Monday, May 12, 2008


Mancat Monday

It's so good to have our Beans back again, speshully cuz it means I can get my mancat pikchur up. We want to fank efurrycat who teleported over to keep us company, we really preesheayte it.
We had visits furrom Scooby, Shaggy and Scout who came speshully to play in our dirt. We had fun didn't we. Also Sassy came with Momo and they brought Opus and Roscoe with them. Our girlcat furrends Grr and Rosie came and also Midnight and Cocoa. We had fun playing herds of thundering ellyfants wiv Zippy, Sadie and Speedy. So many cats visited us that we hope we hafn't left anybuddy out. There wuz Kellie the Orange Cat, Faz, Angus, PoppyQ, Mickey, China Cat and Willow, KC, Goldie, Parker, Cecil the Cougar, Dr. Tweety who brought roastid chick-hen wiv him, Fat Eddy and Phinny, Casper, efurrycat furrom The Crew, BeauBeau and Angie and Pearl Bert and Jake.
Phew I fink that's efurrycat. We even found time to go and visit Forty Paws and MontyQ. All in all we had as good a time as our Beans, but we're not telling them that, although they did wonder where all the mess had come furrom.That's up to them to clear up cuz we're not doing it.

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You look very handsome there, Eric! :) Looks like a great spot.
What a great mancatly pose, Eric!

I'm glad you and Flynn had a great time, even without your beans. You are right, they should clean up, since they were the ones who left you in the first place!
great mancat pose Eric!!

thanks for letting us know that our link was wrong on the CB ::glares at mommy:: we haf corrected it.

we is glad you're back!
Eric and Flynn
Welcomes back we surrr did miss boff of yu!
Ah it's good to have you back. And look at that stunning mancat pose!
Eric, that is a very manly mancat pose! I am so glad that your beans are back and you guys can blog again!

I hope the beans had a good trip!
We are so glad your beans are home, Eric and Flynn ... two weeks without them is like a lifetime! We also really like your mancat picture Eric, you look like a statue on a pedestal!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
Eric -- you look like a regal statue, guarding the place!
I am so glad your beans are home. You must have been lonely!
Eric, you and Flynn are great hosts!
I glad you are back posting your great mancat poses!
You look gorgeous sitting at this stone!
What a GREAT photo of you, Eric!! You are very handsome...

I am glad your beans are home and can clean up the mess, hahaha. ;-)

Headbutts and nosekisses to you and Flynn,
What a very ManCatly pose Eric - we're glad you're all back!
You guys were partying it up while the beans were gone :-) I'd leave the mess for them to clean up, too. I'm sure they have no idea about all the fun everyone had ;-)
we're so furry glad you're back now. did your people bring more pictures of fev-vers? they always take the best vacation photos!
Excellent Eric~!!
You are super handsome!
I am glad you have a great time!
I'm going to have friends teleport over to party with me the next time my humans go away. Thanks for the inspiration!
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