Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Hehe, I've done it again. Flynn thinks he has the cutest tummy and he should do all the tummy tuesdays. Who needs Flynn's tummy when you can have mine! I saw him going to the compooter and asked him what he wuz doing. He said he wuz posting his tummy pikchur. I told him, "Too late, mine's already up." Maybe I'll let him do a post tomorrow, or maybe I won't. We'll see.

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but bof of your tummies is cute
Oh you have a wonderful tummy. My human is reaching out to rub it (sorry I can't stop her!)
I like your Tummy~!!! Eric~~
Your tummy reminds me you like rolling around~~~
So so cute!
Mum sends tummy rubs.
What a wonderful tummy Eric! Not that we wouldn't love to see Flynn's tummy too!
I am confused. You both look the same to me. Are you sure you are different kitties? he he!

Purrs, Sukie.
Hi you guys! Thanks for visiting; I'm feeling much better now and enjoying my dry food. We don't comment much, but we do lurk on the blogs and always enjoy yours.

Our Mom wants to put her face in Eric's tummy. I told her that she can snuggle in mine instead.

Your friend,
Oh Eric, that's a mighty fine tummy you got there. I kinda would like to see Flynn's tum too. Just to do my own comparison. Not that I don't trust you...I just like to check these things out for myself.
Eric, bad news. We went back and found wonderful pics of Flynn's tummy too.
Eric, you have a great tummy! It is amazing how white it is! You do a good job grooming! :)
Rub-a-Tum-Tum, Eric's Tum!
Look out Eric, Mommy is on her way to rub that tummy!
what great tummy shots, just wanting to be tickled and rubbed! :)
TUMMIES!!! So cute!!! Mommy wants to kiss!!!
AHHH.... That belly smells like fresh grass! I hope you don't mind but I took a sniff.

Holy thunder tums!
What a great tummy!!!!! It's just begging for tummy rubs!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Wow, Eric - way to hog the blog, buddy!
Super job keepin' the white fluffy tummy all white and fluffy, buddy. Believe me, I know what hard work it is. Stop by and read my postie today--it's a hunting story I think you and Flynn will enjoy!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Three days in a row! That's a record, isn't it, Flynn?
Very nice tummy, too.
Missy Blue Eyes
Oh Eric!
Look at the marvelous tum!
All that white floof...it's purrfection....

Wow, Eric! You're still posting before Flynn can grab it! Cool fluffy tummy!
I think you've both got cute tummies. FAZ
That's an awfully cute tummy, Eric. I think we need to see Flynn's so we can do a comparison test!
Momma wants to tickle your tummy!!
That is a great tummy Eric! I think we need side by side tummies every week!
Awesome tummy Eric!!! A little spot 13 thrown in for good measure too I see! Hahahahaha!!
Bet ya got lots of belly rubs :)
Purrs Mickey
Nice tummy! Excellent poses, too, Eric :-)
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