Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Wordless Wednesday


Eeek, Eric and Flynn! Your mum and dad are growing new cats in the greenhouse!!
Wow!! You could grow a lot of kitty grass in those pots.

I'm glad that you are home! I've been seein' my friends all over the place today.
Hahahahah! Iz you guyz growin'???
Da mokmee justee abouts fell offa her chair lookin' at dis pic & to be honest, I justee abouts fell off da tay-bull.
You two, and I say it each time I see your photos, are such cuties!!!! I still cannot tell who is who. I really like your new resting place, I hope it is comfortable. I like wordless Wednesday, I posted my first wordless Wednesday photo today.
Those are the best potted plants ever!
Growing more cats or just getting a bit potty?
What kind of plant is THAT?
I say new potties! ; P
Oh are you guys resting after all our April Fools fun? We love that picture - happy resting kitties.
Oh I just love to curl up in a pot in the patio!
Hey they gave you each your own pot. How lucky.
You guys fit perfectly in those planters! Just make sure no one waters you!
Kitty flowers! You're bloomin' beautiful!
Maybe if you guys scooted over a little bit, there might be room to grow some nip!!!

Very truly yours,
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
We are sooo jealous! Those look like wonderful pots and they match you both perfectly. The pots here are so wee, I can barely heave a thigh in them. Of course I can hardly remember them since they are still under 2 feet of snow,

You two want to be close by for when the catnip sprouts don't ya?
Purrs Mickey
You two want to be close by for when the catnip sprouts don't ya?
Purrs Mickey
Do you think the cat tails will be sprouting soon?
Oooo kitty plants!

You two look nice and warm there :-)
Are your parents trying to grow a new kind of cat grass???

(You all look so cute!)

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
PS My mom is so jealous. She wants a greenhouse so bad!!
Davy used to lie in plant pots too.

Luf, Us
Hahahahahahah - now it's both of you, hahahahahaha
Mmm, I bet it's nice and warm in there, buddies. But I bet your bums get kinda dirty, eh?
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Wow, staying warm and getting dirty at da same time...brilliant!
The furry plants are multiplying!
Oh my goodness, that is so funny!

Are your Mum and Dad growing clones of you two?
Hahaha, what a great photo, boys!!! I think your mom planted catnip seeds in those pots and you two keep them warm so they grow faster... ;-)

Flynn, Eric, I want to thank you so much for purring for my sister Miral!!! You helped a miracle happen...

Headbutts & love
hi you twos! you will grow into big leafy cats I thinks!
He he he. Thats a funny picture! I use to sit in one of my grandmas pots only she didn't know it was me. She couldn't figure out why all her plants kept dying. One day I wasn't fast enough and she caught me. It was good while it lasted. -Sultanfus
Bill and Ben the flowerpot men. FAZ
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