Thursday, June 05, 2008


Thanks mum

Do you remember the great big plant pot we found in the greenhouse? Mum had put weeds and cut grass in it to throw away. We decided it was a good place furr napping but only one of us could get in at a time.Mum told us not to get to attached to it cuz it wuz soon going outdoors so she could put her tomato plants growing in the greenhouse.
Well, she didn't take it out, but she put another one in there as well, and put nice sweet horse hay in there furr us to sleep on. Look we have one each. We wuz hoping she wouldn't plant her tomatoes too quick.
Look what she did! She left our big plant pots furr us to nap in, and planted her tomatoes around them. That means we can come in here all summer and nap if we want to. Fanks mum, just make sure you don't water us when you water the tomatoes.

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well your mum is just the sweetest thing ever!!! how cute you boys look in those pots!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Awww, you two look preshus sleepin in yur pots! You maded Momma say SQUEEEE!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh look! you two have twin pots to snooze in! How perfect that is!!!
Your mum is so sweet. Are you two like Fat Eric, Great Floofy Gingerflowers? A flower so rare only found in the UK?
Oah Woww...that might be the most unique spots for sleep I have ever seen~!!! What a great place!!!
I think your mum has a ginger-and-white thumb!
That's totally cool! We're actually picking tomatoes off our plants now. It's a bit early, but it's been in the 90s for a couple of weeks now and that's not the way it is supposed to be at all. Oh well. The tomatoes are good!

Luf, Us
Hahahahhahahhhaha, We LOVE that 2nd photo! So cute!!
Oh man!!!! Hahahahahahaha! I wants one of doze. You guyz iz hi-larry-us!
The pots are perfectly meant to be the napping spots for the both of u! Happy snoozing guys! :D
Hey, what a nice, kind, well trained Mum you fellas have there.
Aren't Mom's the best?
G'day! Yes, our ferret came with a ball attached that moved around on batteries, but we threw it away. Pye just likes the ferret!
Dat was a great surprise! I bet it is nice warm in comfy in the sun spot. Good job guys for gettin the mum to do what you want!!!!
Your Mum is so great to do that for you ... she luvs you bunches and bunches! You are lucky boys and she is a lucky Mum!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
your mum is so wonderful!!!! you are so lucky
That is just too sweet for words!

Your mum is also very sweet to let you stay there :O)

Purrs, Sukie X
It looks like yur Mum is growin Eric's and Flynn's!

WE love love love dat last pixchur...

What a sweet thing for your mom to do!
Mommies are the best! She made you guys your own lounge. I accidentally got watered yesterday because I knocked over the watering can but mommy dried me off and didn't yell at me. Mommies are great.
We're a little bit deaf now - cause Mommy squeed so loud when she saw you guys! Good thing we can still dictate!
Your mom is The Best!!! She totally undersands what kitties like. You 2 are so adorable in your pots!!!!
Now that rite thare is whut all human beens shood strive for. Its a purrfeckt example of how all kitties shood be treeted! Yoo guys got it made.
Moms are nice! It looks like an excellent crop of Eric and Flynn, too.
Ha, ha, guys look so cute in your plant pots.

Your Mum is very nice to let you have the plant pots and plant her tomatoes around them. You two are very spoiled and loved : )
That made us giggle - too cute! Your mum is *really nice to you!
What a fantastic napping spot! Momma I want one, PLEEEEEAASSSSEEEE!
Those pots are the best! I am so jealous - I need to campaign for a napping spot like that too! Your mum was furry kind to set that up for you.

The evil white intruder cat was in our garden the other day sitting ON my mum's tomatoes while lurking trying to pounce on the birdies at the fat balls. We do not like that cat.
Dang, yoor mom is really nice! our mom put her tomatoes in da pots but den again, we don't sleep in dem.
yer mum is a champ! how furry nice of her to haf those twin pots arranged inna corner an' thoughtfully raised up so you can see all around from the comfort of yer beds!! enjoy!
Whats a goods Mawmee you haves!! And such comfee sleepin plases...

I sees if we kins get sum of dohz... dats all weze been tryin to tell hur when we sleeps in da plant pots and dasturb da filodendronz.

Haha! That's great! You two have your Mum trained well ;-)
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