Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wordless Wednesday


The Beans collected me furrom the V E T this evening. Annie Thetik made me go to sleep so the V E T could flush my bowels out. He said there was not as much poop there as had looked like on the X-rays and definitely no hairballs. He asked mum if she was sure I hadn't pooped and she said she was. He said my bowels were a bit thickened and he thought I had an infection in them even though my temperature is normal. I haf to take two types of icky meddysin twice a day. The Beans gave it to me a little while ago and I was ok furr half an hour, then I yakked it up with a lot of bile. Mum hopes it was Annie Thetik who made me yak it up, the bile worries her. She looked at my ears and lips and said they are nice and pink though.
I think Flynn double hates me now. He whapped me as well as hissed at me. Mum shut him outdoors on his own furr a while, she didn't want to really but she said she can't have him upsetting me. When he came in, he was extra loving to her. He didn't hiss at me, but he slinks past me on his belly and gives me a wide detour. I think he's scared I might make him smell like me. At the moment I smell worse than Baby Mao. Mum and dad tried to clean me up a bit, but I'm a bit leaky.
Mum sez she hopes I don't yak my medicine up tomorrow otherwise she's going to have to tell the V E T. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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Bummer ... I was hoping that you were looking for a good poop spot. Keep trying. We're thinking about you every day.
oh, woe!! this CAN'T be comfortable for you, dear floofy furriend--we's all purrin' for poo!!!!
:( does this mean you're going back to the torture place? we're purrrrring for you lots!
Ohhhhhh a grassy hidey spot. We likes dat.
Oh, Eric, we'd scare it out of you if we could, but you're kind of far away for Samaritan's booming bass to yell boo and be effective.

purrs and tail wags
Awwww, ERIC! Please please poop soon! I tell you what. Alla us Ballicai are gonna do a poopy dance. That way, you'll poop. Poopy dancin, poopy dancin fur Eric.

((((((Big huggies))))) to yur Momma and Daddy. Our beans know how you feel cuz Brainball has a tendency to get corked up, too.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
You need a MOVEMENT!
Oah Dearest Eric,
I do have some concern about you~!
But I am sure you will be ok!!

Continue lots of purr for you!
Oh Eric, we hope you don't have to go back to the Vet!
Oh Eric!!!!
Pleeeeeze poop one for da gipper!! PLeeze buddy. I can'ts stand to tink of you all stopped up! You gots to get it out!
We iz purrin' & purrin' & purrin'.. & we iz NOT gonna stops until you feel likes yourself!
Dr Tweety
Oh no, Eric, I hope that you get all of that poo and hairball out soon so you can feel better!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Purrs to you some more. I wish something would happen...
My jellow fudgesikul Mancat I haf to tell yoo sumthing. I've been in trayning since the poo news and have decided to go on a...


...if any of yoo wuld like to join me all yoo have too do is keep frum pooping until Eric does!
oh and yoo also have to purr fur Eric (and Flynn and his beans) too!!!!
Oh no, I truly thought that you would feel better today! China Cat and I will purrrrrrrrrr our very hardest for you.

Thanks for purring for my dad - he came home last night after his surgery and I think that he feels better because of all the purrs!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
ARRGGHHH!!!! I'm thinkin' my sqwertiest thots for ya, bro. Woops! Gotta run.....
Getting ur mommie to rubbie ur tummy in a downward stroke should help u to poo poo, Eric. If u'd allow her?
We are purring extra hard for u!
Oh no, Eric. We continue to purr and pray for you.
Oh no :( I guess you're going back to the vet today? Good luck to you Eric at the vet's. I'll be thinking about you and hope all that poopy poo and hairballs come out today, so you can finally feel good again. You've been suffering way too long with this :(
We are so sorry you haven't pooped yet. We are praying you can do one on your own soon.

Purrs, Sukie X
POOP, there's no poop!

Grandbean says some Vaseline on the paw might help...
Oh man.....we was hoping for some poop!!! Poor guy!!
Hi. Auntie Deb here. Your mommy might want to try: Fleet Babylax Enema. It is just a Glycerin medicine. I used it on my babies before with great success. It is a liquid that you just squeeze into the rectum. It usually works right away. Please call me at 301/963-3699 if you have any questions. I know you are very worried about your baby!

Love, Deb
Eric! Hope you can poop soon! That sounds awful you might have a big hairball.
We luffs you
Harper and Ramona

Plllllleeeeezzzeeee poop!
We is still POP'in furr yoo!!

and Gracie
Oh jeeze, we were really hoping that the enemies would work! Please poop Eric!

Pearl, Bert and Jake
Oh poor Eric!!We hope the vet can help and we are purrring for you until we hear!!!!! Purrrr, purrrr, purrrrr and (((((hugs)))),
Your FL furiends,
Oh gosh, poor Eric, that must feel bad. We're purring and purring for the vet to be able to help you fast and for you to bounce back quick.
Alla Us Hotties
oh Eric! we will start the "poop" dance that we usded to do for Grampa Norton.
we hopes your v-e-t visit goes well. we will check back later
purrrrssssssssss for poop!!!
Gosh Eric, something just has to happen soon! All your friends are worried about you.
We heard that you had to go back to the vet cause you weren't keepin nothing down. We are purring hard for you!!!!
Eric we're still purring for you!

Eric, me & the Boyz are sure purrrin' for you. My orange bro Tang was havin' that trouble and Mom gave him some clear Pedialyte,(found in the babies isle in the market), from a small med syringe, it works efurry time! It seems to help muscles contract better like Gatoraide helps beans. It helps replace fluids & electrolytes lost due to vomiting & it prevents dehydration which also effects the muscles. Guess you could guess Mommy jumped in there 'cause she knows how Mommies get so worried 'bout their Kitz. We sure hope you feel better real soon Eric, we are purrin & purrin' for ya pal, =^Y^=Ty & The Cat Street Boyz
Oh, Eric, we're so worried about you and purring so very hard that the vet has good news for you. I may just have to teleport our Callie over there to scare the poop out of you - she's very good at that.

P-O-O-P!!!! What doez dats spell? Why it spellzez POOP! POOP! (Fab Five wave pom-poms and jump up and down.)

Uh, rememburr whats da Froggie saidz in da Wind & da Willowz???? POOOP POOOP!!! I would takes his ad-vice fur sure.

Eric... if da V-E-T cannots gets da poops out, I dunno who can. So be brave dear fellow.. it's justee gots to gets better soon.
Dear Eric,
Hang in there dear friend. I am so sorry that you are feeling so yucky. And bummer about having to go back to the vets. I hope that they fix you up very quickly and send you on your way.

Dear Jackie,
(from Lynn, Ty's mom, I'm sending you big hugs. I'm just so sorry that you have to go through this. Having gone through something a bit similar, I understand why you would be feeling scared. I'm praying really hard that your baby is healed quickly and is soon back in your arms. Please update us after you hear from the vet. Wishing you much strength, Lynn
Willow and I are still purring for you, Eric! Please poop so that you will feel better! We're purring for you too, Flynn, so that when Eric gets better you can be nice to him again! We love you boys lots!!!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Eric I am so sorry to read that you were poorlier and you had to go to the vets again. I do hope they can sort you out and you come home soon with a clean bill of health and an empty bum.

PS: Me and the other 3 cats here are still purring mightily for you!
I did juss read da update on da blogosphere and we is reellyyyy werried bout yoo...c'mon now is da time to git all dat poopey stuff out and feel better...we is reeeeellllly purrrrrrinnnnn loud furr yoo....
all of us r holdin paws...

and Gracie

Feels better Eric!
Oh oh, dat vet man better gets dat hair and poop outta yoo so yoo feel better or we'z all gonna come over and put da bitey on him. C'mon dude, yoo gotta get dat stuff out! We'z gonna keep purring fur poop and we'll check back later...hopefully fur good news.
Eric, we are still purring & purring for you. You must be so uncomfortable. But that place in the sun looks like a nice spot.
Oh Eric, I hope something happens soon - you must be very uncomfortable. I will continue to purr and purray for you. Be well sweet friend.
No poops yet? Darn it! I am going to have to sing a pooping song for you:


"I like to see the squirrels
Running from the cats
I like to see the spiders
The beavers and the bats
But I just saw something small and brown
Shaped just like a shark
Those pretty puppies prancing playing
Pooping in the park"
Oh Eric! You gots to go. Mom says the longer you hold it, the harder it is when it finally goes. I's so sorry yur goin thru this! Purrs to you an acourse yur Mom an Flynn, too, cuz we know they's purty ascared.
Eric we is really ascairt ofur you!! Please poop!!
we are purring hard very very hard for you!

sending lots of hugs and purrs and purrayers fur alla you!

P.S Flynn you gotta be nice to your brofur he is not feeling well and needs you to encourage him!
Come on Eric....poop!!!!!!!!!

We are hoping and purraying for you!!

Junior and Orion
We keep checking back hoping to find good news.

purrs and tail wags
oh you poor darling, I am purring for you like crazy xx please get well soon x
Oh, dear Eric! We're still purring our best ourrs, but we're also joing Chairman Mao in the Poopy Dance.

Poopy dancin, poopy dancin fur Eric. Poopy dancin, poopy dancin fur Eric. Poopy dancin, poopy dancin fur Eric. Poopy dancin, poopy dancin fur Eric....

OK, we're getting a little bit dizzy, so hurry up already.
Ohh poor Eric! We sure hope get everything worked out! I've had the plugging hairballs but they've always stopped stuff going in not out. Stolen Fire Cheeto's gave Empress the quirts, if you what to give that a try! ~Queen Snickers
KC asked...
Any poop yet? Come on, Eric, effurryone is singing an dancing, i's gonna do a rousing Poop Cheer... see, i's got mine little cheerleader kitty gal outfit on:


P - 0 - 0 - P


pee ess: Did that werk?
Eric, we were hoping to hear that you were feeling better today. You have Stryder so worried that he made himself sick this morning. Please get better fast!
C'mon Eric's 'tocks! Do your thing!

We hope you feel better soon. Is the V-E-T sure you don't have another kind of obstruction (not hairball related)?

Lots of hugs and purrs and purrayers for all of you.
Purrs buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
Did you try to poop there? We hope so much you'll be better soon! Purrs!!!
Dear Eric!I am so sorry you are still feeling icky inside. I hope all gets better for you soon because I do not want you to have to have an operation to get the poops out. I am so concerned about this for you. Maybe if I come and fix you some camomile tea, do you think you might like some company wile you wait for the poop to appear?
I'll get my tea kettle....
Love Miss Peach
oh, dear fluffy furriend erc--we are sorry you are haffin' such a drefful time. an' now to suffer the ignominy of yukky meddysin--it's just too much, we tells ya--TOO MUCH!! we purrs an' purrays that the meddysin makes you all better SOON!!

an' flynn? we knows he smells less than flower-fresh, an' a whole lot more like the vet's place. but he's yer brofur, an' he can't help it. try to be nice; he needs some support from his best buddy.
Oh Eric, we are so sorry you haven't pooped so far and have to take some icky medicines! We are still purrring and purraying until we hear you are all better!
And Flynn, Eric needs your support give him a head butt or two!
Your FL furiends,
Oh, Eric, you have been going through so much. You're right. Flynn is afraid of your smell but he'll recognize you before too long.

We hope you can keep your meds down from now on. You evidently need them.

Sending purrs and tail wags,
Oh, Eric- we are so worried! Please have a great big, stinky, steaming poo soon. We're sure your Mum and Dad won't mind.
Maybe if you nibble some grass, it will help?
Love and purrs,
Toby, Cupcake and Mum
you poor thing! we're sending lots of get-well purrs, plus we're sending Grr over. Grr can keep Flynn occupied while you rest and get better. purrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Think flowing thoughts!
Oh Sweet Eric, I'm so sorry that you have icky medicine but be a good boy and take your medicine so you can get better. We are all so worried about your tummy. Willow and I will purr harder than ever for you.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Big purrs for you, Eric. I sure hope you're feeling better tomorrow and the 2 icky medicines help you.
Dang, we was hoping it was a jinormus hairball...sure hope dat icky medi-sin helps you. Dis really sucks.
Eric, I am sorry to hear you are still having trouble. Hope you are able to keep the yucky medicines down and start feeling better soon. I know your beans are taking good care of you.

Flynn, be nice!
Bless your liddle heart Eric! We're sending tons of purrs ofer to u, do u heer us? Gawd luf u.

Luf, Us
I's purrin' and purrin' fur ya dood!!
Takes the icky medsin like a mancat and you'll feel better soon. Oh, no more mouseies for you no matter how many Flynn catches.
Dear Eric,
You poor thing. I cannot believe how much time you have had to spend at the vet's. It's too bad that you had to yack up the medicine too. No wonder your mum is getting worried. I hope she's right that it was Annie that made you get rid of it.

I'm feeling sorry for Flynn too. He's just following his nose which says you are not smelling like Eric any more.

Get better already, ok?j
Oh Eric, at this rate they's gonna assign you a cage at the vet! Let's hope the medisins start werkin already an you can get better an smell like YOU again. We's still purrin fur all of you!
Eric, I will purrs for you to feels better. It isn't fairs that us good kittys gets sick.
Oh man, buddy, I'm sorry you have to take yucky medicine and that Flynn is scared of the way you smell. I hope this all clears out soon! More purrs and furs.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric I sure wish they could get you sorted out so you feel better. Mum says yakking up on a mostly empty stomach will mostly be bile. Same is true in humans.

Purrs for you buddy.
This is vary distressing. I'm vary werried abowt yoo. Do yoo wunt me to have a talk with Flynn and git him to be nice to yoo agin?
Poor Eric, we hope that you start to feel better soon, and start eating something. Maybe if your mom took a damp wash cloth and wiped you down with it, it would wipe some of the hospitally smell off, and Flynn would be nicer.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Oh, Eric. Get better, get better, get better.

We're praying and purring here...

Marilynn, Grace & Company
Eric, I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time. I sure hope you feel better tomorrow, too!

Come on Eric, less yaking and more pooping! You're starting to really worry us!

And Flynn, you gotta be nice to Eric, he doesn't mean to be stinky and he's feeling poorly.

We're purring super duper hard.

Pearl, Bert and Jake
We're purrin' so furry hard for you to feel better, Eric.
Doooood....let it out one end or the other before you pop! It's fermented long enough. Let it fly now and I promise not only will you feel better, but you'll make one or more people gag until THEY barf right along with you. That's got to be worth the effort, right?
Oh Eric, we are so sorry to hear you still aren't doing well. Sending lots of healing purrs your way and praying hard for you. We hope the medicines work and that you don't have to go back to the vet.
Eric, so sorry to hear you're feeling poorly! Sounds a bit like a tummy problem I had at the end of last year. I went off my food, had some Antie Biotiks from the V-E-T, ended up attached to a drip at the V-E-T's for nearly a week, but was still off my food; they even cut me open to see what was going on inside - but nuffin' was! In the end the V-E-T made me take some pepperminty pink medicine for gastritis, and some other stuff to stop me yakking and after a few days I started to eat again! Hope they find sumfing to work on you & hope you feel better soon...

Mieows and purrs from Tinker!
WE hopes yoo had a better nite and R resting comfortably tooday. WE are furry werried bout yoo and want yoo to be git bak to yurself!
We is still purrin and purrin...

and Gracie
I just came back to check up on you. I will keep purring my very hardest for you.
I am purring for you and hope you get better real soon!
How are you Eric? I hope you are better today!
We are purring very hard for you!
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