Thursday, June 12, 2008


Eric Update.

I still feel very tired after going to the V E T and seeing Annie Thetik yesterday, and I'm feeling a bit sore. Mum and dad gently cleaned me up a bit last night cuz my bum wuz a bit leaky furrom where they washed my insides out and my back legs wuz a bit stinky. Oh okay so they wuz very stinky, but I smell better now, not that Flynn thinks so.
The Beans were worried when I yakked my meddysin up last night, so this morning they gave it to me early and wouldn't feed me. I wuz starving and I kept saying to mum "FEED ME, FEED ME!! Then I smelled my favourite fish being cooked. An hour after my meddysin, she gave me a VERY small feed. I asked her how she thought a Mancat would get better if he wuzn't getting enough food. She said "Don't worry Hunky Monkey, (that's one of the silly names she calls me) you can have some more in three hours." She told me it would be better furr me to have small amounts at regular intervals. That's okay as long as she duzn't furrget one of my meals.
I have had my fish twice today now and no yakking. We are all hoping I can get through the rest of the day yak free. I haf to take my icky meddysin twice a day furr five days and then I haf to go back to the V E T so he can see how I'm getting on.
I'm sorry we hafn't done much visiting the last week, but mum has been watching me like a hawk and hasn't had much chance to help us visit. We hafn't been to efurrybuddy to thank you furr your purrs and purrayers and advice, but we have read all your messages and we really preesheate it. You all are wunnerful furrends and we are thankful furr you all.
When I am feeling better mum said she'll help us visit all of you.
Thank you again furr being our furrends.

I don't like this bloo thing they've put on me and I WILL get it off.
We are purraying that you get better and better as time goes on.

Ninja & Brenda
Hi sweetie! Leave the blue thingie on! I am so happy that you are eating and feeling better. You really had all of us worried!

Take care!!!

Love, Auntie Deb and all the Taylor CatSSSSS
Dearest Eric,

Just my very silly guess, I guess while you hunt a rat, that rat must be really angry so before he was killed by you, he became a yak rat. So, when you ate that rat, you will yak for days.

And now, amazing medical help grab the yak spirit out of you body, but there are about 5% still in your body, so you have to work on for your medicine.

Flynn must sense that evil yak rat in your body, so he keeps hissing at your body, but it's not your fault at all. You are always the best brother for him! He won't hiss until the evil yak rat totally gone completely out of your body~!

And I am so sure, during these your uncomfortable moment, Flynn must hunting more evil rats and mice to punish their crime doing on you! I am so sure at Flynn's power, there are no evil yak mouse or rat near your area now! You are totally safe!

Well that is just my silly thought~! Be well, Eric~! I miss you so much~!! I bet Flynn miss you even more! Your grass path explore hasn't finished yet.

Big kisses!
I love your photo today~! Especially your lovely white belly!

Adan * Michico
We is happeee to hear dat yoo is keepin down yur fishies -- dat is wunderfull sign. We juss hopes dis wuz one of dem freakie fings and noo yoo is OK! Juss knoo we is all out here finkin and purrin furr yoo and Flynn and yur Momma who I knoos is werried outta her mind ofur yoo.
Juss feel better furry soon!
and Gracie
Glad to see you home, big fella. Medicine is no fun, but hopefully it'll take care of everythin'.

You rest and recoup, don't worry about visiting for now. You're worth waiting for.
Eric, we are so happy to see your handsome ManCat self this morning. That blue thingie does look a bit irritating and we believe you will get it off! But we are hoping and purring that your medicine will work right away, no more yakking! We're also glad that you get to have that fish you like that your Mum cooks for you!

We're sending over lots of love and purrs to you, Flynn, your Mum and your Dad!

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh Eric! We hope you are keeping your food down now. We have been praying for you to be well.
Hope you got that blue thing off!!
~ The Bunch
good to see you onna way back to yer ol' hunky mancat dude-self!! we admit to bein' a li'l bit envious of yer fish meals (we hardly get any, 'cept some smoky sammon now an' then), but furry glad to hear you're keepin' yer food down. yer mum's a blessin'--poo is NOT much fun fer a kitty to clean off;-) here's a kittykiss for her: >*<

hugs & purrs--
the meowers
Oh Eric, we's glad yoo's able to keep yore fishie down. Yay! Hope the meddycine isn't too bad neifur. We'll keep purring for yoo tho.
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
hey! my V E T put one of those blue things on me yesterday too! i hope you feel better now honey. i took off my blue thing too...

smiles, auntie bee
Dear Eric,
Don't worry about anything except getting better!
We'll keep purring for you!
Just say "No" to yakking! I hope you feel better soon.
Oh Eric, this news does sound quite good! Please continue to get better and better.

My sister Kali has stopped eating. My mom wanted to know what exact type of fish you fix for Eric and how do you cook it? We don't know if she will eat anything but mom has to try all that she can. Thank you!
I'm purring super hard and extra loud for you, Eric. You just HAVE to get all better soon!
We shur ist sendin u tons & tons of purrayers and purrs & lots of hedbutts. We luf u tons, ok?

Luf, Us
We are sending you super loud NO YAKKING purrs today!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Eric, don't worry about visiting - just concentrate on feeling better, ok? We're worried about you. We are saying lots of purrayers for you. We hope you feel better soon.

We'll give cautious "woo hoo" for the less yaking! But you gotta keep eating and not yaking (then we can give you a real woo hoo). Don't worry about not visiting, worry about getting better as fast as you can - we can do with out a few visits, but we can't do without you.

Pearl, Bert and Jake
Oh man, Eric, I'm glad that your insides are getting cleaned out and that you feel like eating your nummy fish again! I hope you are all better soon. You have a grate momma to be taking such good care of you. (Hunky Monkey, hahahaha!...sorry, buddy, couldn't resist.)
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oh, you're wearing your "badge of honor"! We're proud of how good and brave you've been, Eric.
Regular hot meals sounds heavenly!! I'm really glad they cleaned out your insides and I hope everything moves along better now.

Eric, we are very glad that you haven't yakked yet today. We are purring and praying for you to get better. Dragonheart didn't like having a bandage on his arm either when he was ill back in January.
We are glad yer back from da VET. We hopes yer medicines make you feel better - we will check back later to see how yer doing.
Oh, Eric, You're feisty as ever. That's a good sign!

And your mom is smart to feed you in small portions so you can keep it down.

We send purrs and tail wags to all of you.
Eric, we are SO glad that you're feeling a bit better. You just need to eat tiny bits and yak and poo more.
Keep that blue wristband on- it shows your lovely orange furs beautifully!
Take care and don't worry, soon flynn will realize it's you under those funny smells.
Purrs and prayers,
Toby, Cupcake and Mum
Hi Eric, we are glad you are eating and not yaking up all the food! We are are purraying for you to get better every day! (((((((hugs))))))),
Your FL furiends,
and Mom
hugs and purrrrrs! we're glad to hear you're improving, and we hope you'll be all better soon. (though you might want to PRETEND to be sick, even after you aren't, if it would mean getting cooked fish regularly)
Eric, I am so glad you are home. Please keep on getting better and try not to yak up your medicine.

I sounds like you are being very spoiled by your Mum and Dad. Hang in there big boy!
We are very happy to hear you are feeling better!
I am so glad that you kept your breakfast down today!! I think that is a very good sign :-D I hope you're feeling even better this evening.
I hope you get to feeling better. That does not sound like fun at all--although I think some fresh food every few hours is quite grand.
Eric, we were so sorry to hear that you have not been feeling too good. We hope you've turned the corner and are starting to feel much better. Medicine is yucky!

Eric, we hope you feel better soon!
Flynn, be nice to your brother!
All of us are glad to hear the encouraging news about you, Eric. You have an appetite and you can keep down your good food, so hopefully you'll be back to normal soon. We'll keep sending anti-yak overseas vibes your way.
oh oh I hopes you feel better soon!!!

Your mom is really great to cook all this fish for you and to care so nice about you! And don't worry about not visiting too much, first priority has your health! Wish you all the best for the upcoming days!
Have you got the bloo thing off yet? I am glad to hear you are hungry, that must be a good sign. Hope you feel a little bit better every day and Flynn starts being nice to you!
YAY!!!!! You are feeling better!! I will purr for you so you keep getting better!!!! It's great to have your MOm fuss over you all day long too ;) Milk that for all it;'s worth! Heeheehee
Purrs Mickey
DOOD! Yoo cood stand to miss a cupple of meels!
Tripper! Isn't dat like da pot calling da kettle fat, er, um, black. We sure hope da vet and da medi-sin haf fixed yoor prollem. We is still worried about yoo and are purring dat da prollem is gone!
Hope you feel better very soon.

Purrs, Sukie X
You've got to get it out! I'm still on my stinkie strike. If yer fooling yer beans by sneaking stinkies then yoo shuld probably show them.
Eric, we Ballicai are purrin and purrin fur you! Keep yur foodies and meddisin down, and we hope you're feelin bettur and bettur and bettur!

Love and kittyhugs and purrs frum yut furriends MaoMao and alla the Ballicai.
I hope you get over your tummy troubles real soon. Purrs.
Meds r yaak, but meds made Unca Molzart so good he doesn't haf 2 take very many for his little heart thingie anymor. I'm purraying 4 ya!

Os & Xs frum Me Gonzo

Gonzo talks too much but he means well. I have a very minor heart condition (bad breeding, I'll admit it) and the meds, while indeed 'yaak' did help me. I don't need very much of the meds any more. Maybe things will work out that way for you as well.

Add my purrs to Gonzo's and efurrone elses for your speedy recovery!

Oh I hopes you gets over this sicky soon. That bloo thing doesn'ts looks so fun either.
We iz sending you many purrs Eric. We hope you get back to normal furry soon. Lots of purrs from us all at the SnowForest clan...
Oh Hunky Monkey we are late in visiting you today. We wish you could get over feeling poorly and get your tummy & bowels to cooperate. This must be so stressful.
Hang in there big fellow, they are taking the best of care of you!
xxxooo SS&S & Mom
ERIC!! MY FRIEND!! Dood, I'm so sorry for all these things happening to you. I'm adding my hard, hard purrs and lots of purrayers to efurrycat's in hopes you'll get well soon!
Hi Eric, we're sorry you've been sick and had to go to the v-e-t, we hope you're all better soon.
Eric, I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, even if only at three hour intervals!

Hey, I had one of those arm bandage things--only mine was red!
Oh Heavenz be prayzed!!! We haz been hopin' dats you could gets da poops out... & mebbe da V-E-T didz dis fur you. I yam gladz dat you iz eatin' your momeez speshul fishee. Oh.. & I tellz you, doze blue tingz??? I yam so wit you! Dey has to come off!!!!
We's tinking of U, Eric boy.
Keep up the eating and hopes nomore yakking.
Hugs and Purrs,

Eric, I am very pleased that the vet got that annoying poo out and I hope that you can now enjoy a restful recovery and the medicines aren't too 'orrible and stay down ok. Great news that the fish is staying inside you. You take it easy fella and get well soon :)
Get well soon Hunky Monkey (he he he - I love that name). FAZ
Hi Eric,
Glad you are all "clean" now and able to eat some yummy fish.
Take care and get some rest, we're all purring for you.
Missy Blue Eyes

pee ess: Love the white tummy shot.
Oh Eric, I'm so glad you were able to keep something down. And I know exactly what you mean about that blue thing - I had one of those once, too!
Eric, the mews sounds a bit better, but I unnerstand bout not wantin to wait fur yur brekkies.

Did I tell you? Bonnie camed home frum the e-vet wif a bandage like that in 2005 (she tried to starve herself thanksgivin weekend) an they didn't tell mom she could remoof it. Bonnie's paw swelled up, so Mom called the e-vet an they said "oh, ya, just take it off." They also said Bonnie was a furry good girl - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway, get that fing off afore yur paw swells up like a balloon! Hugs an purrs,
Victor & Mom
Have you gotten that annoying blue thing off yet, Eric? I am glad that you are keeping your food down now and the vet got that icky poo out. Now just relax and get better. {{{hugs}}}
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