Saturday, May 24, 2008



It's a weekend of hugs on the Cat Blogosphere in memory of Bonnie Underfoot and all our other kitty furrends who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, and also all the other kitties who are ill and need our hugs and purrs.
We are sending our ((((((hugs)))))) to all our furrends, and remembering those who have gone before.

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Friends, the only way to hug Bonnie was to sneak up quick.
(((((ATTACK HUGS))))) for all of you.
Luv, Victor
PS Thanks for the words of support.
(((((HUGSSSSS))))) from all the Taylor CatSSSSS!
Those are fabulous photos of the two of you hugging!

*Hugs* to you both! :)
You guys give great hugs to each other! How cute!
Sending you two boys big hugz too!! Don't you look sweet, in a manlycat way.
Big big hugs!!!
You boths looks like the kitty thats on our Saturday Matinee today. Holy Cats!!

HUGS to you all on this weekend of hugs and love.
That is some of the very best hugging I have seen!
Cuddling up! Ya! (((Hugs))) to you cuties!
lovely, guys - just beautiful! x
hugz an mor hugz frum jh
Oh goodness what an excellent picture! You make a perfect circle!
(((((hugs)))))) to you too!
What lovely pics! BIG HUGS to my handsome furriends!!!

That's just plain lovely.
Hugs to you two, and your beans, also.
Lots of hugs to you!

Luf, Us
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