Monday, June 02, 2008


Mancat Monday

Here I am looking all mancatly in our safe outdoor cage. Usually it goes against the bedroom window so we can go in and out and sit in the fresh air without being able to escape on an adventure. When the Beans go on their Holly Days, dad puts it against the garage door so we can get fresh air when we are purriziners.
Ever since dad built our purrizen fence, we have been allowed out in the garden furrom when the Beans get up in the morning until they go to bed at night. That means we don't need our cage any more, only furr the Beans Holly Days. When they are home, dad just pulls it away furrom the garage and puts it against the hedge until it's needed next time. We still like to sit in it on the shelf though. It means we can sit outdoors when it is raining and watch the fev-vers without getting wet. Also when it is not raining, it makes a good sunspot.
Hehe Four posts in a row furr me. Wonder how long I can keep Flynn out.

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I like that outdoor cage!! If I had that,I could be outside and see the fev-vers ahd Earl the Squirrel and feel the breezes!!!!!
I have to go talk to Mom.........

Purrs Mickey
that is a great place to lay!!!

smiles, auntie bee
You look so happy sitting outside watching your world. You look like you are up high too.
I don't have a cage, but sometimes mum takes me outside in my porch. But is has to be a nice day. Not hot or cold.
I think this is a very neat outdoor cage~!!!
You look like a king sitting there!
Outdoor cage looks cool. We wish we had one of those.
You look great relaxing in your outdoor cage, Eric. :) It is great that you are still able to go outdoors when your humans are on vacation, and stay safe at the same time!
Hi Eric! What a wonderful idea with your cage. Your beans sure do go out real big for your comfort don't they.
Grreat chilling spot there, Eric!
Eric it is always good to have a high outdoors perch. Seeing as your beans go on lots of holly days, it is good to have a plan.

Should we start a protest to get Flynn back to blogging? Are you taking over?

Poppy q
What a cool cage you two have! Your daddy is very nice in making such things for you!

Congrats on the 4th post in a row!
Hey - good lookin'

What - you got cookin?

Purrs from us in Australia. :)
Eric, is Flynn being camera shy?
Good goin', Eric! 4 posts in a row! What's Floyd doing while you practice Blog Domination? Oh, no!! Maybe he started his own blog while you weren't looking!
Okay....what did you do with Flynn? We are getting worried!!!

You do look very content in your outdoor cage!!
Yur Dad is furry talleetant! I reely like yur outdoor cage .. I need to git my Daddy to make us one...we wood all like to be outside.

Ping and Jinx
What a great spot, Eric!
That looks like a great place to hang out!
you look like the King! it's good to see so many posts from you, but Grr's kinda getting grry from missing Flynn. she's gonna hafta come over and visit today.
I really like it, especially the up high ledge, that looks like a lot of napping fun.

Woohoo, another Eric Day! I think your outdoor cage looks neat-o. I wish I had one.
That turned out to be a real handy cage! We'd like to join you up on the sun shelves....that looks like a fine perch!
That's really nice that you have a good spot to be able to stay outside even when it's raining!

I think you can keep Flynn off for a while. You're bigger than him, just push him out of the way when the flashy box is being used ;-)
That is a nice shelf you have there. Is it raining now? It is raining in London. My mum had a lovely time in Cornwall and lots of sunshine (except for on Bank Holiday Monday), then when she came back to London it was raining cats and dogs...and more to come...oh well less need to water the garden!
You are furry mancatly looking Eric!
That looks like an awesome place to hang out, buddy. Hope Flynn's doin' okay.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
What a great idea! I wish I had one of those.
Well that looks like tons of fun! And 4 posts in a row? Uh oh.

Luf, Us
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