Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tired Tuesday

After I came home furrom the V E T yesterday, the valleyum made me very tired so I went straight to bed. I slept furr about six hours without moving. When I woke up I thought I wuz hungry so I asked mum for my purrscripshun Stinky Goodness. Hmphh I thought it wuz going to be the bestest food in the world. I ate two or three chunks and then licked the gravy off. Then I looked at Flynn's Gourmet and licked the gravy off that for him. I told mum I thought I would go in the garden for a while for some fresh air. She said that wuz okay and she would keep an eye on me to make sure I wuzn't yakking. She hasn't seen me poop again, but that duzn't mean I haven't hidden away somewhere when she wasn't looking. Then she looked out the door to check on me again and thought I wuz eating grass. She said she hoped I wuzn't trying to make myself yak and came over to talk to me. Then she yelled,"ERIC! What the *bad word* do you think you're doing?" I'd caught a mousie and had just started to eat it. SHE TOOK IT AWAY FROM ME!!!! What's wrong wiv her? She sez she wants me to eat, and then when I do she yells at me and won't let me. I went indoors and ate about 6-8 Proplan Light crunchies. I think I want to eat, but nothing tastes right except furr mousies.
Apart from one hairball, I have had no yakking for three days!
I don't know about Eric being on Valleyum, all this looking after him is making ME tired. Maybe me and mum and dad need some valleyum as well so we can sleep.

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No No No Eric! I bet your Mommy did say a bad word!
Give her a good poop and eat a good meal today, OK? And Flynn, you deserve a nap! That was quite the yawn!
Now do try and play the game Eric please. That yucky prescription food is gonna help heal your poorly insides, so you can once again feast on da mousies or at least on Flynn's gourmet grub. Come to think of it, if there's a risk that a poorly mouse caused all this trouble, I'd advise you to leave 'em alone for good (or just maybe kill 'em and leave 'em)
Hope you get better soon xx
Oah Eric,

I think at least you are not able to eat mouse for a month.....it's for your safety....
Good luck on hunting, and .... just let the death mouse there, natural will eat that trash, ok?
Right now the most important thing is recovering, ok~~ You are a good big boy!

Dear Flynn and mom and dad,
You are doing wonderful jobs~! I am admiring you!!

We are glad you've had no more yakking, Eric!! We think if you feel well enough to hunt and start to eat a mousie that is a very good sign. But better to NOT eat a mousie in case that's what made you sick.

We'd say more, but Flynn's yawn seems to have made us very sleepy...
Eric, since the vet thinks that maybe a mousie made you sick, your mom doesn't want you eating one. We've never caught or eaten a real, live mousie, so we don't know if they are yummy or not, but we hope you eat some of your food, and that you don't yak.
Eric, we are glad you pooped the other day and yakked up a hairball ... we just found out because Momma had jury duty yesterday and didn't get to help us do any visiting. If only they made mousie flavored food, then you would be set! You need to poop in front of your Mum ... that will make her feel a lot better to see that your insides are working!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Oh Eric, if the mousies makes you sick I don't thinks its a good idea to eatted them.
We are all so glad to hear about yoo poopin and gettin to feels better. WE all hopes dat our brofur Ping will perk up. He is still hurtin purrty bad. We may hafta to go backs to da VETS wif him...

Woot! Yay for no yakkin!!
Oh boy, this IS good news. Too bad for you that they don't make mousie stinky goodness. We're glad that you're well enough to catch a mousie and that you were hungry enough to eat it.

Oh Flynn, looking at you makes me want to go back to sleep.
"Oh" Eric I'm so sorry you've been feeling sick.Yet Yay for pooping....
Hugs and Purrs Ariel
Oh dear. No mousies for you. I didn't know eating a mousie could make you ill. Better not have any more now Eric.
You're on valium and you managed to catch a mousie? You must be some mouser! Could you catch a bowl of cat food instead? We want to see you get well.

purrs and tail wags
wow, you are one heck of a hunter to catch a mousie on Valium. wow.

you'd better not eat any of those until your tummy is all better tho. crossing paws you get another poop out!
Poor Eric! I hope you have a nice poop today, so that maybe you can enjoy food again. I bet you did scare your mommy when she saw you eating that mousie!
Mom's are kinda over protective sometimes, but, if it was a mousie dat made yoo sick maybe yoo should not eat dem fur awhile. So dat fancy stuff da vet gave yoo wasn't dat tasty, huh? To bad dey don't make mousie stew fur cats. We gotted some Sheba da other day...mmm tasty.
I guess Eric is all pooped out!
Dear Eric and Flynn,
Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better!

I think it's scandalous that she took that mouse from you. Maybe you can find a hiding place for them too?
It sounds like you jus like your foods really fresh, Eric. You might want to eat some of your kitty food just to make your mommy feel better, though.
There will be plenty of mousies later Eric! For now, just eat the regular food and get better, then you can have plenty of mousies!

And waa hoo for not yaking!

PB & J
Wow, the great mouse hunter us back! But take care which mousies you eat in future, okay?! :-)
No more yak! No more yak!
We hope you have a yak-free day.
Worryin about kitties makes a peeple tired and hungree. Maybe yur Mommy wuz hungree and ated up the mousie herself!

Be well my furrend!
YAY!!! for not yakking!!
Eric we are glad you are feeling a bit better!

sending love an purrrrs
Ah just looking at the yawn I get sleepy. I am glad you are feeling better!
You have to EAT Eric, eat lots otherwise you will be Formerly Big Eric and Flynn will be bigger than you and that would just be wrong!

But do not eat mousies. That might not be such a good idea.
No more mousies for a while, Eric, sorry. I think your Mum should feed you whatever you'll eat. Maybe some more of that good fresh cooked fish? Is there any other bean food you like as a special treat? I am so happy to hear you quit yakking and that you had a poop! Now you just need to work on getting your good appetite back.
Do you really think mouse tastes better then stinky goodness? Hmmmm Or do you just like to chase your food? You could make your mommy run around with the bowl of stinky goodness so you could hunt it!! ~Queen Snickers :D
Oh my goodness - I can see why you are all tired. It takes alot of energy to worry about someone you love.

Now Eric, you really should eat more that a few crunchies and NO mousies!
Eric, we are so glad to hear you got a poop out. Sure helps. Don't know about those mousies Eric. Sounds like you should check them over really good before indulging. Sure hope the sleep helps, cause Mom always says sleeping heals when sick. I sleep and theres nothing to heal on me at the moment, but I sleep anyhow. Oh Flynn what a great yawn, that's a super duper one.

Well, you definitely need some ammo, otherwise your chamber will be empty, and there'll be no poopin' for sure! Maybe you could eat just one mousie. Flynn, I'm sorry you're so worn out watchin' over your brofur..but you know he'd do it for you!
Hi Eric! We're glad you aren't yakking anymore. But we hope you don't eat any bad mousies anymore. The only mousies we get are fake...and they don't taste very good...but Zoey eats them anyways....she'll eat anything!

Flynn, we thinks we seen your tonsils on that yawn!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey
(the Island Cats)
A nice big poop would be the dream of a lifetime for your poor Mum. How about you go ahead & do it?
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