Sunday, June 08, 2008


Easy on Sunday

Mum cooked me some more fish last night, it seems to be the only thing I can keep down. Why is it that all my yummy food comes back up, but no hairball. It's not fair. Mum sez that if nothing has happened by tonight, I haf to go back to the V E T tomorrow and she is going to tell him she wants my tummy x-rayed. Mum hasn't weighed me but she sez she can tell I have lost weight, probly at least 2lbs. She wanted me to lose weight, but not like this.
Anyway apart furrom that I am enjoying some nice warm sun. I hope you all have a nice easy Sunday.

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Big E, I hopes you is feeling awesome soon, but if you goes to the vet you be a good boy for your mum.

Smooches big fella.

Poppy Q
Oh Eric, I had hoped that you would have been feeling bettter! We'll double up on the get well purrs and prayers!
Oh no, Eric. :( We are glad that you are at least keeping fish down! We are continuing to purr and pray for you. We hope you feel better soon!
We hope you throw that hairball out asap Eric ~ we iz all purring for you...
Eric, we hope you are feeling better soon. Get that hairball OUT!!!!!

Purring for you,
Shade and Goldie
I'm glad you can keep the fish down. I just wish your hairball had come out :( I'm still purring for you, Eric.
Eric, I had really hoped to read that you had yacked up a giant furball, but as you haven't done that bit yet, you kick back and enjoy those warm rays and enjoy the home cooked feeesh :)
Glad to hear that at least the fish is helping. Hopefully the vet will find something in the x-ray! Good luck and Happy Sunday!
I hope the vet fixes you all up so you can enjoy your stinky goodness soon.

Purrs, Sukie X
feel better dear eric...

purrs, auntie bee
Oh no, Eric ol' buddy, there's nothin' worse than a belly-ache. I hope it is just a nasty hairball and that it comes up today. I'm glad your momma is taking good care of you and making fish for you!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Eric, we've been purring hard for you to yak up that nasty hairball - guess we'll have to purr double now!

Big kitty hugs to you and Flynn and your beans,

Gypsy & Tasha
Oh dear, that weight loss does not sound good. I hope you start feeling better soon.
O Eric, Mom's eyes mite get leaky. She sure hopes it's a whopper of a hairball, but she's ascared after Ray takes pictors of yur insides, the vet will acide you needs surgery to get the blockage out!
Dat is NOT the way to loose wait. Now, snuggle yur beans an get better, okay???
We sure are glad you can keep something down, Eric! Purrs and more purrs just for you!
Eric, You're supposed to hack up that hairball and feel better! We're glad you can at least keep down fish. Keep everykitty posted.

purrs and tail wags
Be brave buddy. I hope your vet takes care of yoo reel kwik. I'll be checkin in on ya. Purrs from me and Tenny
Oh, BE! We are hoping and praying that you get better soon. You just take care of yourself now.
Hugs to your Mum and Flynn, too.
Eric, please yak up a hairball ... you don't want to go back to the V E T!! I have been working on a hairball for a while and just yakked it up a few minutes ago, so maybe I can send you some cosmic yakking vibes! I want you to get better really fast, buddy!
Purrs and headbutts,
I am glad you can keep fish down. I hope that everything is okay.
Big Eric, if you keeps losing weight we will haff to call you Medium Eric instead! We hope you can keep the fish down and send the hairball up instead. Yakking is no fun but it is MUCH better than seeing the V.E.T.!
Glad that you're able to enjoy your fish, and a sunny afternoon outside. those are all good things. but we hope you get better soon. sending our thoughts and purrs.
Hairball. Hairball? Are you listening to me? Get out of Eric Right Now so he feels all better and doesn't have to go to the v-e-t.
Eric, take care, feel better:) xxx
Stopping by today to see how you are doing. I was hoping to find out that you were keeping the food down. Hope you will be able to eat and keep the good food down and not have to go to the vet. If you have to go just remember that he is trying to make you feel better and find out what is going on.
I will check back tomorrow.
Our vet says that a cat that's not eating is a cat that's in trouble.
Eric, we are praying that it is just a hairball and maybe the vet can give you something to dissolve it. Hang in there buddy!
I'm glad that you got to have some more fish for dinner but I was hoping that hairball would be gone. Willow and I will keep purring and purring for you, Eric. And we're sending over hugs to all of your family too!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Bummer that you haven't been able to get rid of your hairball. I will keep purring for you and your trip to the VET.
We hope your V-E-T visit goes well. I'm glad you can at least keep fish down.


I will cooks you some salmonz. Mebbe you would like dat? & den mebbe some Ahi tuna? I wants you to gets better guy, & nots has to go back to da V-E-T!!!
We are all still purrin' oevfur here,
Dr Tweety
Eric,I am sending you some BIG PURRS!!!! I hope things go well at the Vet!!
Purrs Mickey
Eric we hope you yak that hairball up tonight, so you don't have to go to the vet! We will keep purrring for you until we hear from you tomorrow!! Please keep eating the fish!! (((((hugs))))))),
Your FL furiends,
Just checking in to see how Eric's feeling.... we're sending more vibes that this all will pass soon, and you'll be enjoying eating again and putting that weight back on. sucks but you might hafta let them reach down your throat and yank that hairball right out. But your people can still make fish for you. That only seems fair...
We're still purring for you Eric! That's a lot of weight to lose, even for a "big boned" ManCat. We hope everything goes well at the V-E-T.

Pearl, Bert and Jake
I will continue to pway that the VET can find out what's wong and make it go away...I'm glad you'we able to keep the fishy down at'w Mommi is vewy wowwied..Iam cwossing my paws
love to Flynn too and give youw Mom a kiss too
smoochie kisses
Eric, I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly! I'm purrin and purrin for you!

Oah Poor ERIC~~
I am so so worry about you~!
I hope you will have good news at the vet!!!!!
I heard you were not feeling well. I am so sorry. How are you today? Have you tried to eat some Fancy Feast? Did you cough up a hairball?
Eric, we are purring and praying hard for you today! We hope all goes well at the vet's.
Wow Eric, Ibet when you do go, you are gonna' feel sooooooo much better!
I'm sorry that this has happened and I hear that Flynn has hissed at you too!
Talk about insult to injury!
I'm gonna' keep purrin' that you "go" real soon!
Oh Eric we are very, very worried, please get well dear friend!

Pearl, Bert and Jake

P.S. don't mind Flynn hissing at you, he's just mad at what's making you sick!
I just read Flynn's update on you. Sorry you had to get an enemy, but I bet that hairball's going to leave you soon! Good luck, Eric, on your big poo!!
Oh, Eric, we're purring so hard that you'll have some very productive yakking and pooing to get your insides straightened out and make you good as new!

Get well, my friend!
oh Eric, we just readed the update on the cat blogosphere page, we is sorry that you has the poops stuck. grampa norton hadded that alot. mommy gived him olive oil and canned punkin to help get rid of it sometimes, 'cause he hated that goopy stuff in the toob. we hopes that you feels better really soon

Flynn, it's ok to hiss at Eric, he prolly smells like the v-e-t office and all of that med-i-cine stuff and sterilizers and people and. he will get his smell back soon.
Oh Eric, this is a grotty state of affairs, being all clogged up, but it's great that the vet didn't see anything suspicious on the x-ray. I hope you manage to do the biggest poo in the world very soon and feel much more comfortable :D

PS: Flynn, I know you are worried about your 'bro, but please don't cuss at him, that smell of vet will soon wear off.
Eric we juss read da update on da blogosphere ... we has been finkin and finkin and purrin ofuver yoo. We hopes yoo has a BIG stink furry soon so dat all dat stuff will git outta yur tummies. Yoo will feels a whole lot better I juss knoo it. We will keep yoo in all of our purrs doh...

Jinx and Gracie
Should we be purrayin fur poop again? Purrs for poop! Purrs for poop!
Ok, dat's not funny. Eric, I hope yur feelin lots better soon. Dis is not comfurtible fur you, I's sure, an yur worryin yur beans an Flynn an alla us kitties so much!
Seriously dude, let it out. I say eat the tube of hairball/bum stuff and we'll all party in the bathroom while you wait for it to work.

( you poop inside or outside?)

Either way, I expect to hear the epicness all the way over here! Now get to it!

And tell your Mum if she needs help with Eric's vet bills we're happy to help out!
Maybe you need a magazine to read while you are in the litter box and then you could poop. Sometimes it helps.
majestic brofur of mine, i hopes efurrything comes out all right inna end!! i am purring wif alla my might for a tremendous success!!

headbumps fromyour 'merikan brofur in floofiness, edmund
We will keep on purrring till it all comes out Eric!! Which we hope is right now!! Puirrrrrrrrrrs, purrrrrrrrrs, purrrrrs, and (((hugs))),
Your FL furiends,
oh Eric, this is the same thing that happened to me, but i didn't have to have an operation. things finally started moving and came out on their own at the VET. i will send many many purrs and prayers that it all comes out for you too.

also, after this, i had to switch to a very high fat food to treat IBS (Prescription Hill WD - stinky and ID - crunchy). I have had NO problems since. I only get Tempations once a month and only a few and the only other treat I get is Science Diet TD for my teeths. your VET should be able to help with your foodies.
We're purring for you, Eric. Hope da vet can help you wif da big hairball. We hopes you will feel better soon.

Mindy & Moe
Oh gosh Eric. Being stopped up is no fun at all! We'll purr and purr and purr for yoo to get unstopped reel easy and fast.
Alla Us Hotties
Oh Eric, we're worried about you & will start purrin' immediately!
our Lady had a kitty with a similar problem once. the vet gave him a ::shudder:: enema, and he finally let loose with the biggest, smelliest bunch of yuk ever...right in the cardboard kitty carrier in the car.
we're sending lots an lots of get well purrrrrrrrs.
Oh Eric, I hope you poop out that awful hairball soon!

I am purring and purraying for you to get well quickly!
We just popped in to check on you. Purrayers that your tummy is feeling better.
We just read the update on the Blogosphere. We're still purraying for you. We hope you feel better real soon.
We were hoping we'd hear some good news but at least your eating your fish! Stay strong and we'll keep up our purring!!

Oh poor Eric! You're tummy sounds a lot like what I deal with all the time. I hope the VET does a barium X-Ray, that gives a really good look and sometimes it fixes the problem! If your VET can't really find anything wrong, email me and momma and I can share what we have figured out for me. Hopefully you can get some yummies down soon! :) ~Queen Snickers
Its good to know that its not an abnormal mass in your intestines. My Awesome Man is having similar problems last week so we feel for you! The Woman wishes someone would give him a flushing....Let it out Erice, it will feel much better

Eric, we're all purraying hard for yoo to feel better! They gave me an enemy once win I was a kittin, and I've had the sqwerts ever sinse!
Oh, Eric we hope you get rid of all the poop soon. And we hope you feel better then.
Eric, my friend, still keeping my paws crossed here for you to feel better soon. That ennyma thing does not sound like at all fun, my mum says I would not enjoy it. Keep us posted on your "movements".

Many purrs
Fat Eric

PS It is boiling in London, hope it is a bit cooler in Devon!
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