Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tummy Tuesday

Don't you think I look sweet showing off my tummy furr tuesday?
Hehe, well this is what I wuz doing right befurr that!
Nom nom nom, I'm chomping on a nice big fat joosy mousie.
Mmmmm that wuz yummy. Now where's mum so I can give her a kiss on the lips :)

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honey i once had a kitty that would bring my daughter the body of the mouse in the middle of the night. he only ate the heads. she got so she slept with a paper bag! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Oh what a marvelous tummy that is!
You sure do have a very lovely furry cute tummy!
Fabulous tummy, Flynn! :) You are such a great hunter! We have never caught or eaten a mouse (or even seen a real, live one!) They must taste yummy - we wish we could try one!
Cute furry tummy! Do you real eat your mousie? I catch them and kill them but never eat them.

SS has been oogling the fabulous photos of your parents' holiday. Should have taken home that car....
Oh ya, you look very sweet! And that mousy seems to be really tasty!
Yummy, YUMMY!

Save me some of that mouse boys!

What a wonderful tummy! Just begging for a rub!
Wow, showing your tummy and eating a mousie. You live in a prefect cat paradise. Our Mom always tries to save the mousies. Yea, we know, she's weird like that.
Your Mom nefur has to werry bout mousies around, does she?
Great job!
LOVE the mousie info. Grace's predecessor, Indy, was a terrific mousie hunter, too. VERY successful! Grace & Company, however, can only hunt what's indoors, and they do pretty well whenever there's a critter in the house that doesn't belong!


Grace & Company
Wow, Flynn . . . you are a mighty hunter!
Wow Flynn - a mighty hunter and mighty cute!
Oh wow, you eated him all up! Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
Definitely a cute tummy. Was the mousie nummy?
Not only is your tummy kyoot, but it's lucky if it's got a REEL mousie in it! Me and Tenny are jellis!
Mice are even better with a little bit of pesto sauce! Hehehehehehehe!
Opus and Roscoe
ps. Have you seen our flying van? There have been reports of sightings in the UK. Seen anything?
i wish the cats around here would catch some mice. someone did get a bluejay the other night though. penelope said your tummy is cute. she's gonna try and get some kitten pictures up so you can see your godchildren. we are on vacation so who knows when that will be. did mum let you kiss her? that would have been funny!!

gerald the cat loving goat
Flynn, you are such a good mouse hunter! Did you eat him all up or did you save some for Eric?
the Lady's loving that tummy, we're loving that mousie, and Grr...well, she's loving both. purrs!
mousie fresh breath! that tummy looks ready for snorgling!
Wowsie, that tummy is purrfect for Mommy to kiss on. Did you really eat a mousie??? What did it taste like? Probably just like chicken!

Did you kiss your Mommy???
Oh, Great Hunter, we applaud your skills and talents!

Mom tells us tales of a kitty she had when she was a young girl living across the street from the beach. Her cat brought her WATER RATS that were nearly the size of the cats.

"Here'e a present for you, Mom"! hehehe.
Nom nom nom I would certainly taste that mousie - OK, I have caught the mousie but have never eated the mousie! Catching can be fun....

Purrrrrrrrrs, China Cat
Zippy only catches dem, she don't eat 'em. Mom hasta go out and pick up da dead bodies da next day.
Wow, a whole mouse straight up, and shaken too, we'd suppose?
Now we know wat made ur belly that cute! hahaha
Ooooh your making me hungry for mousie! I haven't had one in years! Great job hunting! ~Queen Snickers
A mancat's got to eat ;-) If you didn't hunt, and eat, the mousies your Mom and Dad beans would probably be overrun with mousies. That would not be good.
Tell me it made those loud crunchy noises??? I so miss mouse hunting.

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