Saturday, June 14, 2008


Another update.

It's nice to go outside on the grass and get a bit of fresh air. You can see I got that bloo thing off my arm. I unwound it but couldn't get the last bit off, so mum helped me. The VET only took a small patch of my furrs this time.
Yesterday wuz a bad day furr me. The day befurr wuz yak free and mum thought I wuz on the mend. Yesterday around 4am I yakked bile, then I kept yakking it and it made me feel terrible. I didn't want to eat or drink anything, I didn't know what I wanted. I'd lie down furr a few minutes, then I'd get up again. I kept wandering aimlessly and my eyes looked dull and started to look a bit sunken. Mum and dad wuz really worried and mum rang the VET. He said that I would be feeling awful but the meddysin needed time to work. She told him I had yakked my meddysin up but he said give it a bit longer and bring me back to him on Monday as arranged. She was going to take me back this morning if I wuz no better though. I started to feel a bit better yesterday afternoon and I kept down last night's and this morning's meddysin. I ate a little bit of fish last night and drank plenty of water. Mum offered me chick-hen soup, but I didn't like it. This morning dad went and bought me some Babybean food. It looked like what I've been yakking up but it tasted okay. I only ate 1 spoonful but mum said that was all right cuz I could have some more later. I'm keeping my paws crossed that I can have a yak free day cuz I want to go to Gree and Othello's wedding shower with Flynn.
Flynn is being better with me. Yesterday evening I went in my plantpot to sleep and he got in his plantpot which is right next to mine, and he didn't hiss at me. He got on the Beans bed in the night when I was already there as well so maybe he likes me again.
He said he duzn't mind me being a blog hog this time, so maybe I'll tell him he can post tomorrow.

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We certainly hope you have a yak-free day, Eric.

Hooray for Flynn liking you again! Vet smells are very offensive, don't take it personally when he hisses at you.
Oh Eric, we are sorry to hear you've been yakking so much and feeling so bad. We hope you are on the mend and have a yak-free day. Sending lots of healing purrs your way.
We iz purring for a yak-free day too ~ we hope you eat well Eric and don't vomit and get back to full health real soon :)
Purrs from us all...
Hi Eric, I'm sorry you had a rough day yesterday, all that yacking must be exhausting for you. I'm glad you drank lots of water, that should help you feel a bit better. There's a special Hills Prescription food called AD which is very mushy but full of goodness that we have when we are poorly. You can add water to it so you can just lap it up. It's pretty tasty too, I expect your vet will stock it. Hope you have a better day today :)
Here comes a huuuuugs hug attack:

we hope you feels better real soon Eric, we are really worried about you and Gree and Othello would be very sad if you'd haf to miss their shower today!

with love from us!
....please look after yourself...perhaps your meowmie can give you some chix from M&S to wash down the awful meds?........Mousie prefers the lean breast pieces without the skin...great for late night snacks and picnics........
Here's wishing you a day that is not yakky!
I really hope you feel better soon Eric!
Oh dear! Eric, I wish you would get better, I am so worried. Well, I'm glad that you drank up some water and are still eating. It is important for cats never to go without eating anything at all. Babyfood is pretty delicious!
We send you big purrs Eric and hugs to both of you!! :)
Oh Eric! We are sending you NO YAKKING purrs today!! I think I would like to try some that baby food! I'm also glad that Flynn sort of likes you again. It's hard when your brother won't stop hissing at you.

Take care of yourself!
-Jasper McKittenn-Cat
I hopes you start to be more yak free. It's greats that you manageds to eat some food down.
Oh Eric, we hope you feel better soon. HUGGGGS
Sweet Eric, I hope that you will be yak free today! That icky medicine should start working anytime now. You are such a good boy and I love you lots. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Oh Eric, we really hope that you will feel better as the day goes on!

I am so happy that Flynn has stopped hissing so much - I guess that icky vet smell went away. You two are so cute sleeping in your plant pots! I am purring very hard for you that you have a yak free day, Eric!

And China Cat and I hope to see both of you wonderful Ginger Mancats at Gree and Othello's Wedding Shower today. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} to both of you and your Mum and Dad!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

Ewwwwww, China Cat just yakked up her breakfast right by the computer - she just eats too fast sometimes. Our Momma has to go clean it off the carpet.
This is sounding good Eric. I'll PURR lots to make sure you get better!!!!!!!!!!I'm glad Flynn is coming around too :)
Purrs Mickey

feel better honey bunny... i know you will.

smiles, auntie bee
Eric, we want you to be totally yak-free really soon, so we are sending lotsa purrs and purrayers your way to help out. Get better fast, friend!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Oh I do hope you feel better very soon. I had a coughing fit yesterday and MM gave me some fur ball stuff to lick. It made me feel better. I do not want to go through what you're going through. Poor Eric.

Purrs, Sukie X
Eric, bud, we're all purring you feel better very fast. We're glad you got to feeling a little better last night. :) I love baby food. It's yummy. Eat all of it they'll give you, even if you have to eat it a bit at a time. Yummy stuff.
your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. Gree says you can telerport to the shower and just watch if you want. It's ok if you have to yak. We just hope you won't feel like it.
Oh Eric, we are purrrring and purraying for you to get better fast! Baby food sounds good!
Your FL furiends,
Flynn, your bro's been having a rough week. If you need to let some steam off teleport over here and we can play Thunderin' Elephants.

Get better Eric!
I fuurgot to add my hug!
Eric, We're glad Flynn thinks you smell like you again, instead of a stranger from the vet's.

Please have a yak-free day and if you need to eat a lot of little meals, that's okay. Just so you get enough nourishment and keep it down.

Feel better.
purrs and tail wags
and {{{hugs}}}
We hope you are still keeping your food down. We are still purrring a lot for you, dear Eric.
~ Maggie Mae
Eric, we're purraying and purring that you feel better soon.
Eric, I am getting terribly worried about you. I am glad you kept down some of the baby food and I hope that soon you are back to your old self and willing to eat the entire jar!
We continue to purr for you, friend.
Eric, I'm wishing you all the best today, my friend. Babybean food sounds good!

We'z so glad yoo is feeling a little better...dat bean baby food is really deelishus. We'll even eat it when we isn't sicky. We sure hope yoo feel well enuff to come to Gree's shower, we'd love to see you.
Oh Eric, we are all purring super hard for you that you are yack-less from here on out. At the very least, please keep the medicine down so that it can do what it's suppose to do.

Ty's mom here: I don't know if you've met Moki, but he's cat from my hometown who's going through a tough time recommended a product for our Kali. It's malt flavored. If Eric and Flynn have ever tried the paste that is sold as a hairball remedy and liked it, they would like this.

Well this stuff is filled with calories and vitamins. It's called Lickables Super Charger. It's made for cats who won't eat enough on their own. Would you like us to send you a tube, just in case you need it down the road for either of your kitties? We would be happy to do so. I would just need your snail mail address. You can e-mail it to me at

It is good news that Flynn has come to his senses. Feel good Eric!
Hi Eric, we're also hoping that the v*t is right and that the medicine will help you stop yakking and start eating again.
I sincerely hope you get well today, Eric!!!
Purr and purr and big hugs~
We've all got our paws crossed for a yak-free day. I'll be happy to do your yaking for you Eric (I've been working on this hairball all night)!

Purrs and lots and lots of
Has you ever tried pumpkin puree? (not pumpkin pie filling). It's good fer hairballs and keppin' ya regular cuz it gots lots of fiber. Mommakitty feeds us some once a week. Mommakitty used to also feed baby foods to her other cats when they wuz sick - she also fed them plain pasta. We hopes ya feel better soon!
Doood, this is starting to sound alot like when I got really sick 3 years ago. I got better, but it took longer than the People liked. And I was tired for a long time. Power naps! You need power naps!
Oh Eric... listen to MAx. I tink he iz on da right track.. POWER napsez!!! & no more yakkin'! We gots to haz you on da mend.. & soon.
Doze flower pots need your butt in dem... otherwize, da weedz mights grow.
We iz keepin' ups our purrin' fur you...
Dr T & da gang.
I am wishing you a yak-free day, Eric. I hope the medicine starts working really fast and you get to feeling good again. At least the vet smell has worn off and Flynn likes you again. {{{hugs}}}
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