Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happiness is............

Lying on your favourite Ham Mick with a nip ravioli having sweet dreams, but speshully knowing your Beans are back furrom their Holly Days.And going furr the furrst walk wiv them after they get back and letting your dad give you a cuddle.
And happiness furr me is lying in the grass wiv your dad and giving him a kiss and saying welcome home.
But best of all is when our outdoor run gets taken away furrom the garrij door, cuz that means the Beans are staying home.

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Hooray you are back and the beans are home! Happy Day.
Welcome home beans! They are awesome pictures of you boys, and I am sure you got lots of kisses and cuddles. Isn't your dad a top bloke!!

But, I won't forget mum. Happy mums day to you!!

Nice to have you boys back blogging.
Welome back, guys! I missed you two! Hope you mum and dad had a great time.

Please go and have a look at the new CCSI III show now airing at Sassy's blog. It's really good! Great acting from Eric!
Terrific photos! :) We are glad that your humans are home! :) Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!
Oh happy day! Nothing is every the same when members of the family aren't there for whatever reason
WELCOME BACK BOYS - we missed you YAY! FAZ
Hooray! We're so glad to see you again. We really love the photo of Eric giving kitty kisses to Dad in the grass, so sweet!

Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!
I think you two look very happy to be with your mom and dad the very best!
That outdoor run is very cool
I am glad that your folks are back! Those are some very sweet photos of you and you Dad!
Welcome home! We love yur ham-mick. It's so nice to have da beans back. Owrs will be going away furry soon. Where did yur beans go? Will dey have picshures of their latest adventure?
Welcome back!!! Oh I can see how happy you are too :)
Those are pictures of bliss !!
Happy Mother's Day to your Mom!!!
Purrs Mickey
Hooray! You are back! I missed you a lot. Happy Mother's Day to your mom.
This is extremely sweet view~!
I know you man and man have very special relationship~!!!!!

Meanwhile, Happy Mother's day to your Mom!
It's wonderful to see you two again! Happy Mother's Day. Tell the mice they better run and hide.
So glad they are back.
Happy Mommies Day to your Mommy...
Love an Purrs,
Missy Blue Eyes
baby Faith Boo
Now that's a perfect Sunday morning. You look so good. I am glad your humans finally got back!
What great pictures of you boys and your dad! So glad they're home and that you're back..Happy Mother's Day to your mom!
What wonderful pictures!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to your mommy!
How very sweet! I'm so glad your beans are back, we missed you!

Hooray, it's great to see you! I missed you guys! Those are such sweet pictures of you and your dad! I don't know if you celebrate Mother's Day today but hope that your Mum has a great day too!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
........back in the saddle again!....
Eric - you were fabulous! What a performance, we are in awe! Congratulations and welcome to the CCSI family, you are truly a very valuable addition the the wonderful CCSI cast!!!!
Welcome back! Nice to see you again! Have a great Mother's Day with all family!
Happy days are here again! Life is good!
Awwww, those are purreshus pickshures of you two fellers and yur beans! I'm so glad they're home. I know you missed one anothur bunchies!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
welcome back e & f. i hope yer been'z had sum fun.
happee mudder'z day to yer mum.
Yay, yoor beans are home! Happy Mom's Day to yoor, dey din't notice dat yoo had extra cats visiting did dey?
Hiiz, Eric and Flynn! And welcome back to yours mommie and daddy.:D
Time to get some loving and more treats and funs!
I'm so glad for you two that your Beans are finally home :-D
awwww - those pictures of you guys with your dad are so sweet!
Dennis says you live the SWEET LIFE!
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