Thursday, May 22, 2008



I can hear rustling noises. It's too loud to be a mousie. I fink it might be Eric but I can't see him. Hehe if I just lie here quietly, Flynn will never find me in the long grass. I can have a nice peaceful snooze.
We don't know if anyone can help us, but we can't see videos any more. It only happened for the first time yesterday. When we read a blog with a video, where the video should be is just a blank space. We tried posting a video clip last night but the same thing happened to our video. When we were loading it, everything looked fine, but when we looked at the preview, it had disappeared and there was just the blank space where it should be. We have downloaded the latest edition of Flash Player but it made no difference. If anyone has any suggestions we would be very grateful.


Are you using Mozilla or Explorer? Sometimes you have to download a Java plugin in Mozilla to see videos.
Blogger does sillys things sometimes. We haded the same problem so we's just use photobucket to upload the video and then paste its on the html part here.

I finks it may be Eric toos!
Well that sucks. Good luck with that!

Huggles to dem!

Luf, Us
This happened to us just today--all of a sudden that changed and I don't know why. We do have the java plugin on Firefox so we know that we should be able to see them but we can't.
I've had that happen a couple of times, and usually I roll back the most recent update of Firefox and/or the most recent Java plugin update and that solves the problem..those updates are sometimes buggier than the central program!

Eric, you hide realllll softly-do you snore?
Look at that grass!!!!! Oh to be out playing in that!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahem, sorry I cannot help with the problem.We are tech challenged!! hahaha!! But that grass :) What a place to hide ! :)
Purrs Mickey
Oh Eric, I love the way your ears move when you hide in the grass!
We had that happen too lately that we only saw a white blank space instead of the video! Sometimes when we waited very LOOOOONG it would come on though.... Did you check in Blogger help if they have it under know issues maybe?
P.S. Don't forget to go to our wedding reception blog and post your picture!
happened to us too yesterday but we could not figure out why or how to solve it :(

Awww (that'S furrom momma) sweet pikshurs of you both on the grass. we hope you enjoyed it!
I hope you were able to get a good snooze in!
Nice snoozing in the grass technique, Eric!

We think it was a blogger glitch. Our video from yesterday just mysteriously disappeared for a while, but it's back today.
we have had that problem too. we think it's a prollem with DP Blogger

Eric, napping in the grass looks like fun
Wow, Eric....did Flynn ever find you?

Blogger has been giving Mommy problems too!
Oh, that grass looks great!

We sometimes can't see videos either, we are using Firefox. I think sometimes Blogger is just bad.

Flynn --did you ever find Eric??

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Your gingery goodness looks wonderful against the green grass.

I had the same trouble yesterday seeing videos on blogs, but today it seemed to fix itself! (IE7 btw)
I hopes at leastee you guyz found some mousiez!!!! Da nice green grass looks furry invitin.'
That is a wonderful photo of you in the grass. Very becoming to your fur!
We can't see anything if it comes fromPhotoBucket. It's our server here at work. And alot of videos we just can't see because our server has those blocked. It's frustrating some times...

You two look so great in that green grass!
We had the video problem yesterday, but it seems to be fixed again today.

Lying in the green, green grass looks very refreshing!
Nice, cool, green grass is good to eat, too. Enjoy the long grass.
Oh no, this NEEDS to be fixed immediutlie cause I want to see a video of my strawbarry shortkake supur soon. What a teezer to know thare is a video but thares no way to see it!
That's cool tall grass and a great hiding spot!
Wow! The grass is taller than both of you! It makes for very nice pictures :-)
About the video, the other day I couldn't view video on the Ballicus blog, tried IE in addition to Firefox, wasn't there. Today I can see their video. I haven't changed any settings or done an update for Firefox. I think it's blogger.
You are an artist in the art of the camouflage!


Feline World Domination!
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