Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Yayyy!!! We had a connekshun long enough earlier to get a pikchur up. We had to come back to do the writing cuz it didn't last long enough furr all of it, but that's okay, at least you can see my tummy now. You can see I am enjoying lying in the sun and rolling around again. I am going furr walks in the fields again too, and I keep trying to catch mousies, but mum won't let me eat them in case that's what stopped my interestings furrom working properly. The V E T said it could have been a virus infekshun or it may haf been a sick mousie, but whatever caused it stopped my interestings furrom pushing my food through properly and it all just came to a stop. I'm pooping like a champion again now, and no yakking furr over a week, so everyfing is back to normal.
Our Beans are going on their Holly Days in a week's time, but they wuz going to cancel it to stay home with me. I've told them it's okay they can go now. It's a crooze around the British Isles so they said if I get sick again, it will be easy furr them to get back home quick. I think they said they are going to phone me efurry day so they must be going to leave a phone furr us. That means we will be able to phone all our furrends too. Hehe they'll haf a huge phone bill!!
The new router should be here by Thursday. Mum said she hopes so cuz this post has taken over an hour and five disconnekshuns to do it. Fank goodness we can save it as we go. She has been saving after efurry sentence so I could do a post.
Right mum. I think it's time you took us furr a walk now ,don't you?

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I hope you get your router soon. Mommy nows how frustrating computer troubles can be...
It is wonderful that you are back to being you!
Oh, what an adorable tummy! Great pose! Eric, we are so happy that you are feeling better!!! We hope that your beans have a great trip!

Sorry about the computer problems....not fun!
My mom and I love seeing your belly! You're looking good. Please tell your humans we hope they have a safe trip and hurry home (when it's done, cause we want you to stay healthy!).
Abby Normal
Love that pose!!!!! You are very agile for such a mancat!

purrs, Shade
Oooh, we hate no internet connection. In fact, we hate slow intenet connection. But we LOVE that you're all back to normal, Eric!!
oh that's just the most adorable pikshur!!!!

we hopes you get your router soon too!
Thanx for that tummy pose picture, Eric. We were missing ur handsome mug! :D
Hope the new router stops all the trouble with the innernet connection.
You look very relaxed Eric. So glad you are feeling well again.

Leave thos mousies alone now!

Purrs, Sukie X
Eric,you look so comfy there :)
Great tummy shot. Mom really wants to rub that belly ,heehee
I'm happy you are feeling good too!
Good luck with the new router. I hope it comes on time.
Purrs Mickey
Momma gave up at home wif da innernets cuz it wuz so aggravatin! She spends her entire day hunting on da innterents so she diddant want no parts of it when she got homes wif us....we is soooo glad yoo is back to poopin normully....dat is grate noos. WE will all hafta to git on da chat call while yur Mum and Dad r away on der baycashun....

you look really cute dood! and when yer mom goes, call me! we'll talk and talk! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
You look great Eric. We're glad you're feeling back to normal for sure. You can call us while your human beans are on vacation. Or you can just telerport over to visit any time.
Boni Maroni

Mom sends a tip: Write your post in Word, then copy it to your blog. It shouldn't take 5 disconnects then.
yer tum looks in great shape, dude! we're glad to know there's nothin' bad lurkin' in it!!
Eric, I am so glad to hear that you are pooping like a champion! It's great to see you again, buddy. I certainly hope that router fixes all the problems. I hate not being able to keep up with my friends, and I know you and your mom must be frustrated!
Eric we iz soooooo glad you are back to normal ~ love ur tummy piktur ~ stay healthy and strong now...many purrs to you and Flynnn :)
We've been having computer issues at home, too. Mostly because someone chewed the cable again. hee hee

I'm glad your tummy's feeling better. I'm sorry that you don't get to eat any mousies, but that's probably for the best. You don't want to have any more 'tocks troubles.

So glad your tummy is working rites again! No fun not to poo! Hopes yours puter is normals again soon too! Did it eats a bad mouse? ~Empress
It's so good to see you out sunning and hunting again. And I'm glad your parents can take their trip, although that means leaving you guys for a week. But you know, when they get back it always means extra loving.
Well, see it like that, now you can spend more time snuggling and hunting in the sun :-)

Did you receive our email? We have passed an award to you on Sunday.
Hooray! I am so happy that you are all better now, Eric. We were very worried about you.
Yayyyy Eric!!! We're so glad yore feeling better and pooping agane! Call us in Merica wen you get yore fone.

Finny Buddy & Jasmine
Eric we wuz worried too. I'm glad yur bak to poopin again. And I'm sooper glad Skeezix duzzint haff to post the pitchurs he thretened to post!
We are glad that you are all back to normal and that your Mum and Dad feel comfortable going on their trip. That is the big indicator that you are better.


Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Yeah Eric is back to normal!!! Computer routers not working is bad! But we are glad you let us know you are doing. Hope Mom and Dad have a wonderful trip!
Your FL furiends,
Computers can be very frustrating when trying to blog but China Cat and I are SO happy that you are feeling so much better, Eric. What a terrific tummy shot today! Are you and Flynn being friendly with each other again?? We hope so!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow
What good news!

That's quite a pose there, Eric. You look like you had one too many!
whoohoo! we're so happy you're back to normal! hey - Grr wants to give Flynn our phone number for when your people go on vacation. make sure he calls her every day, okay?
I luff luff your tummy. You would nefer guess from that divine pichur that you haf had prwoblems with your innerds. I lif in Portsmouth so maybe your beans will sail pass me on their cwuse. I'll sit on my wall and see if I can see em.
I'm so happy you're pooping like a champion and eating well again! That's cool they're going to give you two a phone. Too bad about the bill. Hahahaha!
Glad you're better !!!
What a way to post! You will sure be glad when you can return to normal internet connections and posting without disconnects.

So glad Eric is back to normal.

purrs and tail wags
YAY!!! Keep on krappin'!
Oah Eric , I am so happy for you~!
Must be really gets better than show your tummy for us~!
Well...now you really don't have to eat mice for a while~~~
It is good that you are over your tummy troubles. Now once you get your router troubles fixed, then everything will be good.
It must haff been a booby-trapped mousie that made yoo sick. I'm glad yore all better now and the poops are coming when they shood.
I am very glad that you are pooping like a champion and feeling better. It's a shame that you don't get to eat any more mousies, but that's a lot better than getting sick again. I am glad that your new router will be in place soon. I hope your Mom and Dad have a wonderful cruise.
Eric, you have a fabulous tummy! We are very glad that you are back to normal! :) We hope your router arrives soon.
That's a tum with 'tude!

(Save that pose-I'm starting my Do The Q! contest next month!)
U ist gettin a phone? How kyool is dat? Good tink yur router is comin in da mail.

Luf, Us
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