Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

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Hi Eric! You look so happy in the sunny spot with all the long grass. Sure wish we had that kinda stuff here. This is furry cool cuz we're commenting on your Wednesday post and it's not even Wednesday yet where we are. It's like we're commenting in the future.
You are just perfect under the sunshine, Eric!
Mmmmmmm! Does the wind smell good???
doesn't that sunshine feel good on your sweet little face honey?

smiles, auntie bee
I can tell your whiskers feel the sunshine, Eric. Looks like a good day.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That is a great photo for Wordless Wednesday!
Ahh ... what a life!
Ummmmmmmmm, life is good, no, perfect!!!!!
Eric, you look so happy there in the sun, in amongst the tall grass. :) Great photo!
Taking a sunbath? I hope you wore sunblock!
That looks like a contented smile on your face, Eric!
Life is sooo good!
Sunshine! We can see yoo reely love life.
Are you sniffing the breeze? Is spring in the air? You look gorgeous!
Lift is bliss under the warm sun rays :)
Hellooo Eric
Your whiskers are up and your ears are picking up sounds and you're fully alert and ready for anything that comes your way. Wow that looks like a lot of fun...

Dennis can smell the grass and feel the breeze and sunshine...You're a lucky Kitty. really nice pic.
we LOVE that piskhur of yous Eric!!
Hi folks, we’re back! Now it’s Wordless Wednesday: Our Furryhood Nice to see ya all again:) and how’re our cats’ power doing? Please share yours in here , we’d love to hear from you.

hmmm...what a lovely sunbathing:)
oh lookit all that grass! i loves grass!!

I got your question about whapping and i felt the need to answer it immediately. You can take a peek over at our blog for the answer
Oooh, grass in the sunshines! Is there anything better, Eric?
You look really happy out there in the grass. It's still kinda foggy here this morning, but Luna will get some sunshine later today...
"The mighty tiger raises his head as he smells the scent of prey in the wind." That's what you're doing, right?
oh oh, mom saw dis piksher and started saying "Tiger, tiger, burning bright" and den dad joined in! Is yoo a tiger in da jungle?
Oh Eric - you made mommy go "Squeee" with all of your handsomeness!
Pretty soon we won't be able to see you in the grass :-0 You'll be invisible!
Are you sniffing something good!?!
Now there's a contented cat if I ever did see one! Happy WW
Grass!!!!! Talk about kitty heaven!!!! Smell good dosen't it? :)
Purrs Mickey
Eric! You look sooo happy out there!
Wow, you look so happy and that grass looks very inviting!
Gorgeous picture, I can almost smell the grass and feel the breeze and the sun on my face:) xxx
Oh, you guys are so lucky. You get to be out in the sun, you get to drink from a horsie trough...can I trade places with you?

I'll bet you're sniffin' and sniffin' and maybe eatin' a blade or two, Eric! That looks like such fun.
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