Sunday, May 18, 2008


Our Beans Holiday.

Mum's taking libbertees wiv our blog. She asked us if she could post a cupple of pikchurs, so of course we said sirtinly you can mum, no-one's going to mind a holiday pikchur or two. Lookit what she's done! She's put on twenty pikchurs and now there's no room furr our Easy on Sunday pics.She sez we're lucky she didn't post the other hundred and fifty too. Anyway this furrst one is a park in Vigo in Spain. Mum sez they saw lots of dawgs and they pooped efurrywhere and no-one cleaned up after them. She sez they never saw a single kitty the whole time they wuz away.
Lisbon, Portugal.

Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona, Gaudi architecture.
This is the house where Princess Caroline of Monaco lives. Mum sez it is a surpurrizingly small house compared with most of them.
This is the Cathedral in Monaco where Prince Rainier and Princess Grace are buried.
Changing the Guard at the Royal Palace Monaco. This happens efurry hour on the hour.
Just a few of the yachts in Monte Carlo.
The world famous casino in Monte Carlo.
The Beans new car.......... they wish.
Colosseum in Rome
Circus Maximus, Rome.
Mum finks this is the Castel Sant Angelo. She sez it is hard to remember efurrywhere and she should haf written it all down.
The Beans were very thirsty so they stopped furr a beer. Mum thought she was asking furr a half litre furr dad and a smaller one furr herself, but they ended up getting a litre and a half litre.
This is the Vatican and every Sunday the Pope appears at the second window in furrom the right to give his blessing.
Mt. Vesuvius with modern Herculaneum in the foreground.
This is a street in Ancient Herculaneum. It is the neighbouring village to Pompeii, but instead of being buried in ash in AD79, it was buried by mud. The Beans went there instead of Pompeii because they had been told it wuz better preserved. They said it wuz furry inchresting. Mum said it felt very strange to walk along the same street peepull had been walking along until the volcano erupted nearly 2000 years ago.

There are many mosaics and murals that have survived remarkably intact.

Mt. Vesuvius furrom Naples Bay. Before the huge devastating eruption 2000 years ago, the two parts of the volcano were all one and the whole of the centre was blown out.
They went to Corsica and Gibraltar after Naples, but we told mum she's posted enuff pikchurs all ready.

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Wow! What fascinating places your people went. I can't believe you didn't get to go along!
One word. WOW. It looks like your beans had an amazing time on holiday. I can't believe no one picked up the dog poopys on the street. How weird.
lovely trip!!! looks almost like ours last fall. were you on a cruise like us or a land trip? i have such similar photos!!! ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
That is so so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!
Seeing so many BEAUTIFUL Places!!!!!!!
How wonderful!!!!!
wow ... wutta trip!
mi mom wood like to take a trip like dat ... espeshullee to ware mt. vesooveeus is.
mi sistah jus got home frum barcelona. she wuz dere fer da semester.
but maybe u knew dat.
That sure looks like your mum and dad had a terrific vacation! That was sure nice of you to let them show us their vacation pictures!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow
wow those look wondeful! My human wants to go on a cruise but the likelihood is she would gain about 100I1bs !x
What a great trip they had! Your Dad looks especially pleased with the giant glass of beer ;)
Wow boyz thanks for letting your beans share their holiday snaps. They sure are adventurous and I liked all the places they visited.

Poppy Q
Fabulous photos of your humans' vacation! :) Our humans plan to go to Rome and Herculaneum next year. Our mom absolutely has to see some of the ancient buildings and ruins.

Thanks for sharing! :)
Those are great shots. The PM is envious. No kitties though?
Wow, what great pictures. You were very sweet to let your Mommy take over your blog. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures!
spectacular photos of a very fabulous adventure! the yachts.... and th car :-D

Awesome pictures! Thank you for letting your mom post them. Momma would love to visit Italy one day.

We loved your picture yesterday of you peeking out of that pot. hee hee

Those are some really neat photos! I'll bet that was a fabulous vacation, and it even looks like nice weather, too. I wonder where all the cats are?
Awesome!!! THose places looked so nice.Mom would love to go there :)
I bet your Mom & Dad had a ball :)
You two were nice to lend them your blog today :)
Purrs Mickey
Wow, your humans really got around on their holidays.

My dad used to work in Lisbon so that picture brings back memories. Also my beans have been to Vesuvius and Pompeii but not most of those other places.
Thay went to vary historick playcis. Thay are lucky! Thanks fur sharing them.
Oh my Cod! Me and the beans are speechless! What a great vacation!
Wow, those are some cool vacation pictures. Be glad your beans did not go to Pompeii. Our mom got lost there and had a thoroughly adventurous trip there.
Eric & Flynn, my mom wants to thank your beans for sharing their wonderful pictures. The Rome pictures made her very happy because her daughter Tiffany lives in Rome and she misses her so much! (And she says, yes, that is Castel Sant Angelo.)

Tiffany (and my Italian cat staffers Fred & Holly) live near the Vatican. My mom says if you go to Rome again, Tiffany would love to meet you and treat you to hear her perform the lead in the opera Tosca at Teatro Flaiano in Rome!

Wonderful pictures! They must have had a terrific holiday :-D

Please thank your Mum for sharing all those pictures. And thank you, Eric and Flynn, for allowing your Mum to hog your blog ;-)
Hi Eric, Hi Flynn. Bet it is great to have your Mum and Dad back. Looks like they had a great holiday. Mom really enjoyed looking at all the pictures and it sounds like your Mum really loved taking a lot of pictures. That's the way my Mom is, she takes a passel of pictures then forgets where it was. Maybe we ought to teach them how to write things down.

That looks like a terrific vacation! They traveled almost everywhere, didn't they? Soooo, what did they bring you back for presents?
Looks like your beans had a WONDERFUL trip! Some of those places look very familiar! Hehehehehehe! Too bad our humans couldn't meet up while they were in Italy.

Our humans were just in Barcelona for Christmas! They said they spent a lot time looking at the works of Gaudi (whatever that is)!

Opus and Roscoe
ps. Your bean was right; that IS Castel Sant Angelo!
Oh how wonderful! What gorgeous pictures!

Luf, Us
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