Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I'm not Happy.

It's not fair. Eric calls me a blog hog, but every time I try to post, he's already beaten me to it. His big mug has been staring out at me furr the last five posts.
You can see how sad I am. Well anyway Eric, this time I got here furrst.
I don't know if I can raise a smile furr the flashy box, I'll give it my best shot.
Will that do? It's the best I can manage. I think I'll go and put the bitey on Eric's ear. That should cheer me up.

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I used to have a beautiful orange and white kitty like you. His name was Punkin' and I was 18...I loved that boy.
Flynn you do look so sad. Cheer up, you have a cute face.
Now, boys! We know sharing is very, very hard. But really, you simply must learn to share. Just look at us, if one us is blogging, the other is napping! You must live in the moment. Embrace whatever it is you are doing! It's all good!!
*giggle*, Flynn. I understand -- sharing a blog is hard. That's why I got one of my own, because I was hogging the Ballicus Blog!

Please thank Eric for sharing with me his toothy experiences. Things went very well at the vet for me, and I only lost one tooth. And even though crunchies have to wait for a while, I am enjoying my chicken and turkey baby food and stinky goodness! *smile*

Thank you for your thoughts and purrs -- they worked!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Don't be sad. You two can share blogging duties.
You poor thing! All bummed out and no one to smile for. We'll send you purrs and smiles, ok?

Luf, Us
Sharing is very difficult~
Right now I have the same problem as well~!!
I think I will figure how to bite my brother!
Oh you look so sad. Please cheer up and smile.

Purrs, Sukie X
We are three at The Cat Realm - but we try to share.... Karl seems to get the most attention, though. And we think that is a cute smile of yours in the last picture!!!
We will be deserted soon for the rest of the month and will post about it Thursday, after the peace globe.
Emil and Mrs. OZ
Cheer up, Flynn! Eric should let u put in some whaps as well, n then u both can get back to try sharing blogging time... after ur continous 6 posts! heh heh :)
oh Flynn, mommy wants to kiss your sad little face. go whap Eric, that will make it all better!
I have to admit, I am a blog hog too. Shade should be glad I let her blog for Tuxie Tuesdays.


Sorry, Shade I didn't know you were reading over my shoulder.

Try to make up guys, it's peace day for gosh sakes.

Yoo doo look a wee bit sad, but I am happy to see dat yoo got all perked up at dat fought of puttin da bitey on Eric's ear...

::::Kitty grins:::

Gosh..I think you should split the blogging evenly. Eric should take even days and you will take odd days.But then what will happen when you have 31 days in a month. Rest day for all? hehe :P
Oh Flynn! Maybe a belly tickle will cheer you up!
Peace and smoochies to you!
Poor Flynn, this is terribly unfair. Putting the bitey on Eric's ear would cheer you up, I'm sure. How about you take alternate days each on the blog? At least you have a blog, my human is too thick and lazy to make us a blog.
Oh Flynn, don't look so sad! You're here today - and you're looking very handsome!
Flynn, it is wonderful to see you again. And I must say - that is a very handsome smile. Purrs!
Come on, Flynn, cheer up, mate. Count those blessings and give us a big smile!
Oh Flynn, we so understand!!
~ The Bunch
I agree that ear biting is a great retaliation for blog hogging! I do it to Chase all of the time.

there you are my handsome Flynn! I've missed seeing your gorgeous self, smile or no smile. those kittens have been hogging MY blog, so I know how you feel.
Ah, poor Flynn! You do look a little bit sad. I hope you will cheer up soon!
I'm sure giving Eric the bitey will make you feel better.

Cheer up buddy!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You look sad, Flynn :( I hope putting the bitey on Eric made you feel better :-)
Oh poor Flynn, you do look very, very sad! Maybe you could wake up in the middle of the night and beat Eric to the posts!
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