Friday, May 16, 2008


Thanks Angus

On April Fool's day some of us swapped blogs to confoose efurrycat. Angus Mhor did it too, and had a compytishun at the same time. He put a rapping riddle on the blog he wuz posting on to see if anycat could guess who he wuz. We wuz the only ones who guessed right and he sent us a purrize. Hmmm what haf we got here? I need to have a good look in this box.
Oh yummy Greenies, I like Greenies, and they are Eric's faverits. We can't get them in the Yookay. Look there's Dairy Temtayshuns too. That is my most faverit flavour in the whole world, and we can't get that type in the Yookay either.
There's furry round fings too wiv real fluffy fev-vers, just like baby fev-vers.They look like good fun furr playing wiv.
Hey Flynn, what you got there? You didn't tell me we got a package.
Wow!!!! Greenies!!!! I love Greenies. Fanks Angus that is my most faveritist treats of all.And baby fev-vers yummy. Better have a sniff of the box, it might make a good bed furr me.
Maybe not, it's a bit of a tight fit furr my mancatly booty.
Well Eric we got some good stuff here haven't we. Fanks Angus furrom both of us. You made a good choice of goodies.

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I'm furry glad, my friends, that your prize package finally arrived! And that you like what I sent..I was glad to find you some things you liked that couldn't be found in the's what friends do!

Kill the Fevver balls!
Oah Eric and Flynn,

I am very very happy for you, right now you must having great temptation time~~~~~~~
Angus is a great good friend!

Very cute photos Eric and Flynn. Can you give your mummy bean a message for me. Tell her it was very nice meeting her and dad bean. My kitties blog is almost up and running. I just have to find some photos to add. Thier names are Bally and Cocoa. I am sure they will be writing soon.
Oh what great pressies you got! How exciting!
nice prize pack boyz!
Wonderful prizes! Those look super cool!!
Wow what a box of treasures for you two mancatly boys.

Have a great weekend, I hopes you gets to go outside in the grass for a while.
Wow, what an amazing package!
What a fabulous prize package! :) Congratulations! :) We both love Greenies too, and fortunately we can buy them at a couple of online sites here in Germany. Enjoy your treats and toys! :)
what a great package!! WOO HOO!
That looks like a real fun package!!!! Lots of stuff to do on a rainy day!
Wow, what a great prize box! and the goodies in it are great too!
That was a fantastic present to get and to have all of those treats that you can't get in Uuukkk well that's great! Concats for your winnings!

oh boy! congrats on your very cool winnings!
That's a wonderful prize package you got from Angus!
Those are wonderful prizes you got from Angus!

I hope all of you have a great weekend :-D
That is a wonderful prize package.

I love seeing your pictures - you guys are both so cute!
Contratulations on guessing the right answer and getting all of those neat things in the mail. You two are good at the contests. You must earn a pretty good living guessing the right answers.
Awesome pakij! Glad da inspekturs dint steel yur treets.

Hey, gess wat? Paw ist comin to London to bisit hiz brudder affer he goes to Germ-knee.

Luf, Us
......great buttz pics.......
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