Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Dear Eric,
That sure is a comfy looking blankey you're resting on. Can I borrow it some time?

Hope you are feeling better!
That is a furry nice sun sot you got there.
You are like the Prince and the pea!
I hope you feel better!
Eat, poop and get well, Eric!

purrs and tail wags
NO TICKLE TOES! And, will you please poop already!
You look very comfy. Hope you feel better soon.

Purrs, Sukie X
oh eric, you is so lucky to be able to enjoy the out-of-doors sunspots. we gots only one in our WHOLE house (unless mom lets us in the bean bedroom, which don't happen too often on acounta her lergies). so you may well imagine that it gets a bit crowded (an' hissy) in that one spot now an' then.

we hopes you is eatin' well (an' stayin' shed o' them mousies!) an' workin' up yer next poop. you look most comfy while waitin' on it!

mom tells us that our boybean had the same prollem (not wif mousies, though, we don't think) when he was jus' a kitten--his whole gut track just up an' quit, an' he was furry sick for a spell. he hadda take icky meddysins, too, but he has been fine for the last 25 squillion naps or so. sandy paws even came to our house to visit him, since he missed the visit at the schoolhouse!
We hopes you keep feelin' better, Eric. You look nice and comfy there!!

Thanks to you both for the Purrthday wishes!!
That's a sweet enclosure... Looks like a great place to rest while you wait for your insides to make some poop...
You look relaxed Eric in that sun spot. You must rest buddy.
Tank da Heavunz dat you iz now takin' it EZ on dat qwilt. If da mousiez do nots agree wit your gizzardz, I tinks we mights haz some snakes oevfur here. But if snakes make you yak, den I guessee you beter stick wit da canned stuff.
Dearest Eric,
I know you are recovering yourself~! I am sure you will be back 100% in no time!

Purr and purr
Get well soon Eric ~ we iz all purring for you here...
Eric, that looks like a comfy spot. We hope you are feeling better.
We are so happee dat yoo is feelin better and recooperatin...Ping is startin to feel better too, he is hoppin round on twee legs but it's gettin better. Fank yoo furr stoppin bye and purrin furr him too...

Hi Eric! That's a nice sunny spot you have there. We hope you is feelin' better.
Eric, you look very comfy. I hope you are feeling better now, buddy.
That looks like a comfy place to recooperate, Eric. Hope you're feelin better n better all da time.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
nothing will help you get better than a nice nap in a sunbeam. just don't eat any mousies for along while.
That looks like a good recuperation spot! We hope you're feeling better. Just say no to 'tocks troubles.

Ah what a great place to rest in the sun!
That looks very relaxing!

So, um, how's the pooping going?
You are in the cat coop? I guess you really are re-coop-erating!

Um, I should stop with the puns.
Eric, it looks like your Mum and Dad are spoiling you while you repooperate, ha, ha...

Behave yourself and make sure you eat.
You sure look mighty comfy! Come check out my blog sometime!
~purrz, Gizmo
You just take it easy, guy ...
Oooh, don't you look comfy cozy, Eric!
Nothin like the warm sunshines to make a kitty feels good, right Eric?
Bask in the healing rays of the sun, my friend.

Oh, krap. I was hoping to find a Krap Reeport. Hope yer doin' better!
Furry manly!
Bless yur liddle hart!

Luf, Us
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