Thursday, June 26, 2008



After all the worry with Eric being ill over the last two weeks, I just need to sit here and think about how much I love him. I'm so happy he's back to normal again, and we even had a rassle earlier.

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well flynn it's good to see you honey, i have missed you!

smiles, auntie bee
Dear Eric and Flynn,
I am so happy you stopped by! I'll stop for a moment (it's hard for me to do...) and contemplate with you.... until your tail twitches... POUNCE!
Abby Normal
That is a very nice photo of you Flynn.

Purrs Sukie X
That is so so sweet of you, Flynn~! You really hiss to that evil rat spirit out of Eric's body!!! You are his important saver!!
Yeah, Eric, we are so glad you are feeling better. You look so manly in that garden photo!
Oh and what a gorgeous place to contemplate. It is nice to see you.
U look quite handsum in da field of green. We iz glad ur brofur iz feelin better.
Brofurs forever! We are all happy for Eric. :D
U know, Flynn, ur picture looks just like from a page in the 'Cat Model' calender!
It's great that Eric is back to normal again and you can all relax. That's a lovely photograph of you sitting in the bracken and coltsfoot.
That's a terrific photo of you, Flynn! :) Just wonderful.

We are glad Eric is feeling better. :)
Well, hello there, Flynn! Mom says that photo of you is just purrfect! We think she likes it. A lot.
Hi Flynn!
Such a pretty photo of you! I am glad that Eric is back to normal - you are a very good brother!
I'm real glad Eric is feeling better too! You look quite handsome sitting there.
lookin good Flynnie!
You're a good brother Flynn :) Good lookin' too !!
Purrs Mickey
Great shot of you Flynn! I am glad you have your bro back in top form!

Flynn don't you look a handsome fellow sitting in the jungle.

I am glad your brother is pooping better now, it is a great thing.

Yoo look furry handsum there Flynn and yore a good brofur too. It's grate yall hadda rassle, Eric must be feelin all way better now. Yay!!!
Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Flynn, you made MomBean go all: "Look at that handsome hunk of mancat!"

I'm jealous.

Tell Eric I have something for you two...
I was worried about Eric too. Its good to take sometime to tink about those who mean so much to us. You are a good bro!

Its really great to hear that he feel enough like his old self to wanna rassle!
Yoor a good brofur Flynn...and good looking too. Glad Eric feels good enuff to rassel wif yoo now.
Awww, you are such a good brother Flynn! And that is a furry handsome picture of you.
Wow! That's a fantastic portrait.
You look very, very handsome!
I am sure Eric is happys that you finks happy tings about him.

Fanks for the well wishes, Mommy Bean is almost ready to get backs to helping me blog. I lets her rest some today, as its taken her this long to gets to even your bloggie on my list.
It is good to treasure those we love, while we still have time. That's a beautiful photo!
that is a bootiful pose..I'm so happy that Eric is bettew! and that you can play togethew again..
love and smoochie kisses
What a lovely reflective photo! I'm very happy Eric is better too.

we're all thinking about Eric too, and how glad we are that he's better. however...Grr is doing some extra thinking about how absolutely handsome you look in that great picture!
That is wonderful that he was up for rassling with you. You are very lucky to have each other and your beans to love.
Oh Flynn, you are very handsome today! We are so glad Eric is well enough to wrestle with you! (((((((((hugs))))))))))) to you both and your family,
Your FL furiends,
what a sterling portrait of you, flynnie-lad. you looks like you is staring straight into the future. we're so glad it's a future including eric! it's good that you boys realize how impawtent you are to each ofur!

purrs & blessings on you both--
nels, ed, nitro, & xing
What a handsome kitty you are in that beautiful field!
Awww... you guys...
Flynn, that's some awesome-looking summery flowery grass you're in there. It's cold, wet and wintery in Tasmania right now. Can't imagine it ever being summer again.
What a lovely picture of you, Flynn.
Flynn, you're a very loving brother. Sometimes it takes the hard times to make us appreciate what we have. Oh if he's a wrassling, that means he's really feeling good. That's wonderful news.
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