Friday, June 06, 2008


The Path and purrs furr Eric.


Please can you all send my brofurr Eric your purrs. Since Wednesday night, efurry time he eats, he yaks it all up again.Mum thought he might be having trouble getting a hairball up cuz he's had a dry cough on and off furr a cupple of days like he does befurr he gets rid of his hairball. He seems happy and all right in himself, but just can't keep anyfing at all down. The Beans took him to the VE T this morning and his temperature is ok, but the VE T could feel a mass in his stomach. He said he thought that it probly is a hairball, but of course we're all really worried about it. He got stabbed by Auntie Biotik and he has to have pooping stuff put on his paw three times a day. He has to go back on Monday if there's no improvement. Please be all right Eric cuz we love you and you're making mum's eyes leak.

Dad has cut a path around the edge of our small field with his strimmer. He doesn't do it in all the fields, but the grass never dries very well around the edges here when he cuts it to make hay. It makes it easier for us to walk around as well.
We have the choice of sitting in the long or the short grass.
It makes it easier to catch the mousies in the hedge too.
And after a mousie, it's always nice to finish on a bit of long grass.

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Mousies and long grass! You two certainly know how to live don't you?!
You live life to da fullest over there in all that wonderful grass and fields and mousie kingdom. Hold on -- we's coming right ofur to join in da fun if yoo don't mind.
I'd think Fiona would die a happy bun with all that grass to nosh on
Lots of lovely grass! Livvie & Mitzi like to sit on the grass too.

I bet you catch lots of mousies on a farm.

Purrs, Sukie X
That is very neat! Eric and Flynn~
I am glad to see you both have different mission and places to detect the mice!!
Eric, u will be A-OK. We are sending our purrs to you now.
Poor Eric! We are purring and praying hard for him to get rid of that nasty hairball. We are happy we don't have fur and don't need to worry about hairballs.

Eric, sending lots of healing purrs your way!
Our cousing BooBoo has been acting the exact same way, Eric. Mom took him to the VET Monday. They ran some lab tests and everything was normal so they think he's working on a hairball, too. He got a steroid shot and he has to have some laxitive/lubricant to help him pass that offending hairball. It's shedding season here, so it's very common.

Wonderful field of grass to go mousing, boys!!
I hope Eric manages to yack up the biggest furball ever and soon feels much better. I am jealous of your lovely field, that's very considerate of your Dad to strim the edges for you both.
Eric, we are purring as hard as we possibly can for you. Billy would like to come ofur and pounce in your grass. Get well buddy!
O, Eric, we's purring fur you to coff up that mean ol' hairball. An Flynn, fanks fur letting us know.
Love & Purrs,
KC and all tha Sherwood Crew
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An fanks, Gandalf an Grayson, fur menshunning that it's shedding season an tha reason fur all tha hairball problems. Mine Mommie ML didn't unnerstand tha recent inkrease in hairball acktivity an now hers does.
Love, KC
C'mon Eric, old buddy, old friend. Get rid of that nasty thing in your tummy... (maybe it's a fat mousie down there).
You gotta gets better real fast cause Maggy and Zoey LUV you and Flynn... purr-pleeze!
Oh Eric, hairballs are no fun at all. Especially when they're big. I yakked up a really huge one yesterday and scared Mom half to death. We'll send lots of purrs for you to get over it fast! And purrs for your Mom and Flynn and Dad too.
Luv n Purrs,
i am purraying VERY hard for you indeed!

If it is any comfort, when I first got ill 18 months ago, it was a very gradual thing, I wasn't sick after every meal, just occassionally, and usually a couple of hours after eating, with the frequency increasing over a few weeks...then I lost a whole load of weight in the space of a week...not like you with what seems a very sudden bout of sicking.

We will be sending you many positive thoughts and will be hopeing with ALL hope it is a hairball! xxxx
Eric, I hope you puke up that hairball really, really soon! I am the hairball queen here, so I know what it is like ...
Purrs and purrayers for you,
Oh no! I hope it's just a hairball like the vet finks. Sending LOTS ov purrs to mine fellow georgeous ginger!
Eric,I hope it is a big hairball!!!
It would be a good thing if you have not lost a lot of weight :) I hope you can get rid of that nasty hairball so you feel better and get back to blogging :)

Purrs Mickey
Eric, we hope you feels better real soon. Eat lots and lots of that good grass and you'll yak it up in no time.

Finny Buddy & Jasmine
Eric, as soon as I found out this morning I started purring for you to feel better and get rid of that nasty hairball. (At shedding time it's easy to get hairballs.) Then you can enjoy your walks in the grass with Flynn! Love you boys!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Oh dear Eric, I hope you get rid of that nasty hairball so you can feel better and your mum's eyes won't leak! I'm purring and purring for you to be better. I only yakked up a hairball once and it scared me.

Purrrrrrrs, Willow
we are purring and purring for you Eric. Come on! Find a nice spot (like a bean's bed or shoe) and hack that furball up!! We know your beans will really appreciate it!!
Eric - we are sending you tons of purrs and prayers!! We too have had a increase in hairball yakking. Mom and dad used the Furminator to try and help us with the shedding problem. It was over a 100 degrees F here yesterday. UGH!!

You guys enjoy the grass and mousies!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Eric I am sending extra special ginger purrs to by brofur in fur. Get better soonest, I hope this is just a bad hairball for you.

Oh, Eric ... we are all purring and praying that you feel better soon ... and GET RID OF THAT HAIRBALL! They're no fun. Grace & Company have no direct experience, but some of my kittehs that have gone to the bridge had LOTS of vet bills for LOTS of different reasons. So we are purring and praying that it's just a hairball and you'll get rid of it soon ... like TODAY!!


Marilynn, Grace & Company
Oh Eric, we are purring and purring for you! We hope that Auntie Biotic and the poo stuff help. We've had lots of hairballs lately (all our winter furrs are coming off at once!).

Enjoy the tall grass and the mices - oh and come by and take a look at all the destruction from the house trashing part - nice work you two!
Dude, you're supposed to chew the mousies, not gulp 'em whole. Yak up a big one and get better. :(
Sending purrayers for you to feel better soon Eric!!!

Ninja & Brenda
Please, please Eric get well!!
All the cats inside the house are purring hard for you!

We would love to teleport over and help you eat that pretty grass!

~ Bob and Patrick
Oh no, Eric, you can't be sick, my good buddy!! I have my whole staff purring and purring for you, that you'll yak up that nasty hairball with no problems and be good as new in no time!!

oh, eric, dear ginger buddy!!! hurl that hairball (please bast, that's all it is), an' get better soon!! we're purrin' an' purrrayin' for you, an' we can send xing ofur to gif you extra coaching. she can sling summa the hugest ones we'f efurr seen!! our "vomito de gato" counter is up inna jillions now; shedding season is definitely in full swing.

wow--those grasses there onna farm look like kitty-wonderland. lucky youse can haf adventures we can only imagine, an' play at "tyger, tyger, burning bright inna forests of the night!" enjoy them in good health always!

hugs & purrs--
the meowers
Come on Eric! Cough or poop that hairball out of there!!!!!!!!!!!!

That grass looks like lots of fun to play in!!!
Isn't it great when you have a choice of long or short grasses to walk in? Eric, I hope you are feeling better soon--I am sending you lots of purrs and furs.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
We will purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lots and lots for you, Eric. You guys look like you are having so much fun outside. I wish our mommy and daddy would be as trusting with us outside....

~Donny, Marie and Casey
Eric keep coffin!! Git dat hairball up and git it out...we want yu too feel grate! We's bee purrin furr yoo!

and Gracie
Oh no Eric furballs are no fun!! We are purrrring for you to get that nasty hairball out NOW!!!! Purrrrs, yak, purrrrrs, yak it up! (((((hugs))))) from all of us,
Your FL furiends,
and Mom
Eric, We hope you are all better soon! Be a good patient for your mom, okay?

Purrs and tail wags.
Purrs and purrayers for you, Eric. Lots of hugs for your mom, too.
Eric, I will be purring for you to yak up a huge furball some place interesting. And then to poop an equally big one some where else interesting...

and by the way, you did find me!
Oh Eric!
I hope that thing passes soon! I know your Mom must ber very worried about you!
Be a good boy and let it go!
We're sending purrs and anti-hairball vibes to you, Eric. Get that thing out of your system and get back to normal soon...
Eric! You must get WAY BEDDER! Do you heer us?

Luf & Hugs!
Eric, we know dat dem hairballs can be vishus! Look what happened to Mu Shue, da vet hadda take two of dem out FOR him. C'mon dood, yoo can get it out. Of course dat is all it is cuz yoo can't be sick...
oooooh, poor Eric! but just think how happy your mom will be when you yak up a really huge one. do it right in the middle of the floor - she'll be so happy you're okay that she won't mind the yuk at all. we're sending lotsa lotsa purrrrrrrrrrrrs!
I started barfing up my food lots last week, so the Lady started taking good things away from me to see what was doing it. So far she's got it narrowed down to two possibilities - dairy products and/or Temptations, but especially Dairy favorite. ::sigh::
You're not saving it up for a world rekerd loogy yak are ya? I'm purring you're bedder soon cuz you is worrying a lot of kitties and peeples. I wood love to play in yur long grass and track the ded grass in the howse to make Daddy yell bad wurds.
Oh Eric, I am purring very hard for you! Get better soon, ok? It isn't nice to make your mommy's eyes leak. They don't like that.

It looks like you both had a great time in that grass!
Eric, we are hoping you feels better very, very soon. We are sending along some purrs and prayers to you.

Mindy & Moe
Eric! You simply MUST get well soon! I won't have you being poorly - I just won't - so I am sending healing purrs and prayers to you my little friend. xx
Eric, Weze purrin dat you gets to puts a purrsent sumbuddeez shoes real soon.

Mawmees Mawmees Kitty (BiBi) iz on dis here indoor furmula dat seems ta helps hur wif dis.

Oh gosh, Eric! If that is a hairball in your belleh, please get rid of it fast! Did the vet take an xray of your belleh? Don't fool around with this. We can't lose another kitty to hoarking.

Laila (Lilly's sisfur who went to the Bridge yesterday)
Oh Eric we hope you throw up that nasty hairball furry soon. We iz sending all our purrs your way and hope you get okay real soon!
Oh my gosh, I just heard that Eric is not well. I am purring and purraying that he will be okay and it is just a nasty hairball that he has to ummm... eliminate.

Please be alright Eric!
We are hoping Eric has big poos really soon.
Oh no! I'm so sorry Eric is sick. Did the vet take xrays of Eric's tummy? I hope it is a hairball and that you pass it soon! Poor boy :( I'm taking a break now but I will be checking back to see how Eric is doing.
Oh Eric, please get all better soon! I mean, right away! That means now. I will purr and purr for you.
Purrrs Purrrs Purrrrs to you Eric! We hope it's just a big furball in yer tummy! Mommakitty hadded a kitty before us that had to git a kitty enema (ewwww) but it werked - then that kitty hadded to eat hairball gell all da time to keep things "moving". We hopes everything goes well!
We just found out that Eric needs purrs so we're purring really loud for him!!

POOP THAT HAIRBALL!! I had this happen to me in June of 2006 just like this. The VET gave me a steroid shot and I had to be on IV fluids for a few hours because I was dehydrated. I also got that hairball stuff 2 times a day and after 2 days I was just fine.

Try having your mommy give you a 1/2 - 1 tsp of hairball stuff twice a day for a couple of days.

We are purring for you to get all better soon!!!
dumb hairballs. we hate them!

Feel better soon Eric!
Dear Sweet Eric,
We are positive that what you have in your tummy is a furball. I just KNOW it is. I hope you're able to pass it very quickly so that you feel better and can stop taking the medicine.

We will still purr very hard for you Eric. We want your mom's eyes to stop leaking, so please show her how well you are, ok?

Hugs and Purrs,
Tyler and everyone else in my house
Eric dude, don't be sick? Maybes you ate too much grass? Get better soon, and stop your mums eyes leaking.

Sending you purrs from NZ.

Poppy Q
Eric, I just heard that you need purrs so I rushed over to find out what was going on. I don't get many hairballs (probably because I enjoy being combed so much) but I know they are no fun. Sending lots of purrs and keeping my paws crossed that you hack up a big hairball very soon and start enjoying your dinners again. Flynn and your mum and dad are worried about you!

Fat Eric
Eric, you gotta just pass whatefur dat is, up or down, cuz yur makin yur mom an Flynn an my mom all worried-like. I know you don't like goin to the vet (who does?) but they's doin their bestest to help you get better.

Maybe you shouldn'ta eated that last mousie so quick?
Purrs an purrs an more purrs for you, big buddy!
Eric!!!! My frend!!!! I justee heardz dat you iz not feelin' so hot. Oh man... you haz gots to gets better. Flynn iz probabully gonna go crazee wit worry & your momee & dadee will be on Valley-yum if you do nots start eatin' & quits yakkin.'
I wil makes a HUGE pot of chix-hen soup fur you. Mebbe dis willtempt you.
We IZ all gonna purr dear Eric,
Dr Tweety and da rest of da Fab Five
Eric sweetums, I am purring for you and I hope you feel all well soon. You can pop that hairball out into your daddy's slipper if you want, it's ok really. He might be happy if you did that I think.

Eric, please get better soon. We are purring for you and Flynn. Our beans are purraying for you and your beans.
Oh, Eric!
I's purrin' and purrin' for ya.
You should eat some of that joocy grass; It'll help ya yack up that nasty furball.

One time I yacked up a furrball that was so big that mine mombean though it was a mousie!

I hope all is better soon.
We are purring for Eric over here in Australia! PURR!! PURR!!
I've just heard you're feeling sickly Eric. I hope and pray it's just a big furball and that you yak it up and feel all better. xxx
Even though I'm a doggie, pleez allow me to add my pwayews and cwossed paws fow Ewic..I hope he wecovews vewy and smoochie kisses
so sorry to be late! i will purraying for you honey pie...

hugs, auntie bee
aaaaw <3 i'm purrraying for youuuu :)
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