Monday, May 19, 2008


Mancat Monday

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I so enjoy seeing photos of either one of you two. I think you two are such cuties!!!!!!
very nice mancat photo!!! tell your mamma that carrib bean will be HOT in the summer!!! maybe you can stay with me while they go!!! i like cat visitors!

smiles, auntie bee
This is very handsome photo!!
I've always thought that orange furs were particularly mancatly...
You are looking very mancatly, Eric. I'm glad your Mum and Dad are home again. I enjoyed seeing their holiday pictures.
very cute!!!
Fabulous photo! Looking handsome, Eric. :)
A handsome, manly photo Eric!
From one handsome mancat to another ... happy mancat monday...
What a fine manly photo of you!
Looking Good Eric!
hehehe, Sadie just said "hubba hubba"...
You are gorgeous, Eric!
You take a good Mancat photo, Eric!

~ Napoleon
Nice close up, Eric :-)
Eric, you are looking extra-gingery today!
What a perfect picture for Mancat Monday! You look very mancat-like!

The photos of your bean's vacation are fabulous!
We've youhoo!

Luf, Us
You have wonderful colors and that green behind you really makes them POP!
Great ManCat picture of you Eric. Looks like you keep your ears clean.

You handsome handsome boy, Eric, my mum wants to give you scritches just like she gives me (and she is quite good at them, I purr a lot and drool)

From "The Other Eric"
My mom says she wants to snorfle your head..she's so weird!
Oh, I love your close-up on Mancat Monday! You certainly are a fine looking Mancat, Eric!

Purrrrrrrrs, Willow
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