Friday, June 13, 2008


Furry Fighter Friday

We didn't know you well Storm, but in the short time that we did, we learned of your bravery. You came and offered our mum words of comfort when she was so worried about Eric, even though your troubles were far greater. We will be forever grateful for that.
You are right, you have won. You fought two brave battles against your cancer, and in the end it was you who decided your time had come for you to go to the Bridge.
We love you and will miss you. We will never forget you.
Have a safe and peaceful journey to the Bridge dear Stormie.

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I am also thinking of Storm for always!
Purrs for Stormie and fambee

and Gracie
What a touching tribute for one of the bravest cats we've ever known! Rest in peace Stormie.

-The McKitten-Cats
Storm was such a beautiful cat. She is all rested and healthy now.

Purrs, Sukie X
That is a beautiful tribute for Stormie.
Stormie and her meowmies are wonderful.

I'll miss our brave girl.
Beautiful tribute to Storm. We will miss her!

Flynn, we don't mean to ignore you but how is Eric? Is he doing any better? We sure hope so!

purrs and tail wags
Eric, we hope you haven't yakked anymore! Feel better soon, buddy. Farewell, sweet Storm!
OH that is wonderful. Our purrs are with Eric too!
That was a beautiful tribute you guys. Our hearts are aching, and we will miss our friend. But we are comforted knowing that she is no longer suffering.

And we're still purring for Eric, we hope he is well soon.

Purrs and {{{Hugs}}}
Pearl, Bert and Jake
What a lovely tribute you made for Stormie.

Willow and I are so sad that Storm had to go to the Bridge but we are glad she isn't in any pain anymore.

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

P.S. We also hope that Eric is doing better today.
I am going to miss Storm so much!
Stormie will be forever loved, forever missed by so many.

~~ The Bunch
That's a lovely tribute for Stormie.

She was wonderful.
Stormie was a beautiful girl
I feel very privileged to have had her as a friend
I am really going to miss her.
She cared about everycat
A beautiful tribute for a very brave and beautiful Cat Angel who crossed the Bridge today. We will miss her like everyone at the CB!

On this sad day we ended our honeymoon and Karl will stay in the Netherlands for a week. During our adventures we will think a lot about Stormie and keeping her brother and mommies in our purrs and thoughts.

Back home now we also want to thank you guys for attending our special day!!

Eric, we will sending healing purrs to you, boy! And Mum is right, small amounts of food more times a day is better for you now. And keep it all in, huh!? :)

Hugs, purrs and love from us,
Karl & Ruis
That's a wonderful tribute to Storm. It was just like her to go around comforting other kitties who were having problems. I will miss her terribly, but she is having a great time now, with boundless energy again. I hope you are feeling better today, Eric. Flynn, have you stopped hissing at Eric yet? {{{hugs}}}
Glad you are not yakking so much now, Eric.

Storm was an inspiration wasn't she?


Goldie and Shade
Glad you are not yakking so much now, Eric.

Storm was an inspiration wasn't she?


Goldie and Shade
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