Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tuesday Toesies

When I drink furrom the horsies water, I like to have my toes dangling in it.
The horsies haven't been in this field since before the winter and the trough has old rainwater in it and it's gone green. Mum says, "Flynn you don't want to drink that dirty old water." but I tell her that it is the tastiest water in the world. She just doesn't realise how good it is. When the horsies come back in here later in the summer, she will clean it all out and it will be horrible water with no taste to it.
You can see my toesies are in the water here.
See my wet paws. If mum says the water is dirty, then why haven't I got dirty toesies?

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Be careful at that water thingie. We all are worried that you might fall in. How deep is it? Maybe you should wear a life vest.
Roscoe, Sassy, Momo & Opus
Horsey water is prolly better den da water from da tap here wif all da kemickles in it. We say if it wuz bad den we could sniff it owt faster den a speedin bullet.

Pee Ess - Mom is gonna send yur Mom a linkie to her Rooba picshure page when she gets it made.
I think horses water is ok. How come you like to put your feet in it though?

Purrs, Sukie X
Mom's are always worried about germs! I bet that water has a great flavour!!!! I'm not sure anout putting your feet in the water.I don't like water except to drink ;)
Purrs Mickey
Wow! You look like you have wet feet. I don't like getting my toes wet.
You are very handsome~!!!!
And so are your toes! I just like you are standing under the sun, just so outstanding!
Very cute, Flynn! You look adorable dipping your toes in the water.
Flynn I would love that water too!! I am glad you are drinking that water, sure looks tasty to me!!
Dipping your toesies in the water while it's warm outside is wonderful! But I cannot imagine it tastes good... :-)
You should bottle that water and sell it!!!!! It is probably full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!!!!! You'll be healthy as a horse. Ha Ha!

We like to dip our fingers in the water when we drink, too. The funnest part is to git your paws all wet and then fling water all over the house...on the floor, up the walls, on the ceilin'...you git the idea, I'm sure!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
I think that water looks delicious. Rudy likes to stick his paws in water and lick it off. He's very silly...
Mom's don't always know what kitties want! We love drinking from puddles and rainwater that's accumulated on top of our garden bunny's back and all sorts of delicious places!
YOU GOTS YOUR FEETS WET????? We are furry impressed. Billy Sweet Feets likes to get his feets wet too....but not us....no way!
You let your pawsie get wet?
Ohhhh, seasoned rainwater? Sounds delish!
Flynn, I think you are very brave to drink out of that trough!
Humans don't understand cats at all, Flynn. I dip my toes in water before I drink it, too, and my humans are clueless as to why.

Keep 'em guessing, that's what I always say...
It's very important to put your toes in the water before you drink - beans just don't get it. I do it all the time, then shake my paw to make the walls and cabinets all wet!

I think the water looks yummy, like green Kool-Aid!
Green water is tasty? If you say so, but I'd never drink it!
Our horsie drinks lots of water! I could see how that water would be tasty and very interesting.

Horsie water sounds pretty tasty. I like how your feets are wet. hee hee

Ha, ha, ha...that is funny that you like to drink that yucky old water and dangle your toesies in it!

I like to dangle my toesies in my Mum's bath water and try to catch her toes when she wiggles them beneath the bubbles : )
Rain water is much more tasty than tap water. I prefer drinking from the fountain too and SS always gets hissy fits when she see me drinking from the 'dirty' water.
Flynn, I love my water, but I don't have a dish nearly that big! You are lucky, especially since it is extra tasty water!
Purrs and headbutts,
How can it be bad water if the horsies drink it? Be careful not to fall in!

Laila and Lilly
Horsie water, is outside water. That's why it tastes better than house water.
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