Saturday, May 31, 2008



Eric: Mum has been trying her hardest to get us to jump or shout furr Kimo and Sabi's compytishun. We both refused point blank, but today dad was talking to me on the shelf where I wuz sunbathing, and I shouted out to him, "Hi dad, how you doing". Do you know what? He had the flashy box wiv him and took my pikchur wivout even asking me. Seeing as he took my pikchur, I told mum she could enter it furr Kimo and Sabi.
Flynn: Well I still refused to shout furr mum, so she looked through all our old pikchurs and this is the nearest she could find to a shout.
Eric: Huh you call that a shout? That's more of a whimper. My shout is better than yours, but then, I have made today Eric Day.

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Eric,I love that shout with your arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome
Flynn, I like your shout too! It's coming from the ground up! heeheehee
Purrs Mickey
Eric that is a cool SHOUT! We can hear you all the way in FL!!

Flynn the ground is rumbling from your SHOUT!!

We Love them both!!
Cool shouts! Eric looks like he's practicing flying!
Muahahahaha! Fantastic photos!
Willow and I love both of those shouts! We can almost hear you all the way over at our house!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Hahahaha! That's a great picture of you, Eric! You're just a big Daddy's boy :-D

Those are terrific shout entries by both of you!
That is terrific, Eric~!!!
Great Shout!!
We think yoo were shouting fur yoor daddy to hold you...
Wow Eric, what a great shout! And thankfully your daddy had the flashybox with him!
Great shouts, guys! Looks like you've had lots of practice.
A stretch and a shout!! Great goins!

And a lift your paws and shouts! (are you purrteecostal??)

Tanks fur likin Katie-In-A-Box Day.

I likes da second one best too, its goods wif a blankie on tops!!

- Katie Too.
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