Friday, May 30, 2008


Dinner Time

Spring is good cuz it means there are lots of mousies hiding in the grass again, and there's nuffin fresher than catching your own dinner.Nom, nom, nom.

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Flynn, you are a great hunter! Enjoy your dinner! :)
Flynn, you are a great hunter! It looks like you are really enjoying your mousie. We've never caught or eaten a mouse. We bet they taste good.
Nothing better than dinner and a movie!
Ymmmmmm Mcmousie for dinner, a perfect takeaway.
You finded a mousie and ate it....what did it taste like????
does mousie taste like chick-hen?
Ah man!!!!!!!

That was superb! You are sooooo lucky!
I want out!
I want out!
I want out!

That is very NEAT!!!!Flynn!!!
I like seeing you picking one mouse and go to a fine flat space to enjoy your dessert~!!!
Looks really really yummy!!!!
Oh I bet that is fun!!!!!! Great job Flynn!!
Purrs Mickey
You are great hunter!!! I think I would like to try some birdie for dinner. There's a sassy one outside my window today!

Thanks for coming by and reading our dad's story!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh Flynn you are my hero.

you is a good hunter!!
Well done Flynn! We're impressed with how close your Mum got - we always run away with our catches ('cause Mommy usually tries to take them away!).
Whoa! That is some mighty fresh food! Do you ear the furs, too?
Oh wow! Good catch! Mitzi managed to sneek out in the night once (somehow) and brought a birdie home. MB found little pieces of birdie all over our room in the morning. She was not very happy about having to pick it all up ;O)

Purrs, Sukie X
Oh you are so right-I suppose. I have never been allowed to hunt...
Mmm mmm good, mmm mmm good, dat's what mousies are...mmm mmm good.
Yummy! You are an excellent hunter, Flynn :-D
Oh that looked yummy!

I wanted to thank you so furry much for coming to my Birthday Party yesterday - you all made it awesome!
LUCKY!! It must feel so great to catch your dinner like that. Well, of course you still get your regular dinner too, right?

Latte mouse is safe when you're around! great job!

we had a fev-ver trying to build a nest in the dryer vent and Rascal got the hose thingy off so we could get to the fev-ver, but then the people blocked it up. no fair!
Flynn, you are my hero! You and Skeeter! All I want out of life is to catch a mouse..I have NEFFER caught a mouse, and I don't think I can be all the cat I can be until I catch a mouse..dude, you're my idol!
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