it and it took her forever to take photos of our fridge. We haven't got a very interesting fridge, it is only a small one which fits under the worktop.
This is a photo of the door.
In the top row there are three funny cats. You can biggify to read them.
The next row is furrom Samantha and Mr.Tigger and of course, Skeezix.

In the top row of the next photo is "Take an old bag shopping" which is furrom Sainsbury's supermarket to tell people to re-use their carriers.Then there is a Princess Cruises magnet. After that there is a set of five Felix Magnets. Next to the top Felix magnet is a Guinness one. It's below Skeezix to remind him of his Mother's Milk. Next is a white kitty which mum bought in Barbados at a local craft shop.
We have to name one thing which is inside. There is only the usual boring old Bean's stuff in there. Mum has a lot of chocolate soya milk which she drinks all the time. She's a sucker furr anything choklit flavoured, and of course dad has got Guinness in there too. The rest is salad veggybulls and dairy and things like that. Nuffin furr us.
As we are late doing it, we don't know who hasn't been tagged, so if you haven't. consider yourself tagged now.


Oh look at how organized and symmetrical your fridge is.
Ah, Skeezix will be happy dat his piksher is on a cold box full of mothers milk...
I think the Guiness magney should be next to Skeezix...
Those are some cool magnets! But nothing inside for you? Poor Boys!
That's a cool fridge. Do you two whap the magnets off ? Heeheehee
Purrs Mickey
We are in complete agreement with Cheysuli and it has us wondering which of you is Type A? Eric or Flynn... Flynn or Eric?
I like all your magnets ... very cool.
Hmmm...that supermarket sounds interesting. Wonder if'n we's related to it??? The ferst four letters is owr last name.
~Meeko & Kiara
Eric and Flynn, you have a lot of cool kitty stuff on your fridge! And we totally agree with Monty and ZS&S's comments about Skeezix! Our Momma likes the "take an old bag shopping" magnet, that made her laugh out loud! Happy Saturday guys!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Cool Magnets :)
You boys have some very interesting things on your cold box!!
~ The Bunch
You have some cute magnets! Especially the ones of Skeezix.
You have some very nice fridge magnets there!

Purrs, Sukie x
I cleaned our fridge yesterday ... what a difference!
Your cold box has more on it than ours :-0
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