Sunday, June 29, 2008


Easy on Sunday

Me and my dad both like it when we can find a nice sunspot in the garden furr napping.

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that is one of the cutest photos i have ever seen!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Heh heh! Looks like your Dad is sound asleep!

Luf, Us
MM has just spent a week in Devon and she came home all tanned from the sun.

Purrs, Sukie X
Dear Eric,
You both look so comfy. I'm a little surprised you let him have the lounge-chair! I would have stretched out on it as much as I could.
Abby Normal
But what a lovely garden you two have to relax in!
Ah, now that's a boy who loves to be near his dad. Do you ever try sleeping right on top of your dad? The weather is a little too hot for it right now, but I like sleeping on my mom.

We all hope that your parents have a wonderful cruise. Maybe they'll bring home a kitty bag filled with shrimpies or some other delicacy they may run across.

Remember Eric, please promise you won't eat any bad mice when your parents are away. Remember mouse = yucky tummy problems. Actually that should go for you too Flynn, after all you're the famous mouser.
That looks so nice, to be able to sleep outside. Mum says the mosquitos are so bad they will carry her away!
This is extremely sweet between you and your dad, what a lovely sunny Sunday!
That is really sweet!
My Dad's doing the same thing today!
You both look very comfy!
~ Timothy
You two look so comfortable! Go and sleep on your Daddy!
Awww, that's very cute, Eric. We hope you and your Dad have a wonderful nap! Save some sunshines for Flynn and Mom!
Eric, you and your dad have such a special relationship!
Hey Eric, where's your lil cot? =^Y^=Ty
Eric, you defnitly need one of them hammock cat beds! Since I don't go outside, I know all the sunny spots inside fur nappin. Nice way to spend Sunday! Gotcha in COTC, bud!
Aww, napping in the sun next to Daddy, that looks and sounds just wonderful! Happy sunny Sunday!
Oh, I'm smiling ... that is just the cutest!
Oh, that looks really nice Eric. We like to nap near dad too, if we tried to nap with him der would be no room.
Heehee,you would fit right in at Parker's house!!!!
Snoozin in the sun...perfect!!
Purrs Mickey
Oh, perfect!
That's such a cute picture. I hope you both enjoyed your nap in the sunshine:) xxx
Awwwwwwwwwwwww.........that is so sweet of your dad and you Eric!! It made Mom squeee!
Your FL furiends,
I love it the picture. It would be even better if you were resting on dad's buns! I love to do that to my mom in the morning before she gets out of bed.
What a great photo!
A nice warm sunspot is great for napping, but a little shade for your eyes helps ;-)
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