Sunday, June 15, 2008


Easy on Sunday

When it's hot and sunny, (which isn't very often) lying under the Leylandii hedge is a good idea. It's cool and shady and a nice breeze usually blows under it. It's a good place in the garden furr watching what's going on as well.
I can see the Greenhouse furrom here too, so if Eric is napping in his plant pot, I can keep an eye on him. He had a better day yesterday, no yakking. He hasn't yakked so far today either.The Beans got him some babybean food yesterday, pureed chick-hen and rice and pureed chick-hen, pumpkin and carrot. He is eating small amounts of food, maybe a small dessert spoonful. He will eat that three or four times a day. It's not much but at least he is getting nourishment. He's still not pooping but that maybe cuz there's not enuff to poop out since he had his insides power washed. He must be feeling a bit better cuz he played Thundering Herds of Elephants on his own furr about two minutes this morning. He tired himself out though and has slept ever since. He's going back to see the V E T tomorrow morning and he hopes he duzn't give him any more of the icky meddysin. He sez Auntie Biotik's syrup isn't too bad, but the other meddysin is worse than evil. He'll let efurry one know how he gets on. Now I haf to go back to my napping.

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We hope Eric is feeling some better. Our man cats love to play Thundering Herd of Elefants. Happy Father's Day!
Thanks for the update, Flynn, especially since it interfered with your nap. We are very glad to to hear that Eric didn't yak for a day and a half, so far. Keep felling better, Eric! We're still purrin' for poop and now a better appetite!
Flynn you looks good snoozing under your hedge. I am sorry that Eric still has no poop power, I hope it comes back soon. It is good he is eating. When Puss was sick we tried butter, yoghurt or ice cream as they were all cool, and easy to lick and high in calories.

Have a good week and I hope Eric is back to normal soon. Herds of elephants is an excellent sign.
Hi Flynn, it's nice of you to keep an eye on Eric and it's great news that he managed a quick thundering herd of elephants. You have a nice sunday nap under the trees there :)
Glad to hear Eric is eating a bit more. You keep an eye on him, Flynn!

Have a restful day.
Purrs, Shade and Goldie
flynn-yer such a gud brothur to give us an update. If yoo wake up frum yer nap owttside and feel like getting clowse to my mangow tart pleeze give him a headbutt fur me and tell him to get bettur supur soon!

Pee-ess- my stinkie strike isn't goin so well. My lady put new littur in the box and ..... ::sigh::
I think playing THoE is a good sign! We are praying that he's all better soon!
Flynn, you look very relaxed there! Eric, we are glad you haven't yakked recently! We hope you have another yak-free day. We are sending lots of healing purrs your way.
Glad Eric is felling a bit better.

MB says she had almost forgotten that Livvie used to thunder around too, before she got older. She was the noisiest lady cat ever!

Purrs, Sukie X
I sincerely hope Eric will be getting better and better~!!!!
Happy Father's day to you all!!
thanks for reporting on your brother eric. good news for sure. now flynn, go back to your nap, have a wonderful day...

smiles, auntie bee
Hello, Flynn :-) Thanks for letting us know how Eric is. I'm so glad he's not yakking but I wish he were eating more. Hey, Eric, the babybean food sounds delicious! Eat up!

I'll check back tomorrow to see what the vet says.
I am with Sunny, that babyfood sounds delicious! Eat as much as you can! I am glad you are not bomiting now. Please get all better soon.
That is a great resting place, Flynn! You gotta keep cool while you are keeping and eye on what's going on ... hee hee! We are glad Eric is feeling better and hope his visit to the vet goes well, with no more icky medicines. Please tell your Dad we wish him a very Happy Father's Day!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Dear Eric and Flynn,
Hi there! I am a tabby kitten and just recently moved into my new home. I'm the proud owner of 2 human minions. However, I have an important question for you:

What's the best way to play Herd of Thundering Elephants?

I've been trying so hard, but Ms. C still calls it "Herd of Thundering Kittens," and to be honest I find that a little bit disappointing.

I hope you are feeling 100% soon, Eric. Enjoying feeding time is so important!
Tons of Purrs to you!!! We luf u furry much!

Luf, Us
Dear Flynn, thank you ever so much for the news about Eric. I've been worried about him. Playing THoE is a very good sign indeed.

Enjoy your nap, it does look like a wonderful place to hang out.

Tyler's mom: Remember that when Eric goes the vet he comes back smelling like an alien. But he's not an alien, so please no hissy fits. One day it'll be you going to the vets and I'm sure Eric wouldn't hiss at you.

Tyler again: Well, to tell you the truth I probably would hiss too because I have a very sensitive nose. I cover up anything and everything I can that doesn't agree with my sniffer. I'd probably try to bury Eric in the hay in his plant pot.

Have a peaceful Sunday. And Eric, please start eating more and more.
Flynn, Thank you for the update on Eric. We appreciate you taking precious nap time to fill us in.

We hope his appetite picks up and he has a good report from the vet tomorrow.

purrs and tail wags
{{{and hugs}}}
We are still purring for Eric. I am glad he ate and hasn't yakked yet. I hope he gets his appetite back though--I would hope he starts to get back to normal soon!
Glad to hear that Eric is better and hope he doesn't need any more nasty medicine!
What a great napping spot you found! Glad to hear Eric's doing a little better!
No yakking, that is good news. Keep eating Eric and try to poop if you can. Hope the V E T is positive tomorrow.

Continuing to purr bigtime...

hullo, flynnie! good to hear frum you. you are a really good brofur to keep a watchful eye on poor eric even when it keeps you frum nappin'.

we are glad of your report that he isn't yakkin' and is finally eatin' a bit. the babybean food is furry nootrishus, so he's prolly doin' ok.

do please tell him when you see him that we are all purrin' for him to be back to normal soon, and that we hopes the trip to the v.e.t. won't be anyfing but a ride in the car!

sleep sweet, ol' buddy!
We sure are glad he's improving. Purrrrrs and hugs from all of us!
And Happy Daddy's day!
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