Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Eric: This pikchur wuz taken befurr I went too see Annie Thetik. Flynn won't lie this close beside me now cuz he hates me again. It's just like when I had my teefs stolen. He's hissing and swearing at me all the time, and if I go near him he runs away furrom me.
Annie Thetik gave me an enemy but nothing's happened yet, well apart furrom my butt's a bit leaky. I think my enemy might be trying to make me dissolve. Mum's put a blankie on the bed and she said she'd rather I didn't sleep on her head tonight. She could put the blankie on her head then we'd both be happy.
Flynn: I don't really hate you Eric, it's cuz a voice in my head tells me you're an alien that's taken over my brofurr's body. It tells me to hiss at the alien and make it go away so Eric can come back.
Eric: I keep telling you I'm the real Eric but you won't listen to me.
I really need to poop tonight or else I will haf to go back to the V E T again, and I really don't want to go there. I haven't yakked furr about 36 hours, so that has to be good, and I ate a tiny bit of Stinky Goodness Monday night. Mum cooked me fish again which is very good cuz I love fresh cooked fish.
I want to thank efurrybuddy furr all the purrs and good wishes you are all sending me, and mum sez thanks furr all the advice you're giving her.
Purrleez keep sending purrs furr poops.
The enemy hasn't worked - still no poop. I still haven't yakked again though, but this morning I didn't really want anything to eat. Maybe mum will cook me some more fish.
Annie Thetik made me act strange. When I came home furrom the V E T yesterday I was ok, then I kept collapsing so mum rang the V E T but he said don't worry, it wuz just Annie Thetik taking a long time to wear off, and when they had brought me home, it wuz the adrenaline keeping me awake. In the evening I went all hyper, I wuz running around wiv big wild eyes and kept thinking I could see mousies everywhere to pounce. During the night mum thinks I wuz running off the walls. She thought efurrycat had come here to play herds of thundering elephants wiv me, but it wuz just me. Flynn got scared and hid.
Mum rang the V E T this morning and he said it wuz an adverse reaction to Annie Thetik. He made a note on the compooter that I had to have the same Annie Thetik as when I had my teefs done cuz I wuz ok wiv that. She told him there aren't any poops yet so she has to go and get four more enemies furr me and I haf to have them twice a day. If that duzn't work I haf to go and see Annie Thetik again and get my insides washed out. I hope my enemies are going to help me.

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Poor Eric! We are purring and praying hard for you. Don't worry about Flynn- he'll remember you soon. Right now he's just afraid and upset.
Take care, handsome Ginger Boy!
Oh, Eric, all the kitties and woofies are waiting to hear the good news that your "enemy" worked and you're fine.

We're sending you purrs and tail wags.
Oh, Eric! We Ballicai just founded out -- we are so sorry to hear of yur trubbles. We will purr and purr and purr as hard as we can that you poop and feel bettur soon! We love you!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Eric, I have to chime in here -- I feel for you, buddy. As a big floofy ginger boy, I am also prone to hairballs and constipation. And like you, I take the malt hairball remedy (Mom calls it "goop"), and she gives me half a teaspoon of baby food squash every day, and that seems to help move things along, too. She knows how it is to do the Happy Poopy Dance when I need to poop, and then I do the deed. I hope you poop and feel better very, very soon, my friend.

Love and rumbly purrs from Brainball.
I'm purring for poo tonight, Eric. I know you don't want to go back to the vet again tomorrow.
Good luck, Eric. My mom has to take me to the vet quite often for that yechy "enemy". I usually stay at the vet until something comes out.
Oh Eric, we are so sorry to hear about your problems. Purrs and prayers going up for you. Sure hope things will come out real good soon. Mom uses that poop stuff on Patches and Gizmo, sometimes on me too. Flynn, Eric needs you for support and to be a buddy, it's really Eric.

Really like the set up your Mom made for you with the plant pot set up. That was really nice of her to make a special place for you two. Just don't step on the tomatoes when getting out of the pots.

Oah Dearest Eric~~
I hope there is good result from the vet soon, no matter Flynn thinks, it's always have chance to explain to him until you get better~~
Flynn is very adorable think that way, he has very kind attention, right now you just need to focus on recovery~!!!

Purr and purr to you!!!
PURRRRRRING FUR POOP! c'mon Eric, you kin do it!!!
hey-our Lady wants to know if you've got McDonalds over there. she says that if she ever has a problem similar to your problem, she eats something from their breakfast menu...then no more problem. that was prolly too much information, don'tcha think?
Oh Eric, I hope everything comes out all right tonight! :) Sending you lots of purrs,
Come on Eric you can do it, Poop, poop, poop, but don't do it on your mum's head!
We're sorry to hear about that Enemy thing - sounds icky. But if it makes your tummy better, then it's a good thing! So poop Eric, poop!

Pearl, Bert and Jake
So sorry about your illness and I hope you don't have to go back to the house of pain!
Bless your little heart, poodin' thang. We're sendin u tons & tons ov purrayers an purrs.

Luf, Us
We hope you poops lots and feel better! Maybe once he sees you poop, Flynn will know you're not an alien?

Anyway, we's praying for you to feel all better! At least you aren't yakking any more, right? So poopin' can't be too far away now.
Still purrin fur poop! What bout sum milk or squash? Yogert?
Purrs furr poops
Purrs furr poops
Purrs furr poops!
We are purrring for you Eric and that Flynn quits hissing at you! We hope to hear a good report in the morning!!
Your FL furiends,
I hope you feel better very soon, Eric, and don't have to go back to the cat fix-it place. I hope Flynn stops being a troll around you, too.
I hope yoo git the sqwerts soon!!!!
Purrin for poop!

Eric, we are purring for you.
We hope everything comes out all right in the end. We hope the enema works for you and that you don't have to go back to the vet.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Annie Thetik sounds fascinating yet scare-y. I hope that this enemy will work out...pooping seems like such hard work! We will be purring for you, Eric. For poops.

~Donny-boy (and Marie and Casey)
oh my cat, oh my cat!! I have leeky eyes cause I'm so wurried bout yoo my angul fud cake a dusting of powdured sugur. Im going to take my jetpak ovur rite now and jump on yer handsum belly until yoo take a GINORMUS stinkie.

Oh my handsum makadaymeyun nut fudge mancat-I wish I wure thare but it makes me sooo relieved to know yer beans and Flynn are taking care of yoo until I arrive.

Think pawsitive thoughts and try yer best to poop!!!
My dearest buddy Eric I do hope all goes well for you tonight and you do not have to go back to the vet. It is hard to have a spat with your brother Flynn when you are feeling so crummy right now...he does not hate you Eric. Maybe you smelled like the stange vet place and that had him worried. Put some vaseline on his nose!
Keep a stiff upper lip ol chappy!
Lots of love from Miss Peach
Did you eated a big mousie that got stuck, Eric? We are purring for your poops, buddy!



A cheer for you!

purrs Shade and Goldie
Oh Eric, we are so sorry that you haven't pooped yet, and that Flynn thinks you are an alien because you smell like the vet's. We are purring and praying hard for you!
Oh no. Poor Eric. I'm so sorry you didn't poop last night. I hope the 2 enemys today do the trick. Good luck to your Mum (and Dad?) giving you the enemy. That doesn't' sound like it's an easy task :( Especially not for you, of course.

Still purring for you to poo. I really hope today's the day!
Come on poop!! Come on Poop!! Make big E feel better soon!!


Poopy Q (I will change my name in your honour!!!)
Eric, please just poop!!! Everyone will feel better!!!!
Eric, I's sorry you don'ts feel well. I hopes it works out after the other rounds of Annie Thetik.

Purrs and headbutts to ya!
we is purring and purrayin for poops. we is used to that - we did it wif grampa norton. maybe your mom can gif you some canned punkin? that sometimes helps wif the "i can't poop" prollem
oh, good heafens!! we hopes these enemies work quick!!

we are waitin' to see a banner headline onna blogosphere page--ERIC POOPS AGAIN!!!

and again

and again

and again

etc, ad nauseam
The brothers in Italy wanted to stop in and see how the brothers in the UK are doing. Sorry to hear that Eric isn't feeling good. If ya need to make poo, maybe you should come visit us in Italy. We could make a nice, greasy cheese pizza for you to eat and THAT should do the trick.

Sorry we can't pick you up in our flying van as it is still missing!

Opus and Roscoe
We're doing our POP (Purr on poopie) dance furr yoo...we r purrin for poo for yoo! We hopes does emmys help yoo reelly quik so yoo don't half to have no moore funnie aliens...Flynn juss finks yoo has aliens...feel better soon Eric!

We're all purrin furr yoo...
and Gracie
Crappity-crap-crap-crap! No poop? I know yoo can do it! Purring fur lotz ov poop!
Oh Eric :( I know how you feel.I had that problem and went to the Vet for several enemas and finally got cleaned out! Now,Mom mixes Lactulose in my food(stinky goodness).
I will be purring very hard for you :)
Purrs Mickey
Oh, man! I'm sorry you're still having 'tocks troubles. We hope that the enemy kicks in soon.
Dear Eric,
Oh my goodness, your poor thing! With all the laxatives and the enema one would think you'd be stinkin up that litter box all night long! You are going to feel so much better once the enemy works. I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Please don't take Flynn too seriously. He's confused by your smells again. Be patient, he'll come around again.
Oh, Eric, those enemies need to work real soon. You must be terribly uncomfortable after all this time and being put through so much. No wonder you're not too hungry.

But your mom will see you through this and Flynn will become your friend again. Hang in there!

Sending purrs and tail wags,
Oh, poor Eric!!!!! Hang in there, buddy. I hope you poop lots real soon! I'm purring for you!
Now then Eric, I am sending huge, rumbling purrs from the West Country to you, it's not far and with some luck, the purr vibrations should set in motion a poo so enormous it will darken the sky. I'm sorry to hear the anaesthetic didn't agree with you, that's real bad luck. Good luck with the "enemies", I hope you don't need them and all the mighty purring from the internet does the trick!
Oh, Eric, we feel so awful for you. We hoped that enemy would do the job, and we can't figure out why it didn't.

We continue to send you purrs and prayers -- get well, get well, get well...


Marilynn, Grace, Audace, & Ruse
Hi Eric..
We have been purraying for you to get some relief! Hope we see a good poop post soon.

~ Timothy
Dude! Push it owt! All da way!

Luf, Us
Oh I am sorry you haven't done any poops yet. Bet you do one tonight! Just keep thinking and visualizing poops.

Purrs, Sukie X
Poor Eric! I sure wish the enemy would start working. I am purring for poops. I'll bet it will be a big one, too!
Poor Eric, yoo haff bin thru a lot!I wunder whatcha ate that is all stuck up in thare? Get bedder soon!
I'm sorry you still haven't pooed! My humans went away for a week once and boarded me. Just 'cause I didn't poop all week the VET man (the boarding place was the same as the vet) gave me an enima. So I know how unpleasant that can be! Poop soon!!

Oh Eric! I am purring for poops too! It must be very uncomfortable for you, please stay strong and please poop : )
Eric we are purring real hard for you to get well soon! You really don't need all this trauma. Then you can go back to your comfortable, laid-back life.
We're all still purring for poop too! C'mon Enemies - get with it and help our furrend Eric. We want poop!
Oh Eric, these are not so good news! Hope it will be over soon and you can poop nicely again ;-)

Purrs from all of us!
Buddy, tell your Mum I'd do anything to help a furrend. It's just monies...

That aside, the poop must flow. I hate to repeat what MomBean said, but maybe a...oh I can't, he's a mancat!

Maybe a glycerin suppository would help? They've helped KidBean when he hadn't gone poo in a few days.
OH Eric, I am so sorry to learn of your bm issues! I wish wish wish I could send you some of our extra poops because we have a LOT of it here.
I will purr for poop with you!
Oh, dang! I'm so sorry you haven't poopied yet, Eric! Alla us Ballicai are purrin and purrin fur poopies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from Mao Mao!
Oh my, Eric! I'm so sorry to hear that you're having poopie troubles. I'm purring as hard as I can that you have a good poop soon!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Oh, Eric, please get those bowels moving soon. We're really concerned over here, and we're concerned that it might not be a good experience for you and you will become anal retentive. My Dad is a chiropractor and he has adjusted humans who couldn't poop, and it helped them, so if there is an animal chiropractor in your area you might want to give it a shot. Can't hurt at this point, really.

We're still sending all kinds of purrs for poop your way. I just hope the ocean doesn't slow them down...
Oh, poor Eric, still no poop? And Flynn being mean? That is no good. Have your humans tried rubbing something that smells of Flynn and you all over you to get rid of the v-e-t smell? I expect they have already tried that. Let us know how you get on, we are worried here!
ERIC!!!!! So poop alreddy!!!! I find it helps if win I skwat I make my bak legs go in and owt like a flapper dansing.
We'z doing da "make Eric poop" chant...c'mon poop! Mom sez when Punkin gots backed up she gaved her mineral oil! Yuck...
we're still sending purrs and prayers you're way Eric. we'll also join zippy, sadie and speedy in chanting "make Eric poop"

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