Friday, June 27, 2008


Flynn's Tree

This is my favourite tree. When we go furr walks with mum, we usually come back here and sit furr a while under the shade. I like to climb it, sometimes right to the top and out onto the small branches, much further than I have here. Mum sez, "Oh Flynnie, be careful, you could fall or the branch might break and you'll hurt yourself." Furr goodness sake mum, stop worrying, I'm a cat, this is what I do. Eric was feeling better and climbed a little way up to meet me. He's not very good in trees. He's all right at getting up, and when he's up there's not a problem. When he comes down, mum sez he's more like a camel. Once she had to go a little way up, (she's no good at climbing trees either) and stretch her arm up to a branch furr him to jump down on and then he jumped off her back. He thinks she's a kitty ladder, hehe.

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That looks like a great tree, Flynn! :) We are very impressed with your climbing ability, and with Eric's as well, since we've never climbed a real, live tree. We love climbing our cat trees, but obviously those aren't the same!
Top quality tree climbing there Flynn. Glad to see Eric returning to his normal duties, even if they do include using your Mum as a ladder. Actually, that's pretty cool to train your human to be a ladder, gives me an idea..... ;)
That's a good bit of tree climbing! We don't have any big trees. I know Mitzi would climb them if we did, she like all that sort of stuff that man cats do.

Purrs, Sukie X
That's a wonderful tree! I am glad to see you boys all healthy and having fun!
Dear Eric and Flynn,
Not only are you two great climbers, but you look great in the tree too! The emerald really sets off your ginger.
Abby Normal
I'm so glad Eric is feeling better! We have never climbed a tree before. It kinda looks like fun. If only trees weren't outside - I'm too askeered to go outside.

Happy Friday!
Climbing a tree must be fun! I hope Chica and Pumuckl can try this out soon!
Da only tree I climb is da one in da den which is our cat've got good climbing skills....

What a wonderful tree and what an amazing tree climber you are!
That looks like a great time! Empress has never climbed a tree, she has never been outside like that. Momma's sure I used to because I love high place and I'm a good climber. ~Queen Snickers
Climbing a real live tree must be so much fun!
I want to climb a tree! I once tried when I was a kitten but the Woman was holding my harness leash and got all freaked out 'cause we lived on a busy road.

That is a fabulous tree fer climbing!
Climbing around in a tree looks like so much fun! Much more fun than climbing a little cat tree.
It's so nice to see the lovely ginger brothers out and about again!
Mum says she used to have a kitty who would climb a tree and then hang on a branch like the cheetahs in Africa. it looks like fun!
what a great tree! you're an awesome climber Flynn. I think you should take a picture of your woman next time she has to climb, I think mommies would look silly in trees. I know mine would!

I'm very happy to hear Eric is feeling better. man, poopin is a great thing aint it?
What a neat tree? Can I join you?
climb...climb...up, up we go:) we love trees too, maybe we can join the trees adventure? please do so, we're so pleasure to have you both in our trees, it's been a trees thursday yesterday;) but, anytime will do!
Now I want to climb trees!!!!! Mom,let me out!!!!
Purrs Mickey
Wow! Flynn, you are an excellent and brave tree climber. Do you ever catch any birdies way up in the tree?
Wowie kazowie, Flynn! You are a superduper tree climbur. You must be like Dorydoo, and can fly!

We Ballicai are so glad Eric is bettur!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
kitty ym bum won't allow me to see your movie Flynn. She has the habit of coming out and covering exactly what I want to read or see. Oh well, I'll have to return in a bit when shes moved on.
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